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I put together a newborn baby shopping list with pictures because SEEING what you need is helpful when you’re a new mom. I wanted to create a baby shopping list for first-time moms that conquers the overwhelm of figuring out everything you need for your newborn. So, if you’ve ever asked “What do I need to buy for a baby before it arrives?” or wondered which baby products are necessary or important and which ones can be skipped by – this post is for you. Getting ready for a baby is a big deal and I find most couples want to save money on baby items – babies can be expensive and that’s pretty overwhelming too. So I’ve included helpful tips throughout the baby shopping list to help you spend less on newborn items. By the end of this shopping list, you will know all of the must-have baby items to buy before the birth of your baby. This is the essential newborn baby shopping list with pictures so pin it for later for reference!

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The Most Essential Baby Shopping List

What do I need to buy for a baby before it arrives?

Baby Nursery Items

Things to keep in mind when creating your nursery:

  • You can hold off on a purchasing the crib and mattress if you plan to have your baby sleep in your room for the first few months.
  • You DO NOT need to buy a special change station for the nursery. Simply buy a dresser that can grow with your child and add a changing pad to the top.
  • You can also use a changing mat on your own bed for the first few months in order to space out big purchases.


  • Don’t go for a top of the line crib – babies grow fast and you’ll be transitioning them to a bed before you know it!
  • Consider not buying a convertible crib – many are for sale on second-hand websites (so you could look there to save money) because they’re not practical. Eventually, you will want to move your sweet baby to a twin bed, so why do you need a toddler bed? πŸ™‚


  • Choose a crib mattress that is two-sided – babies need a firmer mattress when they’re newborns. You can flip the mattress to the softer side when your baby is a year old.


  • No matter what kind of diapers you choose to use, there will be accidents.
  • Invest in a crib mattress cover so that it doesn’t get stained.



  • Get a changing pad for the top of a dresser.
  • Can also be placed on the top of your own dresser if you would like to wait on purchasing big bedroom items until your baby is older.
  • You’ll notice I don’t recommend buying a nursery set. That’s because it makes much more sense (and saves money!) to buy a dresser when your baby is older.


  • A baby monitor gives you peace of mind while your baby is sleeping and is a worthwhile investment.
  • This is where you should spend a bit of money – you want a monitor that is good quality!


  • I see a lot of discussion about whether or not to get a Diaper Genie for the nursery and since I’ve included it on my baby shopping list with pictures you can tell I think it’s worth it.
  • You need something to lock in the smell of dirty diapers – trust me.
  • MOM HACK: take a regular garbage bag and place it around the Diaper Genie bag insert. Secure it with a heavy duty elastic. Viola – you’ll save a ton of money NOT buying the Diaper Genie bags. πŸ™‚


  • Get comfy seating in the baby’s nursery – you’ll be spending hours there!
  • A glider with the footstool is a must for rocking and cuddling your sweet newborn baby.

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At Home Baby Items


  • For the first several months, it’s a good idea to have your baby sleep in your bedroom – it gives you peace of mind and reduces the risk of SIDS. (source)
  • Getting a separate bassinet to place beside you means you’ll get more sleep and still have the baby near.


  • An easy way to transport your newborn around the house is in a Moses basket. Simply pick up the handles and move your sleeping baby wherever you need to go without disturbing their sleep.
  • Also, a secure place for the baby to be when you want to take a shower or bath.


  • A baby swing might be one of those baby items you’re not sure you need. As an experienced mama, I can tell you, there will be times when you need to put your baby down and it’s nice to have more than one place to do so that’s safe.


  • A diaper caddy is one of those baby items that will make your mom life so. much. easier.
  • Easily transfer essential baby changing items to where you’re hanging out with the baby.
  • Just trust me, get one! πŸ™‚

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Baby Diapers and Changing Items


  • Grab one box of newborn baby diapers to start. The box in the picture has 120 diapers which may get you through the newborn phase.
  • You can always buy another box if you need – babies grow fast and aren’t in newborn sizing for long.


  • Choose baby wipes that are fragrance and chemical free.


  • Get a good quality diaper cream – I love the Weleda line and highly recommend it! πŸ™‚
  • The tube is big enough to last you several months – you just need a small amount to cure most diaper rashes.

Newborn Baby Clothing Items

Things to keep in mind when shopping for baby clothes:

  • The time of year you will be delivering your newborn baby.
  • Family and friends will give you a lot of clothes, so don’t go crazy buying – get the basics.
  • Babies grow fast, so get a mix of newborn and 0-3 month sizing.


  • Zippered sleepers are the way to go – much better than doing up numerous buttons especially during those 2am diaper changes.
  • Trust me, add zippered slippers to your newborn baby shopping list πŸ˜€


  • You can NEVER have enough onesies – newborn babies doing a lot of spitting up, pooping and peeing – so there will be a lot of outfit changes during those first few weeks.


  • Don’t buy a ton of sweaters – maybe one or two – a lot of first time moms are surprised to discover that newborn babies live in their sleepers and onesies. πŸ™‚
  • Again babies grow fast so don’t go too crazy with a lot of newborn clothing.


  • Same ideas as above. You’re really getting sweaters and pants in case you have a function to take your newborn to.
  • Yes, I realize some mamas love dressing up their babies – my baby shopping list is definitely written from the angle of making new mom life as easy as possible. πŸ™‚


  • Have 3 warm hats on hand – especially if your baby is born during the cooler months.

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Baby Care Items

Things to keep in mind when shopping for baby care items:

  • You can never have enough receiving blankets and burp cloths during the first few weeks with your baby.


  • Receiving blankets provide a clean surface to lay your baby on.
  • They can act as a substitute for a burp cloth in a pinch.
  • Lay a receving blanket underneath your baby while they’re in the bassinet to make clean up easier.
  • During the newborn stage, you may be able to use them to swaddle.


  • Muslin blankets will be your go-to for swaddling, covering your baby in the car seat and providing a safe blanket to lie on.
  • Muslin blankets are breathable so that really gave me peace of mind when I was a new mom.


  • Finding a chemical free, plant-based laundry soap that actually cleans clothes can be a bit challenging – I highly recommend Ecos Laundry Detergent – it checks all the boxes and is safe to use with newborn baby clothes.


  • I highly recommend picking up a Braun Ear Thermometer – we absolutely love ours it’s one of those things that give you peace of mind.


  • This grooming kit comes with emery boards which you will use while your baby is a newborn.
  • The kit will grow with your baby – it comes with a brush, comb, medicine dropper, booger sucker, and nail clippers.

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Baby Feeding Items

Things to keep in mind while shopping for baby feeding items:

  • No matter how you decide to feed your baby, please remember that fed is best – don’t let anyone tell you differently!


  • You will need at least 3 nursing bras.
  • The one pictured above is my fav – comfortable and easy access!


  • Your breasts will leak if you breastfeed.
  • Pick up some washable breast pads to absorb access milk and save you from embarrassing moments!


  • There are a lot of breastfeeding pillows on the market but the one pictured is by far the best.
  • Your body has been through a lot – give yourself a break and buy a pillow that supports you!


  • Buying a breastfeeding cover really depends on how comfortable you are when nursing in public.
  • You can also use a receiving or muslin blanket as a cover instead.


  • Pumping your milk is a great way to get dad involved with your newborn baby by allowing him to join in the feeds.
  • Pumped milk also means you can get a much-deserved break.
  • Having pumped milk also frees you to go out without the baby (hello date nights!)


  • No matter how you choose to feed your baby, it’s a great idea to have a small bottle set on hand.
  • The set in the picture reduces gas and are quite durable.
  • Good to have if you plan to pump and feed.


  • Babies spit up and drool while being fed so place a bib on them to minimize clean up.


  • You’ll need quite a few burp clothes.
  • Place the cloth on your shoulder before burping your baby so that you don’t wear any spit up πŸ˜‰

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Travel Baby Items

Things to keep in mind when shopping for travel baby items:

  • Invest in a lightweight and easy to fold stroller.


  • There are car seat and stroller combos for every budget.
  • Try to get the most lightweight and easy to fold model that fits your budget.


  • This baby carrier wrap is one of my favorite things on the baby shopping list – you can keep baby close while being able to move!
  • Want some more skin to skin time? Wrap your baby in for an extended skin time session!


  • I’m all about comfortable and easy – there are a lot of different styles of diaper bags and for a long time I was a fan of the crossbody style but I’m telling you I had it all wrong.
  • Grab yourself a diaper backpack so that you can wear it and still have both hands available to carry your baby.
  • Backpack style diaper bags are also great because they don’t bump into your thighs while you’re trying to carry an awkward car seat inside.


  •  A travel change mat is a must and most diaper bags should come with one inside.
  • If not, make sure to add one to your shopping list.


  • Newborn babies are quite sensitive to sunlight so make sure to install a car blind.

Baby Bath Items

Things to keep in mind when shopping for baby bath items:

  • You can wash your newborn in the sink by holding them across your arm.
  • Having a baby bath with netting to rest them on is much easier.


  • Make sure the baby bath you buy has the netting to keep your newborn baby safe.
  • Once your baby is older you can sit them up in the bath.
  • Having a baby bath is a great way to get your baby used to taking a bath in a tub and acts as a transition to the larger bath.


  • Add this bath time knee pad to your baby shopping list and I promise you’ll thank me later!


  • Baby wash and shampoo comes as one and is tearless.
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals – baby skin is delicate!
  • I highly recommend Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Wash


  • Buy a couple bath towels so one is always clean while the other is in the laundry.


  • I love these bamboo wash clothes from Motherhood.
  • The pack of 6 is a great amount to have on hand.

Baby Play Items

Things to keep in mind when shopping for baby play items:

  • People will give you a lot of little baby rattles and toys.


  • Make sure to grab a tummy time mat – once your baby is a couple weeks old, start placing them on their tummy on the mat for a minute at a time.


  • Grab a few pull toys and rattles.
  • They are great to attach to the car seat and place just out of reach during tummy time.

  There you have it, mama! The essential newborn baby shopping list with pictures. I hope it will help you create your own shopping list as a first time mom. Remember there are a ton of baby products out there that are very tempting but you don’t actually need them. Make sure to scope out second-hand websites and stores to see what you can get at a discount. Have friends who are finished with their baby stuff? Nothing wrong with some hand me downs – babies grow fast, so why spend a ton of money on new items? What did you think about the newborn shopping list with pictures? Did the pictures help plan your baby shopping list as a first time mom? Any other baby items you’re considering that didn’t make the shopping list? Let me know in the comments! RECOMMENDED READING:

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