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6 Ways To Get Dad Involved With Your New Baby

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This is a guest post by Joyce Felix from In this post, she shares 6 awesome (and easy!) ways to get Dad involved with the baby!

Congratulations on your newest addition to the family!

Having a new baby can bring out so many mixed emotions including joy, excitement, and anxiety.

You spent months preparing for the arrival of your new baby.

Now that the baby has arrived, it might feel like you and your baby are an exclusive pair and you wonder how the dad can be more involved.

Moms are often seen as the go-to when it comes to baby care but that doesn’t mean that dads need to be left out.

In fact, if you get dad more involved, you will get much-needed breaks, as well as precious opportunities for the dad and new baby to bond.

Below are 6 ways to help dad get involved with the new baby.

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How To Get Dad Involved With The New Baby

Include your husband in activities with newborn baby

Try to Include Your Husband in Feeding the Baby

Most babies sleep only hours at a time, which can cause mothers to experience extreme fatigue.

If you are feeding the baby formula, let the dad participate in feeding the baby, so you are not doing it around the clock.

Breastfeeding can be a challenge since you are the exclusive food source for your baby.

However, there are options to help get dad involved with the new baby if you are only feeding the baby breast milk.

Consider using a breast pump so you can have a milk supply ready.

This allows you to get a break, much-needed sleep and an opportunity for the dad to feed the baby breast milk in a bottle.

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Have Dad Come To Doctor Appointments

You can get dad involved with the new baby by having him attend the baby’s wellness appointments.

This is a great opportunity for him to ask the doctor questions he may have.

This includes:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Feeding schedules and eating
  • Immunizations
  • Growth (such as weight and height)

Many moms tell me that dads will frequently ask questions, wondering if something about the baby is normal.

For example, one dad asked if the baby is eating enough because the baby seemed to want to eat every other hour.

Doctor appointments are a great opportunity for dads and moms to ask questions and learn together.

Write lists together

Dad and baby bonding activities

When you write the to-do list or chore chart, get dad involved.

As a mom, it’s too easy to get caught up in doing everything.

Involve dad in deciding which tasks you both will do.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a couple who divides up the to-do list and chore chart, according to what they think each person is better at or would like better.

For example, the dad likes taking the dog out for walks, but doesn’t like to cook.

Mom likes to cook, but she doesn’t always like taking out the dog.

In this situation, it’s easy to delegate tasks.

When it comes to baby tasks, it’s a similar process.

Perhaps, you and dad decide that he changes diapers every evening while you change diapers during the day.

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Get dad involved with the new baby through exercise

I was at the park last week and saw a dad running with a baby stroller.

Having dads exercise with the new baby has so many benefits.

First of all, dads get a workout in.

Second, it gives dads the opportunity to bond with the new baby.

It also gives you rest as a new mom.

I’ve heard some parents tell me about baby yoga, so that’s another option for dads and babies to spend time with each other.

In addition, yoga should help dads feel a reduction in stress and an increase in flexibility.

Baby pilates is also another option for dad to get involved with the baby through exercise.

Have dad read books to the baby

Baby and father bonding ideas and tips

There is research that suggests kids will have more solid parent-child relationships if they were read to before kindergarten age.

In addition, they learn valuable language and literacy skills.

Having dad read to the baby is also another great bonding activity.

Some books I recommend for dads to read to the baby are:

Welcome Little One

This is the perfect first book to read to the baby.

The board book celebrates and welcomes a baby’s new arrival to the world.

Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest

This book is filled with beautiful and colorful images. It also has fun peek-a-boo flaps that are perfect for showing the baby.

Giraffe and Friends: A Soft and Fuzzy Book for Baby (Friends Cloth Books)

This book not only has cute animals to show your baby, but it also has sensory benefits for your baby as well.

The pages have crinkle and rattle sounds that gives your baby stimulation opportunities.

Babies love to use their hands to touch and grab things, so this is the perfect book for dad to read to the baby.

Get dad involved with the new baby by creating a photo book

We live in an age where we can capture almost any moments on camera.

Dad can get involved with the new baby by taking pictures of the baby in different moments and situations.

Pictures at the park, mall, festivals, and nature settings are perfect places for dad and the baby.

Once dad takes a bunch of pictures, he has several options for creating a photo book.

Shutterfly is one option where dad can make baby photo books.

Our family used Shutterfly to make my baby’s first photo book years ago and I was very satisfied with the results.

Shutterfly would be a good choice if dad doesn’t want to spend time designing the photo book.

Another option for dad is to purchase prints and insert them in a baby or family photo album.

Doing a scrapbook is also a good choice, especially if dad would like to write information about the pictures.


These 6 ways to help dad bond with baby will help get things started!

It can be really hectic, especially in the beginning but having your husband bond with your baby as early as possible is ideal for your newborn’s well being.

When your baby arrives, you are trying to figure out a routine and schedule – just keep in mind that you and dad are partners in raising the baby!

Do you have any plans to help your husband feel involved with your newborn baby?

Comment and share below!

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help dad bond with your newborn baby

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