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11 Ridiculous Expectations for Moms That Prove Its Impossible to Win

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Within the intricate realm of motherhood, society often imposes unattainable standards. Mothers find themselves navigating a myriad of roles, expected to excel both as flawless homemakers and accomplished career professionals. Today, let’s delve into the unrealistic expectations and inconsistencies that mothers encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Me Time and Eating Preferences

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As a mother, you must have heard, “you deserve to have some you-time, but only you know what they like for lunch.” It explains the societal expectation that mothers deserve “me-time”- but not when they’re needed (which is always).

Breast is Best, But Not in Public

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Is there anything like private nourishment? On the one hand, breastfeeding is hailed as the optimal choice for babies’ health, but on the other, mothers are frequently shamed or stigmatized when they choose to feed their infants in public spaces. 

This contradiction highlights the need for more understanding and support for mothers simply trying to provide the best nourishment for their children.

You Should Co-sleep, But It’s Not Safe

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The double standards are endless. This one keeps moms feeling torn between their instincts and external advice. Co-sleeping can promote attachment and closeness, but concerns about infant safety have led to caution against it.

Striking a balance between emotional connection and ensuring a safe sleeping environment for children becomes challenging for moms navigating these contradictory societal messages.

You Should Go Back to Work but Never Leave Your Kids

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I mean, seriously? Mothers are expected to have this magical ability to be in two places at once. Society wants women to be career superheroes who are always there for kids’ soccer games, school plays, or doctor’s appointments! And it’s just not realistic. Like everyone else, moms also need more support and flexibility to balance work and family without always feeling guilty.

Your Baby Should Sleep Through the Night by Now, but Sleep Training is Bad

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Every mother can relate to this one. People make it sound like the mom is doing something wrong if a baby isn’t sleeping through the night. But then they shame moms for trying to help their babies learn healthy sleep habits through sleep training. It’s frustrating. 

Mom Struggles

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“Hey, moms, don’t forget about self-care, working out, waxing, meal prepping, but don’t spend too much time on yourself because, you know, your kids come first.”

It means moms are supposed to squeeze in workouts between diaper changes and have perfectly groomed eyebrows while whipping up a Pinterest-worthy meal. Oh, give me a break!

Judgement on Feeding Choices

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Getting shamed for using formula early on and then, in the same breath, criticized for breastfeeding “too long” is maddening. Mothers should be free to make the best choices for their kids and themselves without feeling constantly watched and criticized. Mom-shaming needs to stop!

Motherhood is Life-Changing, but You Should Still be the Same Person

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On one hand, becoming a mom is this incredible transformation, and it’s amazing how it changes a woman. But then, everyone expects moms to be the person they were before kids.

And let’s not forget the pressure to “bounce back” after having a baby. Society acts like moms should snap back to their pre-pregnancy selves as if their bodies didn’t just do something miraculous.

Be the Primary Caregiver, but Make Sure Your Significant Other is Just as Involved

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Moms are expected to be this parenting journey’s captain and co-pilot. They say, “You should be the one who knows everything about your child’s needs and schedules, but your partner should be equally involved in everything.” It’s a paradox.

Then comes the unsolicited advice from relatives and friends who think they know best how parents should divide parenting responsibilities. “Well, you should make him do this and that.” Isn’t it better if we let the parents figure it out themselves?

Ignore the Dishes to Spend Time With Your Kids, but Your House Should be Spotless

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People usually tell mothers to cherish every moment with their little ones, but then there’s this unspoken pressure always to have a tidy home.

Moreover, when someone drops by unexpectedly, and the house is in toddler chaos, the judgmental remarks are hurtful. Moms wish people could understand that maintaining a showroom while simultaneously nurturing these little ones is no easy feat.

Food Struggles

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Introduce your kids to healthy foods that’ll help them grow, but also let them enjoy sugar and don’t be so strict. There’s guilt no matter which way you choose.


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