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10 Reasons Finland is the Happiest Country in the World

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Recent research findings have established a connection between “Finland” and “Happiness.” In the quest for places promising the highest quality of life, numerous countries offer favorable living conditions. Among them all, Finland stands out prominently.

Here’s why.

1. Low Corruption Level

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Numerous countries are wrestling with rampant corruption, and it’s the citizens who bear the heavy burden of their governments’ shortcomings. In stark contrast, Finland proudly boasts an exceptionally low corruption rate, almost to the point of non-existence.

2. Freedom of Choice

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When people’s voices are silenced, and their freedom to choose what suits them is restricted, it often leads to discontent among citizens. Finland is renowned for its embrace of freedom of choice, a significant factor contributing to the overall happiness of its people.

3. Low Income Inequality

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In most countries, a substantial disparity exists between the affluent and the impoverished, with some individuals amassing excessive wealth while others struggle to make ends meet on meager incomes.

Finland has successfully narrowed this gap, significantly reducing the difference between high-income earners and low-income earners.

4. Reliable Public Transport

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A hassle-free public transport connection is of great benefit to citizens. The Finns enjoy reliable public transport, making movement within and outside the country seamless.

This wouldn’t be said of many countries, with some having no provision for public transport in some cities.

5. Excellent Public Health Care

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Access to quality healthcare distinguishes countries from one another, with some requiring significant expenditures for basic medical services while others face barriers to access.

Finland stands out with its decentralized and affordable public healthcare system, which can’t be said of many other developed countries.

6. Availability Of Decent Schools

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In Finland, your children are assured of receiving a quality education, regardless of the specific school they attend. The disparities between schools are minimal, and education is accessible to all, promoting equal opportunities for every student.

7. Fair School Policy

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In addition to having a great education system, all Finns are allowed to attend the school closest to them physically.

This results in less fatigue and greater happiness for both children and parents, as they are not burdened with long commutes to school.

8. Outstanding Housing Policy

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The inability to afford proper housing and the resulting homelessness plague many developed countries.

In contrast, Finland provides an array of social housing options, guaranteeing that even individuals with low incomes have access to decent living accommodations.

9. Shorter Waiting Times For Health Services

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The waiting period for specific tests and results can be quite frustrating in some countries.

In Finland, however, the waiting times are excellent, and the healthcare services are top-notch.

10. The Best Airport

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Navigating through an inefficient airport can be frustrating and put people in a sour mood. Helsinki Airport in Finland, on the other hand, holds the top ranking in Northern Europe. Who wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to transit through such an efficient, beautifully designed airport?


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