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These 10 Big Companies Are Super Overrated

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Some companies gain popularity fast and hold on to their market share and/or followers. Yet, many people see through their shenanigans and realize they’re built on a platform of lies and strong marketing skills. Or that they’re just a hot mess.

The Reddit community shares which big companies they find to be the most overrated. What do you think?

1. Brand Name Jewelry Stores

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“Brand name jewelry stores like Zales, Kay, and Jared. You can usually find better deals at local family owned jewelry stores or just better stuff online in general.” Shares one user. Others agreed, sharing that over 20 of the top jewelry companies in the US are all owned by one company- so much for a competitive market!

2. Phone Companies

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“All the big cellular companies. I went from ATT to cricket and cut my bill to a fraction of what it was. The performance is the same or better. Big phone companies actually function more like payday loans. The bills are high but they justify it with “free” phone upgrades.” Shares one user. So much money is spent on data for most people these days.

3. Instagram

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“What a hot pile. It used to be a fun app for sharing pictures and reaching new people across the world. Now it’s a cesspool of sh***y ads, OF models, influencers, and massive meme accounts posting all of the aforementioned.” Another user agrees and asks what happened to the good old days when they could just look at pics of their friends and family?

4. Uber

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“The company burns through so much money, has never been profitable, has no moat, has a ton of competition, banned in some countries/cities, but still has a market cap of $80 Billion.” Shares one user. The community discusses that the profit ratio for drivers is so low that they’re almost losing money on some drives.

5. Hello Fresh

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“Hello Fresh. Union-busters who exploited their workers during lockdown. Over-priced, too, IMO.” Shares one Redditor. Another admits to trying it with a coupon, but that it was too expensive for their budget once they had to pay full price for food that was only okay.

6. Google

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“I think Google has gone past its peak. 10 years ago it seemed like driverless cars were just a few years away and they had so many neat projects in the pipeline. Nowadays its products are becoming increasingly filled with ads.” Shares one user. Others agree and talk about all the new tech that’s going to make Google obsolete.

7. Subway

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“Subway, it’s incredibly expensive for basically a thing of bread. They hardly fill their sandwiches anymore.” Shares one user. Another asks how they are even still in business?

8. Fast Food

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“McDonalds. At least here in the UK. The food used to taste better, but now it is so mediocre that I don’t bother anymore. I’d rather pay a little more and go to a restaurant or pub.” Shares one user. A few other users agree that this is true for most fast-food restaurants these days, yet the lines at all of them tell a different story.

9. Starbucks

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“Starbucks. I can’t believe people shell out that kind of money for coffee.” Share a Redditor. While many agree it’s not the best coffee, it is well-loved for its consistency across the world. Making it a better choice than gas station coffee or an over-priced and terrible-tasting “boutique” local coffee shop.

10. Beats

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“Beats by Dre. Overpriced headphones that don’t even have that good audio quality.” Redditors agree, saying that Air pods or Sony headphones are a similar price and much better in quality.


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