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The World is Crazy: Here Are The 10 Best Remedies

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If you watch the news, some days it seems like the world has gone crazy. To combat this, a question was asked on a Reddit forum: “What things does the world need most right now?”

Other than a big hug, many great answers were given- which we’ll explore now.

1. A Long Break from Social Media

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Social media seem to pit the world against itself with online trolls and haters. While a lot of love and support can also be found, overall, most of us can agree that social media addiction needs to be reigned in to help the world’s mental health status.

2. Empathy

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While a hug is a good start, it goes deeper than that. Putting ourselves in each other’s shoes helps us understand each other’s perspectives and think with compassion- even when we have a hard time understanding another person’s actions or choices.

3. Celebrating Differences

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It’s become the norm to shun those that don’t agree with us, but why? One writer points out, “The ability to understand that not everyone thinks like them” is key to living in a more peaceful world.

4. Green Space

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Many Redditors commented that the world needs more trees and green space. There’s nothing like nature to help calm everyone’s nerves and boost their health. Plus, we literally need plants to clean our air and keep it oxygenated.

5. Honest Discussions

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One writer explains this well, “People willing to have honest discussions about ideas without getting triggered and retreating to their walled-in echo chambers as soon as they get challenged. With every low-effort attempt to get one-up on the ‘other’ side, the chasm between people gets just a bit bigger.”

6. Time Away from the News

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People of Reddit are notalgic for a time when we weren’t constantly bombarded by news and information all day long. The news focusing on what sells (negative and shocking everything) can make it feel like the world is an unhospitable place when this isn’t typically the reality for most folks.

7. All the Feels

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One user lays it all out with a few words, “[More] compassion, understanding, kindness, love, and self-love.”

8. A Total Reset

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One Redditor asks, where’s the reset button for this world we’re living in?

9. Sleep

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Sleep deprivation and over-stimulation are having major effects on world health (physical and mental). It’s amazing what a good night of rest can help someone, and the world, accomplish.

10. Mental Health Awareness

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Mental health is still often stigmatized. “More mental health awareness in general, it doesn’t have to be a gender issue (at least not forever, I do think men’s mental health needs more awareness currently).”

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