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15 Seriously Funny Pregnancy Announcements

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Whether it unfolds as a thoughtfully orchestrated revelation or catches everyone off guard, the announcement of an upcoming pregnancy consistently marks a significant moment for the entire family. Sharing this joyous news doesn’t have to adhere to a conventional script; imaginative minds have come up with distinctive and inventive ways to convey the delightful secret that a new addition to the family is on the way.

If you’re looking for creative ways to announce the family addition, here are a few hilarious ways.

1. S***T Got Real

Shocked pregnant woman in white
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Life is all fun until there’s a baby on the way; that’s when s**t gets real.

A pee stick card with the words, “Oh S**t,” cannot be misunderstood, especially if people know you weren’t planning on having a baby.

2. Parenting Magazine Cover Models

girl jumping on the bed tired parents white sheet sleep
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Pick a favorite parenting magazine and photoshop you and your spouse as the cover models. The photos can be as hilarious or creative as you’d like, such as exhausted parents trying to pull it all together in a messy room.

3. Movie Premiere Poster

happy family movie night popcorn
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A movie premiere poster featuring your family and a hilarious caption would also do the trick. If you’re expecting a second or third child, a title like “What’s One More?” would leave no one guessing.

Accompany your poster with a creative photo of the family, including a Mom eating pickles and ice cream.

4. Officially Outnumbered

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This is a perfect announcement for a third child when the offsprings are more than the parents.

5. Message in a Coffee Mug

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When you want to announce your pregnancy to an audience of one, brew them a cup of coffee with the news message at the very bottom of the cup.

Be sure to stay away when they take that last sip, as the surprise may cause all the coffee to be spilled on you.

6. What’s in Your Belly

worried dad with pregnant belly shock
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Get the whole family involved in the surprise announcement by having everyone reveal what’s in their belly. This can be a photo or video, and Mommy’s belly with a baby inside will win against Dad’s beer belly.

7. Dad Down, I Repeat, Dad Down

shocked man with hands on face
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Different dads receive pregnancy news differently, and some take it badly. Take a photo of a passed-out Dad (real or pretending), with a pregnancy test in the foreground to reveal why he fainted.

8. Let the Dogs Do the Telling

american dog flag pug outside
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If you have a dog that has been the family baby for a while and is about to be replaced by a human baby, use the dog to relay the news.

Dogs are adorable, and there are many ways to make them tell the world what’s happening without a single bark.

You can create a “Dog vs Baby Rivalry Begins” card. You could also have a cute photo of your dog reading the “What to Expect When Mom is Exciting” book.

You can also have your dog tell the world that Mom and Dad are getting him a human.

9. Tie Breaker

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This is an excellent way to announce a third child when you already have a boy and a girl. Have the kids announce that they are soon getting a tie-breaker to finally determine the winning team.

10. Eviction Notice

cute confused baby
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A cute poster of an eviction notice to the current crib tenant is a hilarious way to let the world know that a new one is coming.

The little evictee may not like it very much, but your friends and family will surely think it’s cute and funny.

11. Superhero’s Sidekick Loading

girl boxing superhero winner
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Every little superhero eventually needs a sidekick; they don’t make better ones than siblings. A superhero’s sidekick announcement is perfect for announcing a second child.

12. Pun Intended

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Puns are always great in almost all situations and excellent for announcing a pregnancy.

Take a photo with a jar or Prego and your spouse holding a note saying, “We are.” The intelligent will get it very fast. A photo of an avocado with “Holy Guacamole, you avo a baby” would be great too.

13. Ice Ice Baby

laughing pregnant woman in white
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The popular hit song isn’t just good for dancing to; it can be a great aid to announce a new bun in the oven. Without much captioning, send a photo of your husband and yourself with the man holding two bags of ice and the lady signaling the belly.

The wise shall get it fast.

14. Twins Shock

baby with hand shocked chubby surprised cute
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One of the best ways to announce a pregnancy is by having a photo of Mom getting sick in the toilet. When it’s twins, it’s dad’s time to puke.

Let the people read the shock and laugh with you in this hilarious demonstration.

15. Daddy Mode On

dad with a baby newborn
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There’s a Daddy Mode in every man just waiting to be activated, and is there a sweeter way to announce a pregnancy than letting the world know that you’re now cruising on daddy mode?

A card, a post, or a message would be instantly understood.


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