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20 Ideas for a Fun Date That Will Deepen Your Connection

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Whether you’ve been married for a while or are about to go on your first date, it’s natural to want to find new date ideas that aren’t watching a movie or going on a walk. After all, any romantic date should represent the deep love you feel for your significant other.

Good news: there are plenty of fun date ideas out there. Here are 20 ideas for a fun date that you won’t regret!

1. Take a Local Cruise

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One of the most fun day date ideas is to go on a local cruise. Couples often think of cruises as big ships and a honeymoon kind of activity, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Plenty of cities offer local river cruises for a cheap date. Take Boston, New York, or Sydney, for example. They’re all gorgeous cities, but like any city, most locals haven’t done the more “touristy” activities like a cruise. It’s a great way to rediscover your city for just a few dollars. Cruises are also a great conversation-starter environment and perfect for a first date.

2. Learn a TikTok Dance

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Don’t think this one is too silly for you! Learning a TikTok dance together is a great way to strengthen your connection. Simply pick a dance and learn it together. 

This is a fun date idea that you can easily do at home. And don’t worry! If you’re not the best dancers, it will at least make you laugh, which has been proven to bring people together.

3. Create an Ice Cream Bar

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Grabbing ice cream is one of the more laid-back first date ideas that often come to people’s minds. However, there are ways to make it more fun than simply grabbing it on a walk.

For example, you can get together and create an ice cream bar at home. You’ll need several kinds of ice cream and toppings. You can keep it simple and create your own ice cream dessert or create each other’s and let your date surprise you with new tastes!

4. Visit a Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are often listed as a good date activity, especially in the morning or daytime. At first, botanical gardens can seem a bit boring for a date. They are, however, an easy date idea to level up for more fun.

You can create Bingo cards to spice up your time together at your local botanical garden. On each card, simply trace a grid and fill each spot with something you’d find at a botanical garden. This can include a glasshouse, a palm tree, a rose garden, a flower arch, and more. Then, exchange your cards.

Once at the garden, go ahead and mark your card every time you see or find one of the items. The first one to complete a full line wins. 

5. Go Skating 

Whether ice skating in the winter or rollerblading in the summer, skating is one of the ideas for a fun date you won’t regret. You can learn to skate together or, if you’re more advanced, race against each other. 

It can also be a great way to get closer together while holding hands or catching each other while falling. Whichever one it is, you can’t go wrong here.

6. Try a New Class Together

Many classes are fun to try with a partner. Some classic ones include tango classes and painting classes. More creative ones include pottery classes and indoor climbing classes. 

Attending a class will allow you to learn something new together while deepening your connection as you help each other achieve your goal. 

For fun date ideas inside, you can even follow some of these online! While tango and pottery classes are more sensual, indoor climbing classes are more about working as a team. Either way, it’s a win for your relationship.

7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun ways to spice up your dating routine. You can create one for any event or location, whether for a random date night at home or an outdoor park date. There are even apps that organize scavenger hunts in your local town.

Between solving clues together and the excitement of the game, it’s a great way to work as a team and reaffirm your bond. 

8. Play Bingo

Bingo dates are fun and easy to organize, no matter where your date is happening. It’s an idea for a fun date that you can layer atop another date idea. For example, you can play movie Bingo, restaurant Bingo, park Bingo, and so on.

You need to create Bingo cards related to your date to have a Bingo date. If you’re heading to the park, create Bingo cards with park items, and the first one to complete a line, X, square, or the full card wins!

9. Make a Nutella Pizza Bar

Dates at home can be repetitive and make you feel like you are simply bored and unexciting. That’s not true; you’re just not looking at it the right way!

This is when a Nutella pizza bar date comes into play. Instead of having a pizza and movie date night, take some time to create a dessert Nutella pizza together. Dim the lights, have fun with toppings, and feed each other some Nutella in the process, and you’ll see a date idea at home that can indeed be fun.

10. Attend a Paint and Sip Class

There are plenty of ideas for a fun date, but this one has been all the hype in the past years and for good reasons. They require zero organization on your part apart from booking the class in advance.

On top of this, they allow you to express your creativity while sharing your passion with your date. Whether you’re a painter or not, it’s fun to attend and share your masterpieces with each other at the end. 

11. Go on a Bike Ride

Why not go on a bike ride together for a fun and easy date? Whether riding along the river or in a park, spending time outdoors is refreshing. If you’re looking to spice up your bike adventures, opt for a tandem bike to really show off your team spirit.

12. Go Horseback Riding

If your partner is an animal lover, going horseback riding is a fun pick for a date idea. Horseback riding is an activity that’s often featured in shows like The Bachelor and Christmas movies. So it’s natural to associate it with a fun romantic date, which it is! 

13. Do the Thrift Store Challenges

You can do many challenges at your local thrift store to level up your date. Whether you find the craziest outfits, dress each other, or recreate the other’s outfit for yourself, you can have a good time at the thrift store together in many ways.

14. Play Couple Truth or Dare

If you want to have fun while deepening your connection, you can start a game of truth or dare. Taking turns, you can share some truths or showcase some of your personality through a dare. It’s a fun way to learn about the other. Who knows, you might find out about things (good, we hope) you never would have suspected!

15. Ask Each Other Funny Questions

Another way to connect with each other while having fun is by asking each other funny questions. The quirkier, the better! The goal is to create a surprise between the two of you and spark conversation about topics you may not have discussed otherwise.

16. Play Laser Tag Together

Laser tag is not just for kids! Actually, it’s a great way to either romantically work as a team or install a bit of healthy competition while playing against each other. In any case, it’s guaranteed fun that will make you feel like you’re coming straight out of Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

17. Make a Childhood Meal Together

Would you want to be a little fly on the wall and see your partner as a child? Though you technically can’t, you can share a childhood meal together. Step into the kitchen and start cooking. There are many ways to make this more fun, including cooking each other’s recipes. You can then rate them based on how the recipe tasted in your memory. 

18. Watch Your Favourite Childhood Movies

Another fun way to deepen your connection is by sharing your favorite childhood movies with each other. There is something about reminiscing about common movie preferences that brings people together. That said, it can also lead to some good laughs! It’s a win-win either way.

19. Make Meaningful Crafts Together

Crafts are fun, and making them about your relationship is even more fun! Instead of doing simple crafts, create items representing your story or a common memory. That will turn a simple craft session into a romantic date with the perfect items to remember forever.

20. Attend an Open Mic Night

Fun is often created through laughter, which is almost guaranteed when attending an open mic night. Whether you’re just there to listen to others or want to share your voice as well, open mic nights are a great place to do that together. If you don’t have any nearby, going for a karaoke night is a great alternative. Bonus points if you end up singing a duet together! Lifetime memories are guaranteed!

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