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Low Key Jobs with High Earning Potential- 20 Odd Jobs That Bring Home Some Serious Bacon

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Have you ever encountered a profession and wondered, “What’s the income potential in that line of work?” Some jobs may appear deceptively straightforward, while others seem as intricate as solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. Irrespective of their apparent complexity or simplicity, certain occupations offer unexpectedly substantial salaries that could challenge your preconceptions.

An online forum contributor asked, “What’s a job that pays extremely well for no reason?”

Grab and a pen and paper, you may get a new job.

1. Slot Machine Repairer

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How much does a guy who repairs vending machines make?

“I’m currently at $32/h, and the benefits package and vacation time [is] incredible. Some days are busy, but last year, I managed to read a few books on shift.”

2. Management Consultant

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Some job titles are so ambiguous you wonder if those people are hiding something.

One online contributor says, “My job, “management consultant.” I earn six figures, and my only real task is to listen to my boss whine. That’s it.”

Sounds like what all teachers do.

3. Mail Carrier

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How much does the mailman make in Canada?

A mail carrier for Canada Post says, “I make $230 a day (wages are based on route value), and I was home before 9am on Friday. I started at 7 a.m.”

A fellow mailman says, “Can confirm…Except I am USPS…and we have all that. And I work in a plant, where I am not subjugating myself to inclement weather, dog bites, getting shot …”

4. A Translator For Geniuses

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Geniuses are so genius that they’re unable to talk to the rest of us, so they get a genius whisperer to translate the genius talk. Confusing? That’s why we need a translator.

Someone explains, “[I] learned of a guy making 300k translating genius talk to others. He would talk to the genius engineers. They would tell him their ideas, since they are too socially awkward to do it themselves, and he would explain their idea to the rest of the team. Sounded like a great gig.”

5. A Dog Nanny

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Rich people will pay for almost anything, and one user shared an advert someone sent for a dog nanny.

“Some rich person posted an ad this past week saying they needed a nanny for their dog, it pays 127k a year.”

6. Gym Night Shift

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Not many people go to the gym at night, which makes it an easy shift.

One contributor says, “I get paid just under $80k working nights at a gym. [I] Get all my work done in less than 2 hours and can basically do whatever for the other 6. Watch football. Scroll Reddit. Whatever. Not awesome money, but excellent for what I do.”

Everyone seems to agree that that was awesome money.

7. Clowns

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It seems clowns make you laugh, and then they laugh on their way to the bank.

An online conversation commenter says, “The average clown salary in the US is $63k.”

8. Lawn Mowing

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Physical labor doesn’t seem too appealing, and some people wouldn’t imagine they pay any good.

“Lawn mowing. I make ridiculous money running a landscaping and lawn care business (5%/95%). It’s hard to overestimate how much people will pay to avoid physical labor.”

9. 911 Operator

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Someone shares, “I’m a 911 operator and make $36 an hour with no degree needed. I mean, I do have to listen to some pretty f****d up sh**, but luckily I’ve been emotionally dead for over a decade now so it works out well for me.”

We weren’t expecting that ending, but we get it.

10. Medical Administrator

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Most medical professionals make a decent income, but did you know how much a medical admin makes?

Someone says, “I know a married couple with the same med admin bachelor’s degree, and a one a year online masters in medical admin. They walked out of college into 6 figure jobs over ten years ago and now make ~$500k each.”

OK, that’s more than decent. And maybe the reason the US healthcare system is so bad.

11. Event Technology

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More and more people are getting used to the idea of hiring a team to organize events. It’d be nice to know that the event technology experts make it.

“[Event technologists make] 75k a year to set up projectors and microphones. Most of the day consists of waiting to break everything down after the event. Lots of downtime, like a lot. I was able to finish my Associate’s degree with all the downtime.”

12. Lab Tech In The Arctic

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Working at the Arctic sounds freezing, but it’s also serene, quiet, and well-paying.

One user says, “I make six figures working at a lab in the Arctic and away from civilization. We get very little samples, and I spend most of my day watching YouTube. 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off. Essentially, they are paying me to go somewhere with peace and quiet and do nothing.”

13. Currency Exchange Business

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Because we live in a global village, people need to change money.

A user says, “My family runs a currency exchange business in South Korea, its like printing money lol.”

14. Fashion Photographer

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The only thing people love more than themselves is taking photos of themselves. And when the photography is the professional kind, there’s money there.

“Fashion photographers (me). My day rate for a campaign is $10k,” One user shares.

16. Ethical Hacker or Cybersecurity Specialist

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Ethical hackers are employed to test the security of computer systems and networks. With the rise in cyber threats, demand for skilled professionals in this field has skyrocketed, offering high-paying positions.

17. Voice Actor or Voiceover Artist

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Voice actors lend their voices for animations, video games, commercials, and more. Depending on their experience and demand, they can earn substantial income.

18. Professional Organizer

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Organizing homes, offices, or events can be a high-paying gig, especially for those who specialize in decluttering and creating efficient spaces.

19. Air Traffic Controller

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Managing the safe and orderly takeoff, landing, and routing of aircraft is a high-responsibility job with excellent pay due to its critical nature.

20. Submarine Cable Installer and Repairer

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These professionals work on installing and repairing undersea communication cables, a critical job for global internet connectivity. The pay reflects the specialized skill set and risks involved.


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