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16 Tiny Habits That Will Change the Trajectory of Your Future

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The blessings of nature, technology, and the kindness of our fellow humans have showered us with an abundance of conveniences, significantly alleviating the intricacies of our lives. Amidst our fast-paced and hectic existence, it’s commonplace to face vexing situations, spanning from stubborn jar lids to trash bins that seem resistant to self-emptiness.

However, some people have cracked the ‘make-life-easy’ code. A discussion on an online forum revealed simple things someone can do to better their life.

1. Decluttering Your Living Space

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Clutter crowds your space and your mind.

One online user says, “Declutter your living space. It’s not exactly easy the first time, but when you get rid of the things you don’t ever use (minus a collection), it really clears your head.”

2. A Heart of Gratitude

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Going through life feeling like a pile of rubble in a forgotten city isn’t any fun. Looking at and appreciating the positive things happening around you makes you feel much better.

A contributor shares, ” … Remind yourself of the good things you have … also, acknowledge positive things about yourself. Whether it be your hair, your style of clothing, or something you accomplished when you were younger.”

Someone adds, “Expressing joy and gratitude isn’t a magical cure for depression or anything, but it’s definitely a beneficial habit to form.”

3. Budgeting

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The dollar has been stretched to the elastic limit, it’s barely covering the things it’s supposed to cover. While we may not help reduce the price of eggs, budgeting can greatly help you know where you’re hemorrhaging money.

An online conversation commenter says, “Create a budget. There are so many free tools available online that it really is simple. Take a few minutes each day to monitor your spending/saving, and you’ll thank yourself later.”

Someone adds, “When you start tracking your expenses, you realize where money is going, whether you like it going there, and you can start tracking and saving and work towards bigger goals.”

4. Honesty With a Hint of Empathy

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Relationships could do with more honesty, however, honesty shouldn’t break hearts or crush spirits. As one online user says, re-order your words if you have to. There are many ways to say something, choose the most gracious.

A user says, “It is entirely possible to be honest without being an a**h*le.”

5. Genuine Apologies

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It’s possible that you’ll hurt someone sometimes; the best thing is to apologize and not create excuses for your wrong judgment.

Someone advises, “Be willing to give genuine apologies when you are wrong. No excuses, no justifications, just, “I screwed up by doing X, I see now that it (affected you this way). I should have done Y. I’m sorry.”

6. Quality Sleep

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You’ll be surprised how much better your days can get because you slept well.

An online conversation participant says, “When sleep is concerned, hours aren’t everything. So, a proper, good-quality sleep pattern is a great improvement.”

Aim for more than 8ish hours of sleep when you can, and set the ideal conditions for your best sleep experience, whatever that looks like for you.

7. Set Goals

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Life can be one long, tedious journey if you don’t set SMART goals and aim for them. Goals help you see where you have been, what you have achieved, and what’s remaining.

Reward yourself, too, when you achieve those goals.

A user says, “One of the things that I try to do is to have short, mid, and long-term goals for myself. The short gives me something that’s readily achievable, and I try to make and succeed in these regularly. The mid gives me something to look forward to and work toward (e.g., planning and prepping for my next vacation). The long gives me a direction in life that I’m aiming toward and helps to not feel like I’m just floating along, directionless in my own life.”

8. Keep Time

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Keeping time shows you highly regard other people and their time. When you’re early to places you need to be, you achieve more with a calmer attitude than when you have to rush to things, barely making it.

Someone says, “More on that showing up a little bit early (> 10 minutes) will set you above a lot of other people who show up on the dot.”

9. Say Nice Things About People in Their Absence

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Life gets very dramatic when you have to be dragged into, ‘she said, he said,’ gossip drama.

To avoid this, compliment people, especially when they’re not in your presence. This way, the report that gets to them is all good, and no one will say you talk evil of others behind their backs. This will be very helpful, especially in a work environment.

Someone advises, “I’ve made an effort in my life to always do this, if I’m talking about you and you aren’t in the room, then it’s always complimentary.”

10. Let Sun In, Literally

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Waking up and opening the blinds improves your mood instantly. There’s something about the morning sunshine, it might be the vitamin D.

“Open some blinds, my dude, and let some sun shine in your house in the mornings. It always made me happy.” One conversation contributor says.

If there’s no sun, there’ll be some light at least, and you will see some life; a butterfly, a far-away bird, and your day will be better.

11. Drink More Water

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Staying hydrated gives you clear skin, helps you detox and improves your health generally. So many problems can be solved by drinking enough water, and the bathroom breaks will help you mind your business.

12. Save or Invest Your Money

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Having some cash stashed for the future makes you feel secure and confident to an extent.

One user says, “When you’re young, 20s-mid 30s, it’s the best time to start saving. If you start investing in an IRA in your 20s and are able to max it out, you’ll retire a millionaire. You can have fun without being irresponsible about your money.”

13. Exercise

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Your body is made to move, and regular exercising improves your physical and mental health. A lot of common aches and pains would be eliminated if we exercised more.

One online contributor says one way to improve life is “Exercise. It really helps if you’re dedicated and consistent with it.”

Even 30 minutes of a brisk walk a day is good.

14. Add More Vitamins

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You don’t have t completely overhaul your eating habits and go on a strict diet. With most meals, simply ask what fruit or vegetable you can add to it? Either as a side or in it. It can start making all the different over time.

15. Mindfulness

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Feeling irritated or down? It’s amazing what a little mindfulness can do for you. Take a step back and observe our feelings to figure out where they’re coming from. Accept them for what they are, breathe, and try to move onto the rest of your day.

16. Get Out in Nature

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There’s practically nothing that’s weighing us down that can’t be managed with a big dose of nature. Getting out for a walk or run can help us clear our heads and gain new perspective.


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