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14 Idiotic First Date Ideas That Don’t Help Build a Connection

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First dates offer a chance to connect with someone new, break the ice, and explore the possibility of a long-term relationship. Choosing a setting that feels comfortable for both parties and facilitates open conversation is essential. While it’s tempting to think outside the box and plan a unique experience, it’s important to be mindful of certain activities that may not be ideal for that initial encounter.

An online forum indulged in the common first date activities that people do that are actually really stupid to do for a first date. Take notes.

1. Meeting in a Loud Bar

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Bar are many things, but they are not quiet. A first date in a loud bar may end up being a drinking meet-up where you learn nothing about each other. Besides, the compulsory shouting doesn’t make for a good show.

“An online user says, “This. No room for conversation and too much time wasted.”

2. Just A Movie

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Going to a movie is the exact opposite of meeting at a loud bar; you can’t talk in a movie theater [without offending half of humanity anyway.] Also, you end up staring at a screen instead of each other.

If you have to go to a movie, plan to have a talk before or after the movie.

Someone says, “That’s what me and my wife did on our first date. A little talk before the movie, watch the movie, go to dinner, and talk about the movie and whatever else comes up.”

3. A Road Trip

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A long car drive is not a very good idea for a first date, especially if your date is a new acquaintance. If you don’t have much in common, you may have the most boring ride of your life when you run out of weather ideas to talk about.

An online user shares, “I invited a first date to a great restaurant (fun environment too) – but didn’t think about the fact that it was about a 30+ minute drive each way. Kind of an awkward trip to and from, especially when it turned out that we really didn’t have much in common. The trip back took a loooong time.”

Avoid the torture.

4. A Date To Your Hobby

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Taking your date to a place and activity you love and enjoy may seem like a wonderful idea, but if you enjoy it too much to have a conversation, then it becomes a problem.

A conversation contributor who loves painting and doesn’t talk much while painting didn’t get a second date after taking his date painting.

He says, “Poor girl spent 3 hours with me as I grunted out responses, had a scotch, and painted something that I still use as a holiday decoration to this day. We did not have a second date.”

5. Lots of Eating Date

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Some say that a date involving a lot of eating, such as lunch or dinner, isn’t a smart idea. If you haven’t known the person for very long, you’re forced to spend more time with them as you finish your food. This may seem nice unless the conversation sucks, and you’re stuck with them because you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good meal.

A contributor adds, “At least a coffee is short enough that you can finish and part ways, or if you’re having fun, then you can suggest that you’re Hungry and could go for an early dinner. “

6. Bringing A Judge Panel

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Bringing other people on a first date feels like an interrogation of your date. This is particularly catastrophic if the people actually interrogate your date.

An online forum user says, “Happened to me. Took me to his dad’s, where a party was going on. I [bare]ly knew him, and that was the last time I saw him, too.”

7. Bowling

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Bowling is fun when you’re with friends, but it’s not a smart move for a first date.

A conversation contributor says, “It’s not actually as fun as folks think it will be if there’s only 2 of you. You’re just taking turns to get up and play, so you’re never both sat down for long enough together to have a decent conversation. It also goes quite fast without more players.”

Well, some people seem to think bowling is a great idea.

A user adds, “First date with my first wife was bowling 45 years ago. [We’re] still married, but still, she’s the first.”

It also helps if your fellow bowlers are an established couple on a date.

8. Eating Foods That Make You Gaseous

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If you have allergies that may cause you to be gassy, please avoid going to places that will offer you just that.

Someone narrates, “As someone with a sensitive stomach, [I’m] going to have to say anything that makes you farty. Beer? No. Ice cream? No. Spicy black bean burgers? Dear god, what was I thinking?”

9. Hiking

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Huffing and puffing up a hill while fighting for your life is not great for fighting for your love.

A contributor says, “I don’t know you, I’m a short skinny gal, I’m not going on a 5-mile hike up a mountain with a big a** grown man I don’t know.”

There’s a great amount of preparation needed for a hike, too. A first date may not have given you enough exercise.

10. Camping

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Spending a night in the woods camping with a stranger sounds like the opening scene of a horror movie.

Some people have the guts, though. An online user says, “One time, a guy on Tinder invited me camping on a first date. It was for a week in the woods in the days between Christmas and New Year’s.”

Someone speaks for all of us when they say, “Why would anyone even want to spend a week with somebody for a first date? Especially camping? Like, who in their right mind even suggests that?”

11. Kayaking

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Lots could go wrong in the world at any time, but most of it happens in the water. Don’t go Kayaking if you don’t know how to swim, or better still, don’t go Kayaking at all on your first date.

A user shares their Kayaking experience, “Kayaking when you don’t know how to swim. Seriously, I had to be rescued by my date, and it was super embarrassing.”

Needless to say, that relationship drowned.

12. A Loud Bar

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Yelling at each other over music can be super annoying. On the other hand, it’ll require you to get quite close to have the conversation, so hopefully you decide you like each other.

13. A Date’s House

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When first getting to know someone, it’s usually a good idea to meet in a neutral spot where both parties can feel comfortable.

14. Clubbing

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Going out for drinks, possibly getting drunk, and dancing leaves no room for talking and getting to know each other. Plus, one man says that there’s a very real chance someone else will pick his date up if she’s dancing around. Interesting.


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