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Seriously, Moms Don’t Want Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Okay, maybe some do! But that’s not all…

If you’re a mom, this story might sound familiar:

A special day meant to celebrate you (think a birthday, Mother’s day, or Valentine’s day) turns into juggling a hundred activities to help your kids and partner “celebrate.”

For example, my sister-in-law recently baked an elaborate cake to celebrate her 42nd birthday. She put a lot of effort into it. I asked her if it was worth it, and she shrugged her shoulders, commenting that she did it because her family expected her to.

Around holidays like Mother’s Day, while the intentions are good, there are suddenly many extra to-dos on a mom’s to-do list and no downtime. While many moms thrive off of caring for their family, it can also be exhausting (even though they won’t admit it!).

Not Sure What a Mom Needs?

Hint: It’s not a box of cheap chocolates or flowers. Here are some ideas:

Encourage Self-Care

A dear friend of mine admitted that she spent Mother’s day 2022 away from her kids. She decided to ask her husband for a day for herself, where she could grab brunch with a friend and do a little uninterrupted shopping.

She said she didn’t want another stressful Mother’s Day. Because this completely flipped the traditional Mother’s Day script (usually involving kids and family-centric activities), asking for what she wanted felt awkward. Yet, her husband was more than happy to be able to give her that gift.

The same can go for any other holidays when mom guilt can creep in and make them feel like they should do “all the things.” If you’re unsure what a mom needs or wants for Mother’s Day or any other holiday, encourage her to practice self-love and self-care.

Depending on her unique needs, this might include a journal, quiet time, a spa day, yoga classes, or a weekend getaway.

Give Her Space with Other Moms (Or Friends)

In addition to encouraging self-care activities, why not gift your mom a day with other moms? Arrange for her to have lunch or dinner with a group of other moms. Pick up the tab and, if possible, provide her with transportation to the event.

This way, she’ll get some much-needed girl time without thinking about family responsibilities or the guilt that can come from spending too much money on herself. She will be able to relax and enjoy the company of other moms instead.

Give Her Treats She Truly Loves

Finally, moms should be able to decide what type of sweets or treats they want. Maybe she loves ice cream, fancy chocolates, or a massage? Either let her pick it or pay close attention to her favorites to show how much you care.

Ultimately, give her a chance to find something that will bring her joy.

Mother’s Day for Moms without the Hustle

I challenge you to think about what your mom, wife, or partner truly wants this Mother’s Day and ensure she gets it. Doing so will make sure they feel appreciated this holiday and every day.

Happy Celebrating! What will you get the mom in your life for Mother’s Day?

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