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15 Funny Ways to Call Out Anyone Refusing to Use Common Sense (AKA Their Brain)

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In a world populated by 8 billion individuals, it’s almost inevitable to encounter more than a handful of individuals who may come across as less than wise. Not everyone is adept at handling such situations gracefully, making it important for all of us to possess the skill to subtly convey our awareness of someone’s lack of wisdom when the need arises.

If you have specific individuals in mind, here’s a humorous approach to let them know when they’re acting foolish.

1. Shampoo Bottles Instructions

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Instructions on a shampoo bottle are one of the clearest indicators that humanity has fallen hard from the intelligence pedestal. Why do we need to be told how to wash our hair?

One online user says they now use this analogy to let someone know they’re on the idiot train. He shares that he tells them, “You’re the reason why they put instructions on shampoo bottles.”

2. The Village Idiot

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Every village has its idiot; sometimes, they wander off to far lands, and you may end up meeting them in the streets.

One online user prefers to tell someone acting stupid, “Somewhere, there’s a village missing its idiot.”

I doubt the village is looking for him.

3. Underestimation

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Have you tried underestimating someone, and they still prove you wrong, showing you should have aimed lower?

One online contributor tells idiots, “You are impossible to underestimate.”

4. No Abundance of Schooling

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School is supposed to go through us, and the expectation is anyone who was schooled cannot be an idiot.

One user says they notify idiots of their folly by saying, “I can tell you are not blessed with an overabundance of schooling.”

5. Drowning In The Shower

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Staying safe in the shower requires minimal effort unless one’s actions are particularly foolish. One user humorously defines “idiots” as those who seem to narrowly escape drowning with every shower they take.

It seems almost comically challenging to avoid drowning in just a few drops of water from the shower.

6. Marbles

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How smart is a rock? I haven’t seen one solve a simple math problem or even talk. One user says the best way to hilariously refer to an idiot is by saying, “sharp as a marble, that one is.”

7. Dynamite Brains

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Imagine having a dynamite brain, nothing can stand in your way. It doesn’t matter if an idiot has a dynamite brain, they still wouldn’t do basic things.

Someone tells idiots, “If your brain was dynamite, you [still] couldn’t blow your nose.”


8. Safe From Zombies

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What’s the easiest way to tell someone that they have no brain?

“Well, on the bright side, you will be safe from zombies.”

9. Amoeba IQ

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If your knowledge of protistology is on point, use it to alert an idiot of his lack of intelligence. One user says he likes to tell an idiot that they have the IQ of an amoeba.

An amoeba has no brain or central nervous system.

10. Bag of Hammers

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A bag of hammers is expected to be pretty dense, just like some people.

11. Tail Light

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Calling someone a tail light is a clever way to let them know they’re not very smart. At least, they are not bright enough to be a headlight.

12. Valuable Brain

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At first, being told you have a valuable brain feels like a compliment until you learn they mean it’s new and never used.

13. Brains Queue

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Some people seem to have missed the queue where God was giving brains.

One user likes to tell an idiot, “I really wonder where you were while God was giving brains.

If these hilarious ways to let someone know they’re foolish don’t help an idiot change, or at least make them giggle, they can’t be helped.

14. Spare Parts

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One user says their favorite numb alert is telling someone they are spare parts.

“You are spare parts, bud.” He says.

15. Beacon Of Intellect

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The brilliance of some individuals radiates like a gleaming diamond, while others may not exhibit the same level of brilliance.

For one online user, their favorite way to tell someone is being stupid is by saying, “Your beacon of intellect doesn’t shine very bright, huh?”


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