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17 Adorable Things That Make All Babies the Cutest

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Infants, whether human babies or baby hippos are universally regarded as some of the most adorable creatures on our planet. Their small size, innocent expressions, and often clumsy antics have an innate charm that captivates and brings joy to those who encounter them.

Here are a few things that make babies the cutest- whether they’re newborns or just our big babies that are almost grown up.

1. Unbridled Laughter

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You’re sure to elicit laughter from babies using anything, even a piece of plastic paper bag. We could all learn from babies’ ability to draw genuine happiness from seemingly useless things.

An online user says babies are cute due to “Laughing uncontrollably about anything. The hardest I’ve ever heard my niece laugh was from me catching and throwing a Walmart bag in the air.”

2. Perfect Hi-Fivers

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Try high-fiving an adult; the chances of being left with egg on your face are very high. But a baby will never leave you hanging once they get the hang of it.

A user says, “Once they learn to high-five, babies will never leave you hanging.”

Someone adds, “It’s one of my favorite parts of being an aunt. I’m from a big family, and when nieces and nephews are two/three, I’d say “high-five!” When I came into the playroom. There was always a MAD DASH to get that high five in ASAP.”

3. They’re Ready Applauders

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We all need the one person who will applaud us when we need it, sometimes for no reason. Try teaching a baby to clap, and you’ll have an instant cheering squad.

4. Little Growling Buddies

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The simple, spontaneous expressive act of growling can tap into your inner child and create a sense of fun and lightheartedness. The small, unexpected moments of playfulness from a baby have the power to make you feel like the happiest person on earth.

One dad says, “My 1.5-year-old looks at me and growls like a lion at me at least 5 times a day, and I growl back…I dunno why but it is stuff like this that just makes me happy to be a dad.”

5. Their Innocence

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Certain things that might be considered offensive or of a s*xual nature often go unnoticed by children, while their innocence remains truly precious. In a world that seems to be growing increasingly chaotic, the purity and innocence of babies serve as a source of solace and hope.

An online contributor shares, “My 13-year-old daughter went out (possibly for the last time) to go trick or treating with her friends. Since she is allergic to peanuts, she gave me all her snickers bars. I said thanks and she said, no problem, besides, the kids at school said it was “No Nut November,” so even if she wasn’t allergic to peanuts, she wouldn’t eat them anyway! I did not correct her.”

Protect that child at all costs.

6. Even Their Cussing Is Cute

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Kids are cute even when they’re inappropriate, like when they learn their first cuss words—particularly when they don’t know how inappropriate it is.

An online contributor shares, “Yeah. Ever heard your small child say a curse word for the first time because they don’t know what it means. It’s hilarious. Happened multiple times with all my kids.”

It should not be encouraged, though. But oh well, sh** happens.

7. How They Discover Things

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Watching a child make a discovery is one of the most heartwarming things, it reminds us not to take mundane things for granted.

A user says, “Watching them learn and absorb things about the world. When they first realize they have hands and feet and when they first start mimicking speech–so adorable it makes me melt.”

8. They’re Very Alert

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They’re young and still developing, but they are not stupid. Babies and children are very alert and learn things faster than we credit them for.

Someone says, “Yup, babies know what they want far earlier than they can verbalize it. Our 7-month-old tells us when she’s hungry by signing Milk, and I can’t even imagine how much frustration it saves. She’s learning ‘more’ as well since we started introducing solids. So cool to see her start communicating with us.”

9. How Cute Is Babbling

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Have you engaged a child in a talk while they babbled away animatedly? It’s a heart-melting experience.

A user says, “It was great when my son would babble at us trying to have a conversation. We’d play along and talk to him in a normal voice.”

10. Their Curiosity With The World

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We may be tired of this world and imagine how terrible it is, but babies are still fascinated by it immensely. Maybe if we looked at it through their eyes, there’d be much more to appreciate.

A commenter says, “Their deep and genuine curiosity about a world that we are all sick of” makes them very cute.

11. How Easily They Trust

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A child knows who’s safe to be around, and when they trust you, they do it wholeheartedly.

One user says, “As a parent, when they’re freaking out crying and you put them on your shoulders and rock them/whisper to them. They immediately realize that they are at the safest place they can be and calm down. To know that this tiny person trusts you so much that they know they feel safe with you when they are in your arms.”

12. Falling Asleep In Your Arms

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Forget having a cat on your lap; having a child fall asleep in your arms is the ultimate nirvana.

One mama says, “I had to go back to work 2 weeks after Baby #2 so I didn’t get much bonding time. He was also colicky. My favorite thing would be when he would FINALLY get to sleep after a 2 a.m. crying spell. Just sitting on the couch, holding this little bundle, looking out at the city lights, with faint din of the TV in the background felt like a holy experience. Pure warmth.”

13. Peek-A-Boo Experience

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Do you know why babies are so fascinated by peek-a-boo?

A user shares, “Playing peek-a-boo with a baby is the most awesome thing. Infants don’t have a developed sense of object permanence, so when they see you “disappear” and then come back again out of nowhere, they absolutely lose their sh** with wonder and laughter. It’s the coolest thing.”

It is!

14. Their Sincerity

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Babies have no hidden agenda; what you see is what they really want to give.

Someone says, “Everything about a baby is 100% sincere. When they smile at you, it’s just pure happiness.”

15. Their Flexibility

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What would we not give to return to the flexibility level where we’d put our feet in our mouths? Not many adults today can bend to pick an object on the ground without all their alert lights coming on.

Someone says one of their cutest traits is “Their flexibility. Bro, I wish I had a back as new as a baby’s.”

16. How Good They Smell

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The natural scent of babies is truly delightful. Have you tried smelling a bay recently?

A mother says, “My stepson (12 years) smelled his baby brother (9 months) the other day and exclaimed, “ugh, he smells so good!” I thought it was a parent thing, but it turns out it’s a human thing.”

17. The Purest Form Of Life

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Life is sacred, and babies are the proof of that.

A user summarizes it perfectly. They say, “Babies, any of them (human or animal) are life in its purest form. Their pure smiles and expressions, their complete involvement with the present moment, the purity of their love, their little gurgles and chuckles, and wee sounds, their instant mood flips. Those that manage to hold on to some of these things as adults in spite of life trying to beat it out of them in so many ways, endear themselves to most other humans as well.”


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