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13 Cringe-Worthy Halloween Trends That Can Go Away

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Are you a Halloween enthusiast? This beloved holiday is often celebrated with great enthusiasm and creativity. This year, why not break away from the conventional and explore fresh, exciting ideas? If you’re looking to make this Halloween unique and avoid some overused and uninspiring trends, here are a few suggestions.

Some trends are like tea bags; you can’t use them too many times before they turn bland.

1. Inflatable Costume Craze

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A giant inflatable pumpkin, E.T or T-Rex may have might have been funny at some point, but we’re definitely past that point now. The novelty has worn off for many.

2. “Sexy” Versions of Everything

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The world is s*xualising everything today, and the infection has spread to the Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes are getting increasingly s*xier each year, and this is getting unoriginal and cringe. Sexy versions of traditionally non-sexy characters or professions can feel overdone.

3. Pop Culture Overload

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While dressing up as your favorite movie or TV show character is a classic Halloween tradition, it’s now getting overwhelming. It’s killing the creativity of the costumes and looking more like a popularity contest.

4. Overpriced Decor

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Halloween decorations have become big business; some are spending exorbitant amounts on fancy decorations that are only used for a short period.

There are better things to do with the money, aren’t there?

5. Overly Complex DIY Costumes

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With all the DIY costume videos online, it feels like one needs a degree in costume design to have a great Halloween. The celebration is supposed to be fun, not suffering through needles and mils of fabric.

6. Candy, And More Candy

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Trick-or-treat is fun a few times, but the amount of candy being bought and consumed during Halloween is bordering on diabetes.

7. Food Gimmicks

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Halloween-themed food items that are more gimmick than flavor can be disappointing. Having, black-colored food that looks spooky but doesn’t taste is underwhelming.

8. Overused Memes

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There are three forms of communication: verbal, non-verbal and memes. Memes are a big part of contemporary culture, and they have found their way into Halloween costumes and decorations. However, using the same meme over and over can quickly lose its humor and charm.

9. Overdone Pumpkin Art

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If we must carve pumpkins, let’s put some effort into it without overdoing it.

10. Teenage Horror Movie Themes

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If teenage horror movies were clothes, they’d be faded by now. There’s hardly anything new about Carrie anymore.

11. Non-Scary Costumes

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Please, not spongebob or the minions again! They’re not traditionally scary, and they don’t make very creative costumes.

12. Excessive Clowning

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Clowns have been a staple of Halloween for years, but when they become too common, they can lose their creepiness factor. After a while, it’s hard to take them seriously as a Halloween scare.

13. Overspending

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It’s only a few day’s celebration, but the spending is a little too much. There’s no reason to splash loads of cash on costumes that may be trashed in a few days.


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