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15 Fun Facts and Myths About Halloween

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You’ve got your spooky masks, eerie costumes, and intricately carved pumpkins all set, but have you ever wondered about the origins and significance behind these Halloween traditions?

As October unfolds, anticipation builds for the much-awaited final day, with spider webs adorning the scene. But what’s the story behind these traditions, and why does Halloween embrace the creepy and the mysterious?

Many people celebrating Halloween don’t know much about the holiday’s origin, traditions, and practices. First, let’s dive deep into some intriguing Halloween facts and myths to unravel the magic of this beautiful October celebration.

1. Where Did Halloween Originate?

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It may be celebrated in America more than anywhere else, but Halloween is not originally American. Halloween’s roots can be traced back over 2,000 years to the Celtic festival of Samhain.

The festival marked the transition from the end of the harvest season to the beginning of winter. This usually happened between October 31st and November 1st on the modern calendar.

2. What’s With The Scary Costumes?

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According to the Celts, the boundary between the living and the dead was blurred during Halloween night. They believed the spirits of the deceased could freely roam among the living.

What to do then avoid being recognized by the wandering souls? Blend in. They dressed in costumes and masks to avoid any unwanted attention from spirits with malicious intent.

3. Jack-o’-Lanterns

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You may have already curved a pumpkin and placed a candle inside, and it’s now beautifully illuminating the Halloween night, adding to the eerie and enchanting ambiance of the holiday.

Why do we carve pumpkins on Halloween?

Initially, people carved turnips in Ireland, but pumpkins became the preferred canvas for spooky faces when the tradition reached the United States.

4. Candy Craze

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Americans spend billions on Halloween candy yearly, with favorites like chocolate bars and candy corn.

The now-familiar tradition of trick-or-treating wasn’t initially intended for children. The Celts used to leave candy out so that the dead could grab a bite on their roaming spree.

5. Halloween Colors

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Black and orange are the traditional colors of Halloween. Orange represents the harvest and autumn, while black symbolizes death and darkness.

6. Match-Making Apple Bob

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If you’re looking for love, this October could be your lucky month. This old tradition of filing a tub with apples and trying to catch them with your teeth was meant to get you a love match—if they caught you apple bobbing.

Grab some apples. Love is around the corner.

7. Full Moon On Halloween

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It’s said that a Full moon and Halloween don’t go together; in fact, a full moon in October would literally be a blue moon.

A full moon on Halloween is relatively rare, occurring approximately every 18-19 years.

8. Harry Houdini’s Death

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The famous magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween night in 1926.

As much as he had escaped every trap laid out for him, he hasn’t escaped the death one yet. Some people celebrate Halloween hoping to catch a glimpse of his spirit.

9. Black Cats

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Everyone adores cats and knows they are beautiful creatures unless they’re black cats during Halloween.

Many adoption centers must protect black cats during Halloween, as many believe they are evil and may even try to sacrifice them on Halloween.

Now, onto myths. Halloween is as mysterious as it is spooky. However, some widely held beliefs about Halloween are, in fact, misconceptions. Here are a few of them:

10. Razor Blades in Candy

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Some people claim you may find dangerous objects in Halloween candy, such as razor blades. Well, this is exceedingly rare and often a hoax.

Most people respect trick-or-treating and will not put dangerous objects in things meant for kids and/or have better things to do than add sharp objects to candy.

11. Witch’s Sabbath

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The idea of witches gathering for a sabbath on Halloween is a myth fueled by historical witch trials and folklore.

12. Ghosts Roaming Freely

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Many people who don’t celebrate Halloween will tell you it’s because they believe there are ghosts on this day. The notion of ghosts roaming on Halloween night is rooted in folklore but not scientifically proven.

The only ghosts you’re likely to see are sheets with eyes.

13. Evil Spirits

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While Halloween is associated with the supernatural, there’s no scientific evidence of evil spirits being more active on this day- of you’re looking for that kind of validation.

14. Halloween Sacrifices

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Claims of ritual sacrifices during Halloween are baseless and have no historical basis. No sacrifices were made on Halloween, and people today do not sacrifice anyone [not even black cats] for Halloween.

15. Halloween Birthdays

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Because of it’s spiritual nature, some people think those born on Halloween possess special powers to speak with the spirits.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to support this fact; Halloween babies are mere mortals like the rest of us.


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