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24 Things People Do That Totally Creep Others Out

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Many individuals harbor a keen intuition, resembling a sixth sense, that empowers them to detect when someone is about to emanate disquieting vibes. This instinct serves as an inherent “stranger danger” alarm, prompting a rapid realization that a swift departure from the current situation is the most prudent course of action.

On an online forum, people share the biggest things that totally creep them out when it comes to interacting with others- giving them major heeby jeebys.

1. Narcissists That Don’t Get Their Way

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“Someone who appears very nice but becomes nasty when they don’t get their way.” Shares one user. Other than toddlers, it’s not generally a good personality trait.

2. Bragging About Anger Issues

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“I’ve got a coworker who brags about having anger issues. He starts smirking, as if that’s so impressive and intimidating. I think it makes him sound like a creepy d***hebag.” Says one user. Definitely not something to be proud of.

3. Blank Stares After a Question Like They’re Waiting for More

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“People who ask you a question and then just stare at you without any follow up after you answer them. I swear every time I’ve talked to the big boss /CEO of a workplace they will ask me a really simple question like “how are you today?” And when I say “Im good, how are you?” I just get this confused stare in return. Just f*****g say something or nod or ANYTHING lol.”

A few users agreed this might be a tactic to get someone to volunteer more information they aren’t saying initially.

4. Why All the Touching?

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“Touching while talking to you when they don’t know you.” Says one user. Many agreed, saying if you don’t know me, please don’t get so close and personal. Respecting people’s bubbles is always best to avoid being a creep.

5. Why So Close?

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Similar to touching, getting too close and into people’s personal bubbles is also a problem. “People who stand too close to you when they’re talking. Fair enough if it’s a loud setting but if it’s just the two of you and the other person is standing right up close it’s super creepy IMO.” Says one user.

6. Hand Shake Power Dynamics

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“Firm handshakes but they don’t let go. Makes me so uncomfortable and I absolutely do not trust anyone that does this.” shares one user. Most agree it’s a mix of power dynamics and old-school beliefs.

7. Give Me All Your Info

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“Trying to get a load of personal information from you in a first meeting…like phone number, Facebook, Instagram or whatever else you have!” They went on to clarify that they’re fine with sharing info if they hit it off with someone but hates the barrage of question and info from some people.

8. Not so Cute Roleplaying Texts

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“People who roleplay when texting you. And type out stutters like “i-i.. really like you looks away nervously” It makes me want to run as far away from you as possible because what the he[ck].” Many users gave other funny examples, while others were surprised to learn this was a thing.

9. Say My Name

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“People who use my name too frequently when we’re talking.” Says one user. Many people find it fake and feel like they’re part of a sales pitch.

10. Why the Questions?

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“People who question literally everything I do. Like chill bro, not even I know why I did that.” He clarifies that asking out of curiosity is okay, but he doesn’t like feeling hounded for his life choices constantly. We can all agree that its annoying and a little bit creepy to always feel judged and questioned.

11. Accidental Eye Contact

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“Something I’ve witnessed myself doing and others: accidental eye contact followed by vaguely looking past the person to non-verbally be like ‘hey, I wasn’t actually looking at you, sorry!’ except it ends up being/feeling creepy.” It’s at least better than intentional creepy eye contact!

12. Photos of Strangers

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“Taking pictures of strangers without permission and people who just don’t respect boundaries in general.” Shares one user. Most people can agree being the subject of photos against their will is not okay.

13. Constant Smiles: What Are You Hiding?

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Many users agreed that constant smiling was a major creep alert. “Being all smiles ALL the time” makes everyone wonder what a person is hiding. This made some users that like to smile wonder if they’re smiling too much? There’s a fine line, and smiling is okay as long as it’s in an appropriate situation.

14. Toxic Positivity

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Like expecting all smiles, constant positivity also sends out creepy vibes. “Toxic positivity that immediately turns into passive aggression if you don’t match their positivity,” shares a user. We are all human, and constant optimism guarantees there’s something wrong under the surface for many people.

15. Making False Promises

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Most users agreed that having to explicitly state something, such as ‘I’m a nice guy,’ almost guarantees the opposite and makes people want to run far away. Someone says, “They’re either trying to convince themselves or kill you in their basement.”

16. Crazy Good Memory

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Interestingly, a handful of users talk about how they creep people out with their good memory. “I have a really good memory, and it creeps people out. Like 9 years after high school I asked a classmate how his beagles were doing and he was a little freaked out that I remembered such a small detail about him years later,” share someone. Many admitted they now try to keep details to themselves.

17. Won’t Leave People in Peace

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“They don’t understand when you make it clear that you want to be left alone,” share a man. He goes on to explain that when he’s sitting alone, he often has people worry he’s lonely, but in reality, he just wants to be left alone. This appears to be a clash between introverts and extroverts, so being mindful of people’s wants will help reduce the creep factor.

18. Making Everything Dirty

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A few men on the thread share their frustrations with their friends or co-workers that treat the women around them so awkwardly. No, turning everything a woman says into something sexual isn’t normal and is grounda for harassment. Stop it, please!

19. Mismatched Facial Expression

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“When their mouth-smile does not match their eye-smile,” shares someone.

20. Baby Talk

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Talking to babies and toddlers in a soft cutesy tone is one thing, but what happens when adults use it on each other? Total creep vibes and guaranteed annoyance.

21. Bragging About Romantic Escapades

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A man shares his frustration with a co-worker that is always bragging and sharing too much detail about the girls he meets and has relations with. He doesn’t seem to recognize that objectifying women is an issue, but hopefully, the women he meets will pick up that he’s a creep and learn to run the other way.

22. Unwarranted Flirt

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Some people can’t read a room and think that being crude is somehow a compliment. Someone adds, “Unsolicited flirtatious comments towards waitresses, retail employees, etc..”

23. Excessive Compliments or Praises

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Offering an excessive amount of compliments, especially in a short period, can come off as insincere or manipulative, causing discomfort.

24. Unusual Grooming or Appearance

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Displaying eccentric or unkempt grooming, clothing, or appearance that deviates significantly from societal norms can be seen as creepy.


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