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14 Things You’re Probably Doing That Are Annoying the Heck Out of Everyone

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Each person’s upbringing forms a distinct path, shaped by their life’s experiences. As a result, there are times when our actions, unintended as they may be, are seen as impolite or thoughtless by others. Conversely, we might be conscious of these tendencies, yet recognize room for growth in the domain of manners and etiquette.

Users of an online forum share the things that they find naturally rude. See what you think.

1. Keeping the Door Open

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The top answer involved not holding the door for the person behind you. Most others agreed, except for those awkward times when there’s someone behind you, but they’re too far away, and you have to wait to hold it for them. Then, who’s rude?

Another issue one user brings up is this: “My building has security entrances, along with signs everyone reading “it’s not rude [to not hold the door], it’s safe”. It’s so unnatural to me so I desperately hope no one tries to follow me.”

2. Snapping Urgently

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“Snapping your fingers at someone,” as one user shares, can definitely be perceived as rude when it’s done out of haste or annoyance. There are kinder ways to get someone’s attention.

3. Leaving a Store Empty Handed

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One man shares that he feels rude when he leaves a store without buying anything. Some people agreed, others were confused and asked for more of an explanation. He said, “Idk man it just feels wrong. I always feel like I’ve done something wrong and worry people are gonna be suspicious cause I didn’t pay for anything.”

4. Offering Advice in Hindsight (That Wasn’t Asked For)

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“Unwarranted advice or criticism. People that go “I would have done this or that blah blah blah”.” Shares a user. Others agreed, hating it when they hear people offering their take on how they would have handled historical disasters, like the Titanic sinking or an airplane crash.

5. Blocking the Way: Total Oblivion

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“People blocking pathways/etc. This is not where you chat or have a family meeting, get the [heck] off out the way.” Shares a frustrated user. While no one likely does it intentionally, blocking a public space can seem rude.

6. Stepping on Clean Floors

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“Walking on a freshly mopped floor in a public place, especially if the cleaner is nearby. Nothing more awkward than needing to go past a specific spot and having to do the weird “sorry, so sorry” walk.” Shares another user. This isn’t necessarily rude (what can you do), but can make people feel guilty.

7. Ignoring the Bus Driver

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“Not saying anything to the driver when I get on the bus. I need to say good morning or thank you after paying my fare.” Shares another user. Bus drivers are likely used to a lack of communication but probably find the interaction thoughtful, too.

8. Speaker Phones

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“Putting your phone on speaker when you’re calling someone in public.” Shares a user. Others agreed.

9. Other Loud Noises

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In addition to a speaker phone, other people mention speaking loudly on the phone in general and playing loud music on public transport.

10. Rogue Shopping Carts

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“When people leave their shopping carts in the middle of a parking spot. Just put it away in the carriage corral and don’t be lazy.” Shares a user.

11. Small Change Donations

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“Not rounding up my total at the register to support some random charity. It just feels like I’m a jerk if I don’t, but I’m too cheap to do it anyway.” We feel you, buddy.

12. No Eye Contact

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“Using mobile when dining or talking with someone.” The lack of attention to the real person in front of you will definitely give off rude vibes.

13. Constant Interruption

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When someone is trying to speak, getting constantly interrupted gets old after a while. Let a person finished their thought before barging in with comments or advice.

14. Excuse Me

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Excuse me is generally a good thing to say to be polite. That is, unless it said in a mean snippy tone out of haste.


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