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11 Parenting Hack That You’ll Wish You Learned Earlier for Kids of All Ages

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Have you ever stumbled upon a parenting trick that completely revolutionizes your life, leaving you wishing you had stumbled upon it earlier?

Then, you wonder what other parenting hacks are out there that you don’t even know about that could be making the challenges of daily parenting a little bit easier. That’s where this award-winning parenting forum can be a game changer for moms and dads. Let’s dive right into the best parenting hacks!

1. Using Dice for Decisions

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When it comes to sibling rivalry, parents can quickly get stuck in the middle of arguments, tantrums, or be accused of favoring one child. One mom took all the pressure of tracking whose turn it was between her three kids by purchasing foam dice at the dollar store. Since she has three kids, she said she put each of their names on two sides.

She reports that there are a lot fewer tantrums and arguments because they can’t argue with a dice like they can with her., making it one of her favorite parenting hacks.

2. Taking Turns for a Special Day

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One dad with two kids agrees that taking the pressure off of sibling rivalry is a game changer for keeping the piece. Since he has two kids, he assigns each child the even or odd numbers for the month. Whoever’s day it is, they get to make all the decisions.

He reports both kids find this setup fun, and they always have a day to look forward to sooner than later.

3. Easy Entertainment While Waiting for Food

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It can be hard to keep kids entertained, particularly toddlers, at a restaurant while waiting for the food to arrive. One mom found her daughter got bored fast with the standard crayons and coloring pages offered at many restaurants. Instead, she stocks up on dollar store packs, including a small coloring book, crayons, and stickers.

She says that her daughter loves to color all day at home anyways. Adding the novelty of a “new” coloring pack keeps the kids busy the entire time they’re out, making it one of her best parenting hacks.

4. Role Reversal: Why Don’t You Read It?

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Parents admit they get bored after reading the same book for the 100th time. One mom shares that when she needs a break, she turns the table and asks her toddler to read the book to her.

She says her 4-year-old can’t read, but she can recite much of the book or make up her own story- allowing mom to sit back and relax as her toddler’s imagination runs wild.

5. Being Silly to Get Things done

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Kids of all ages can be stubborn when it comes to getting out the door or staying on schedule. Why not make it fun? One mom distracts her child from not wanting to get dressed or eating breakfast by asking her what her favorite animal would do.

She says her daughter’s favorite animal is a worm, and she loves to pretend to slither down to breakfast.

6. Greens Are Good

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One mom says she’s been putting visible “green” stuff in her son’s food since he was a baby. That way, he’s never too concerned about green stuff in his meals, such as broccoli, spinach, or green beans.

She says one time, her son saw her putting spinach in their smoothie- until she said that he’s been drinking smoothies with spinach in it since he was little. Then, he shrugged his shoulders and drank it anyways.

Many parents agreed this was genius since kids tend to get mad when they find out they’ve been tricked into eating greens.

7. Organize Outfits to Go

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One mom reports this genius hack for helping their little ones get dressed in the morning. She saves the hangers she gets from the store that has a spot for shirts and pants. When she’s done with laundry, she hangs them as outfits rather than folding them.

She says it’s so helpful in the morning when the kids all need help at once and don’t know what to wear. They can just grab something and go.

8. Keeping the Closet Up to Date

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Closets tend to be a source of clutter and mess. To cut down on organization time, one mom keeps a tote bag at the bottom of the closet so that she can throw clothes that are too small in it as she finds them.

What a great way to save time on sifting through old clothes and keeping the closet up to date.

9. Always Keep a Change of Clothes

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One mom always keeps her trunk stocked for emergencies. This includes extra clothes for the kids, especially socks and undies, paper towels, grocery bags, and water.

You never know when there will be an accident while potty training, a muddy puddle to play in, make up or market disasters, or other last-minute need for extras.

10. Simply Be Kind

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One parent notes that her kids are kind because of the empathy she has shown them. When we’re tired, as parents, it’s easy to boss kids around and get stuck in the “because I told you so” mentality. But she’s noticed that she is met with much less resistance when she takes the time to understand what’s bothering them or explains why they should do something.

Plus, she says her kids are simply kinder to the people they encounter because of the kindness they are shown. Easier said than done, but definitely worth it!

11. Busy Board and Book Are Pure Magic

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Whether you’re traveling by car or airplane or just want a moment of peace at home, busy boards and books are amazing. The best ones have all of the simple random fidgety things ids love (remote buttons, clips, zippers, etc.). Depending on what your baby or toddler enjoys, you can get a book or board custom-made that’ll help them get lost in tinkering for hours (we hope).

Bonus Parenting Hacks

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Want more parenting hacks? See all of our other articles for more great advice right from parents that have been there. These will include:

  • The benefits of a baby carrier for a crying baby that wants to be close to mom always
  • The best kid’s toys for babies, including favorite bath toys
  • The best-fitted sheet options for sensitive skin

Other simple favorites include:

  • Using rubber bands to childproof cabinet doors and keep little kids out of spaces they shouldn’t be
  • Using a pool noodle to childproof corners and edges around the house
  • Use a child’s action figures or another favorite toy to role-play any activities your child is stubbornly avoiding, such as brushing their teeth
  • Ditch wishful thinking and take a hands-on approach to family life; making an effort to set aside enough time for talking and snuggling while you listen and bond can make a world of difference

What are your favorite parenting hacks and tips/tricks for life with children? Feel free to comment!


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