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14 Strong Indicators That Someone is Dumb

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Unlike traits such as height or eye color, intelligence is a quality for which we bear personal responsibility. Life presents many challenges beyond our control, but when it comes to intelligence, the responsibility lies squarely with us. Unfortunately, a deficit in intelligence can be compared to a contagious ailment; it’s something that can’t be hidden and tends to impact those around you, often causing difficulties for those in your proximity.

An online forum discussed the strong indicators that someone is dumb.

1. If They Don’t Know, Nobody Knows

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Dumb people believe that if they don’t have knowledge about a subject, then that means everybody else doesn’t know.

An online forum user says, “This. It does my head in when colleagues at work say things like ‘nobody knows how this works’ just because they don’t.”

2. Over-Estimating Abilities

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Most dumb people tend to bloat their non-existent knowledge and will even call those with relevant knowledge dumb.

An online conversation contributor says smart people say, “That can probably be done, but you need someone smarter than me. A man has to know his limitations.”

Dumb people don’t know or don’t admit that there are smarter people.

3. Lack of Curiosity

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Smart people are curious, and they ask questions to gain more knowledge. Lack of curiosity is a strong indicator of stupidity, as they don’t think there’s anything more to know.

Someone says, “I mean, I can understand being uninterested in some topics. However, there should be some interest somewhere.”

4. Believing Everything On Social Media

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Social Media is helpful, but there’s a lot there that’s also misleading and false. Some people will base their beliefs and actions on something they saw online, not knowing different people post things for different reasons.

An online commenter says that when it comes to social media, you have to “Think for yourselves.”

5. Answering In Insults

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Smart people will defend their views with facts and argue their points soberly. Another indicator that someone is dumb is “they use personal insults when confronted with hard evidence against their views.”

Someone adds, “Yes! Personal insults never bode well. If someone has hurt or wronged you, then speak of that, not how you think they are “ugly.””

6. Unwillingness To Change Their Mind

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Intelligence is knowing when we have our facts wrong or when we are headed the wrong way and changing our minds. Not so, the dumb. Their minds are fixed like the pyramids of Giza.

7. Not Accepting Negative Feedback

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Stupidity thinks people giving feedback are looking down on them somehow.

A user says, “The best is when you point out a mistake with well-meaning intention to help, and they take it as a personal attack and tell you to do it from now because you’re so much better than they are.”

8. Poverty of Imagination

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Not everything is white and black; sometimes, a little imagination is required to understand things. Some people use their imagination the way they use the shoe they outgrew—never.

One online user says, “Something is either extremely concrete, right [there] in front of their eyes, or they don’t get it and get annoyed with you pretty quickly if you try to make them use their imaginations to understand your point.”

9. Playing Copycat

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Everyone has to have an original thought at some point, the one thing they’re convinced about.

A user says for dumb people, “Nothing they do or say is original. It’s copied whole cloth from other people and media that they like. Other people’s originality strikes them as annoying randomness.”

10. Always Suspicious of Other People

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Dumb people walk around believing someone is out to swindle or get them somehow.

Someone agrees and says, “Currently working as a cashier, and this puts into words something I’ve noticed but been unable to express. Some people are so innately distrustful of everything you do and are convinced you’re trying to screw them.”

11. You Can’t Disagree With Them

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A user says some people believe your correctness is solely based on whether or not you agree with them.

An online forum contributor says, “There can be incredibly logical thought processes behind both sides of an argument.”

That’s a smart person.

12. Mixing Issues

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Intelligence calls for discussing a certain issue and not finding it necessary to invoke all other unrelated things to win points.

An online conversationalist says dumb people “Get easily distracted in arguments/debates and argue points that are irrelevant. They can’t envision hypotheticals or isolate the true point of contention.”

13. Being Right Over Truth

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Smart people care for the truth and don’t have to hustle too much to be proven right.

But as an online commenter notes, “They [dumb people] never care about the truth, they only care about being right – even when they are wrong.”

14. Ignorance

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Being smart requires an awareness that we don’t know everything. If there is ignorance, this guarantees stupidity in many cases.


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