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12 Subtle Ways to Deal with That One Annoying Person

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Many of us have encountered that one person, or perhaps a few, in our lives who consistently grapple with understanding social cues. These individuals frequently interject at inconvenient moments, insert themselves into contexts where they seem out of place, or impose their presence in situations where they are not particularly welcome. Navigating interactions with such individuals can undoubtedly be exhausting.

The harsh reality is that you can choose the people you spend time with- but it might require taking a stand. Here are some tips to keep your sanity.

1. Change Jobs

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If annoying people are ruining your daily life, it might take a big change, like one user shares. “I’ve had VERY annoying co-workers. The solution was to get a new job.” If this is a possibility, why not?

2. Avoidance is Often Necessary

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One user shares simple advice: “By avoiding them like the plague.” Easier said than done, though, if you work or live near each other.

3. Take Legal Action

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If you’re worried about your safety or your quality of life is being affected, follow a few users’ advice and file a restraining order. This is a final but necessary step in some extreme relationships.

4. Don’t Sugar Coat It: Be Straightforward

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There may not be a gentle way to tell someone they’re annoying. In this case, one user recommends being blunt and simply “Tell em to f*** off.” It may seem harsh, but sometimes it’s the only way they get the message loud and clear. Your mental health will thank you.

5. Have an Open Discussion

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“Have you tried setting boundaries and politely communicating with them about their behavior? It’s worth a shot! Good luck.” Writes a user. This should perhaps be the first recommendation if the person is willing to chat and be civil.

6. Give Them a Dose of Their Own Medicine

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A few people recommend being annoying back. One user explains how well it can work, “It may sound childish, but it actually works. I have a coworker who annoys the hell out of me so I just started being annoying back. Now he doesn’t say a word to me and actively avoids working with me.”

7. Ignore Their Attempts to Get Under Your Skin

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“Often times, ignoring them when they are deliberately being annoying–in order to get a reaction out of you–is one of the most infuriating things to them.” Shares one user. No reaction? No fuel to add to the fire.

8. Ask 20 Questions

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A user shares an interesting tactic to off-put that person that usually has a million questions: “Stop them mid-sentence and say:

“did you brush your tongue this morning?”

“your lip is bleeding”

“your skin is flaking a bit”

“you have an eyelash over here”

Sound genuinely concerned, motion to areas of your own face while you say it. And usually, they’ll get insecure and shrink instantly.”

9. Ask Them for a BIG Favor

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Want them to start avoiding you? Try this: “Ask them to lend you some money, preferably a big sum.” Shares one user. Suddenly, you won’t be able to find them. Perfect!

10. Get Weird

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Many people loved a user’s random comment for ditching annoying people in your life: “Just look them dead in the eye and say “We’re Donion Rings”, and walk away.” Will they finally get the hint? Try som other one-liners.

11. Shift Your Mindset

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One writer offers a unique solution by changing your thoughts about that person. Are they really that annoying? “The pain of their annoyance is created by you, and ultimately by your own thoughts. What would happen if you stopped believing your own thoughts, would the pain go away?” He says.

12. Get Churchy

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Someone writes, “Ask them if they would like to read some literature about your “religion”. Then, hand them a pamphlet from spacestar ordering ( the one true path). They will avoid you. Problem solved.” Other religions might work better, depending on the person. Focus on choosing one they’d think is weird.


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