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14 Pieces of Baby Boomer Logic That Makes Zero Sense in Today’s World

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Since the 1960s, we’ve observed substantial progress, and many brilliant ideas from that era have either become outdated or impractical. The flow of time brings about change, and attempting to apply outdated notions to modern challenges frequently falls short of achieving the intended outcomes.

In an online forum, someone asked, “What’s your favorite baby boomer logic?”

1. Having It All Together At 18

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Almost everyone who’s not a boomer has had a “When I was your age …” moment with an older person.

One online forum discussion contributor narrates being told, “”When I was 18, I had already moved out, gotten married, and had a house.”

This may be true, but the economy was different and favorable. You’ll be lucky to afford a balanced meal with today’s minimum wage.

2. Easy Scholarships

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There seems to have been a time when getting a scholarship was as easy peasy. One user recalls being told, “There is literally a scholarship for everything; you just need to look hard enough.” 

Another contributor says his grandpa said, “I went to college for free, and I didn’t have a 4.0. You’re just not trying hard enough.”

It’s no longer that easy; sometimes, you’re just considered “not poor enough.”

3. Hand-Delivered Applications

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Hand-delivering application letters may give you an upper hand in showing the employer your enthusiasm if you’re lucky to get past the gate.

“Just walk in and ask for a job, they’ll love your enthusiasm.” One grandpa advised a commenter.

However, they wanted all applications delivered online. Besides, if you walk into those companies today, you’ll be redirected to apply online.

If the hiring officer is a Boomer, you’ll be in luck.

4. Counter-arguments Are Disrespectful

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Baby boomers love respect just as much as they love their lawns well-manicured. Respect, however, is often misconstrued to mean you have to agree with everything they say.

One online forum contributor says, “The concept of respect seems to mean “Everything I say is correct. If you challenge anything, then that’s disrespect.”

Someone adds, “What Baby Boomers mean by “respect me,” is “respect me as an authority, or I will not respect you as a person.”

5. Vacations and More Vacations

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It seems that for many Boomers, vacations are basic needs. People in an online discussion said Boomers expect them to go on vacation often and always ask where the vacay will be next.

One user replies, “WITH WHAT MONEY?! I make about £3 an hour! (Apprenticeship wages suck.)”

Someone adds, “My favorite one of these is that they complain I don’t use my vacation time to visit and come for Christmas/Thanksgiving endlessly, and also complain I don’t go on a vacation. How much vacation time and travel money do you think I have…?”

6. No Job Equals Laziness

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Getting a job can sometimes feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube, and it’s definitely getting harder than before. An online user feels like Boomers don’t understand this.

“If you can’t get a job, it’s entirely because you’re lazy.” He says of their [Boomers’] thinking.

7. Call Employers Until they Give You the Job

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Some people feel that too many Boomers insist on bombarding potential employers with calls if the replies don’t come fast enough.

One internet user says, “My parents demand I keep basically harassing employers; they still think people actually go in with written documents and that the internet is voodoo magic to them.”

This logic is flawed, as one contributor discovered. They share, “When I was 18, I was told off for calling a random employer.”

8. It’s Not That Bad

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Whatever you have gone through, a Boomer believes they have gone through it ten times worse and had a better attitude about it.

One user says. “They always have a scenario where they went through what you went through…but 10-fold, of course!”

Someone agrees, “Omg, I can relate. I was recently diagnosed with depression. And my mom constantly says, “I know what depression is, and this is not depression, you’re just being lazy.” Like, yea, mom, it’s just a bad day, and I slept for 4 days just because I’m feeling kinda down.”

9. Don’t Like Your Job? Quit

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This concept seems pretty simple for many Boomers: Why would you stay at a job you hate?

A user says, “On the one hand, this is good advice if you have OPTIONS, but for a lot of young people, there are no options other than the job they hate.”

10. Work For Close to Eternity

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One commenter says, “I’m a boomer, but I still hate the suggestion that I should work as long as possible to maximize my retirement income. F*** that s**t, I didn’t work all of my life, so I could be so broken down that I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

11. Participation Trophies

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Gen Xers don’t seem to appreciate this idea at all- even though participation trophies nowadays are what Boomers think is wrong with the younger generations.

One says, “The whole participation trophy thing always bugs me. Who do you think gave us the trophies? It’s not like we were asking for them or cared. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know my friends and I all hated them because it meant we didn’t win.”

12. Vacation Homes

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Most of the younger generation is struggling to buy their first house with sky high interest rates and a hot market- making a vacation home a far off dream.

13. Single Income Households

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In the majority of households, one full time job is no longer enough for a family to make ends meet. More women and moms than ever are in the work force.

14. Working One Job

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Forgot one job per person, some are feeling forced to take on two or even three jobs make ends or save up enough for a home or reduce debt.


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