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14 Funniest Things Teachers Have Overheard at School

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Have you ever noticed the unique way in which children view the world? In stark contrast to adults, whose perspectives are often shaped by societal norms and personal experiences, children offer candid expressions of their thoughts, unburdened by the need to safeguard anyone’s feelings. This unfiltered honesty, while refreshing, can lead to unexpected and delightful moments.

Get ready and explore with us some of the best unintentionally hilarious statements kids say at school.

1. I Need Pancakes

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One 7-year-old said at school, “I thought I needed a hug but I really need pancakes.”

It seems that this student is onto something! Sometimes all we need to brighten our day is a plate stacked with warm and sweet pancakes, don’t we?

2. My First Name Isn’t Mrs

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“I wanted to be a teacher when I grow up but my first name isn’t Mrs.” Said a 5-year-old with all seriousness.

It’s both adorable and hilarious how kids can take things quite literally. From their perspective, the only thing that matters to becoming a teacher is to be called “Mrs.”

3. I Wasn’t Listening to Myself

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One 6-year-old had something incredible to say during class: “I don’t know what I said. I wasn’t listening to myself.”

Well, it happens to all of us sometimes.

4. I Don’t Like You

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This little boy’s brutal honesty will leave you speechless: “My mom says I should just ignore people I don’t like and well, that’s you.”


5. It’s Time for Summer

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“I’ve learned enough this year. It’s time for summer.” Announced one 7-year-old. Hopefully, they didn’t make this statement after only one day of school.

6. Small World

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“My aunt is my mom’s sister! Small world.”

This 5-year-old’s innocent revelation serves as a sweet reminder of how children perceive relationships in their own unique way.

7. Eat Dessert First

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A 6-year-old student shared this valuable advice at school, “Eat dessert first. You never know when the world’s gonna end.”

Indeed, she is right. We should all enjoy life’s sweetest moments (including our desserts) while we can!

8. Sunday of the Year

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“August is the Sunday of the year.” Said one student. What a clever observation from a 10-year-old!

9. You Just Have to Feed Each Other

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As they say, family isn’t always blood. It’s rather the group of those people in our lives who also want us to be part of theirs.

One student has a very similar view of what family is but it contains a surprising twist as well: “Anyone could be a family, you just have to love each other and feed each other.”

10. My Favorite Color Is Ice Cream

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One 7-year-old certainly made a few people’s day with this hilarious revelation about their favorite color: “My favorite color is ice cream.”

We love this kid!

11. No Pants This Weekend

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“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do this weekend. I’m not going to put a shirt on. Probably no pants either.” Shared one kid of their very specific plans for the weekend.

Not bad from a 5-year-old!

12. I Don’t Want a Husband

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“I really don’t want a husband but I would like help around the house.”

It seems that despite her young age, this little girl has already figured it out!

13. Career Goals

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One boy shares his brother wants to be a marine biologist. Thus, logically he will be a dolphin so they can play together all day. So sweet!

14. Big Words Win

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Another child thanked her teacher for teaching her big words that she can use when arguing with her parents.


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