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12 Realities That Make America Less Than Ideal for Raising a Family

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Despite the numerous attractions in the United States of America, it may not always be the top choice for those prioritizing family-friendliness. While many find the appeal of living in the USA undeniable, there is a prevailing perception that it might not be the ideal destination for individuals seeking a secure and peaceful environment to nurture their children.

A 2020 survey showed the USA ranking way below other nations of the same economic power. These are the reasons why you may need to rethink bringing your kids up in America.

1. No Time Off For Working Parents

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America doesn’t have a universal law that allows parents to get paid leave, making child care very expensive and difficult.

Dr Jody Heymann, a University of California, Los Angeles professor of public health and contributor to the UN’s report on family-friendly policies, says, “One of the biggest, gaping holes in [in the US] is the lack of paid parental leave.”

2. High Cost of Living

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The amount of money an American home needs to survive in a month is untenable for most families. Many people have to take multiple jobs to maintain a simple lifestyle.

3. Unsafe Environment Due to Gun Violence

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A lot of gun violence in America is meted out against school children and mass shootings in public places, and this is a major concern for many people.

The report said, “In 2019, there were at least 45 school shootings in the US and guns – accidentally or intentionally – are the second leading cause of death for children in the US.”

4. High Childcare Costs

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Because many parents can’t afford to stay home and care for their children, paid childcare is necessary in the USA. Unfortunately, this essential service is prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for families to access reliable care for their children.

Childcare expenses are a strong contraceptive for many.

5. Limited Access to Affordable Healthcare

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American family budgets are strained to the maximum, and the greatest pull is the high cost of healthcare. Many have to pay insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. Most families can’t access necessary medical care, especially if you don’t have comprehensive health insurance.

6. Inadequate Education Funding

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While education is generally easily accessible for Americans, it’s not the same quality of education everywhere. There are glaring disparities in education funding across different regions of the country, resulting in unequal educational opportunities for children.

The poor end up getting poorer, as the opportunities rarely trickle down to them.

7. Income Inequality

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The land of the free struggles with bridging the income gap, with some learning a ton while other families have way less than they need to survive.

Poverty makes life harder for all-around development and can feel like an uphill battle to get out of.

8. Limited Access to Affordable Housing

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Getting an affordable house spacious enough to comfortably fit an average American family is a dream many families don’t wake up from.

This leads to overcrowded or unstable living situations, and in such set-ups, crime rates skyrocket.

9. Maternal and Child Health Care

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Despite being a wealthy nation, the U.S. faces maternal and child health challenges. Compared to other developed countries, maternal mortality rates are higher.

Pregnant mothers and infants face inconsistent quality healthcare.

10. Unreachable Higher Education

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Most American kids aspiring to join a college or university have to contend with almost inevitable student debt.

Starting your corporate life with colossal student debt is discouraging and one way to have a shackle on your life.

11. Toppling Work-Life Balance

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The U.S. often has a culture that prioritizes long work hours and limited vacation time. It’s difficult for parents to spend quality time with their children and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Something has to give, and it’s usually the kids that suffer.

12. Hustle Mentality

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The US has embodied a hustle, do whatever it takes, mentality. This doesn’t bode well for parents who now want to prioritize raising the next generation but are often ridiculed if they slow down for the sake of their children at the expense of their lofty career goals.


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