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No Fancy Gifts: Here’s What Tired New Moms Truly Want for Mother’s Day

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Being a mom of a newborn is one of the toughest jobs around. There’s no time off, and the baby needs near-constant attention. While the bond can feel magical, it can also elicit pure exhaustion from lack of sleep and personal space.

One mom brings up what she’d love most of all: sleep on the sub-Reddit thread Beyond the Bump.

1. Uninterrupted Sleep

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She begins her post by saying, “I want to sleep. Uninterrupted for anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. The longer the better. I want to sleep without being woken up by a snoring husband or a crying baby or toddler. I want to sleep without getting out of bed 4-5 times for all kinds of different needs.”

2. Her Husband Isn’t On Board

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Unfortunately, she says her husband isn’t comfortable sending her kids (4 mo and toddler) to her in-laws for a night. How will she get her wish? She’s tempted to book a hotel room and let her husband understand how exhausting her nights are when someone needs something all night.

3. How Other Moms Are Getting More Sleep

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The Reddit community offered the mom ideas and shared their own ways they’re getting more sleep. Hopefully she can find inspiration:

“I also just really want to sleep for mothers day and was upfront with my husband about my expectations with that. He’s sleeping in the guest room so his snoring doesn’t keep me up, he has the baby monitor and knows he’s in charge of everything until I naturally wake up and leave the room. He’s a good partner so he was planning on it but since this was SO important to me, I made sure I was explicitly clear so there was no room for resentment tomorrow.”

4. Getting Partner Support

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If a mom wants more sleep for Mother’s Day, it’s clear her partner has to be on board. Many community members share getting their husband on board with a weekend trip away or at least a day out with the kids so that mom can have one day of quiet to sleep, think, eat food when it’s warm, etc.

5. She Got Her Wish Afterall!

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The original poster shares that her day has turned out better than expected, and she did get her wish. She was feeling a little sick over the weekend and had the kids all day Saturday, but, “I woke up still feeling very sick so my husband took the kids to his parents by himself, and I got back to bed. So I did get to sleep. Thinking I will top it off with a nice long bath before they get back.”

6. Give the Gift of Sleep this Mother’s Day

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New moms are likely severely sleep-deprived and feel like they’re losing their minds with no way end in sight. Give her a moment to breathe with the best gift of all: sleep! There’s no better way to show them you care, whether it’s your wife, daughter, or friend.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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