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19 Annoyingly Common Comments Men Wish Would Stop

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Regardless of their relationship status—be it single, married, or divorced—men often contend with a continuous stream of messages (often via nagging comments) from diverse sources, occasionally perceived as persistent reminders.

These messages have the potential to evoke intermittent feelings of frustration, a sense of being misunderstood, and an overarching state of weariness. After hearing certain messages repeatedly, men may feel compelled to tune out or ignore them altogether—it gets annoying, after all.

Here are some of the top things men are sick of hearing and why they just want a break from feeling misunderstood.

1. Are You the Dad or Babysitter?

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Dads (and moms) are tired of the assumption that they cannot raise their own children. Society often calls daddy time “babysitting”- when they’re really just parenting their children like their mom would. This untrue ideal makes it hard to put old-school gender roles to rest.

Unfortunately, some moms perpetuate this assumption by complaining about their “useless” husbands who don’t know how to care for their kids. In reality, men and women can equally be great to terrible parents- no need to assume.

2. Can You Fix It?

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Some men are sick of hearing about everything that sounds “funny.” From fixing a car to the furnace or shower drain, not all men are handy or DIY-inclined. This is just another stereotype that all men can fix things like a handyman. Perhaps it’s time for these nagging people to get their professional handyman on speed dial.

Plus, the men who are handy admit that they’d prefer a more direct request for help rather than complaining about things around the house that are broken or squeaking.

3. Making All the Stereotypical Assumptions

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Does this sound familiar? “Real men _____. vs. Read men don’t ______.” Many societal assumptions about gender roles are simply untrue.

Thankfully, old-school ideas like “real men don’t cry” are losing steam in modern society. However, men are still bombarded with other expectations like “real men don’t cook” or “real men love sports.” These assumptions hold back individual expression and limit the understanding of a man’s personality and interests.

4. Why Are You Crying?

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Men share their frustrations around the narrative that supports men sharing their feelings. While there is more encouragement these day for men to open up. they often face contradictory pushback or ridicule whenever they do.

How are men supposed to open up when they still fear being judged?

5. No One Wants to Work

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Men are meant to bring home the bacon, right? Several men share their frustrations with finding a suitable job when they’re constantly ghosted by companies supposedly “hiring” or being offered a wage that wouldn’t even cover their bills.

Thus, when they hear someone complain that “no one wants to work,” they find it offensive when they’d love to work but can’t find the right fit.

6. Don’t Be Such a Pessimist

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Men who haven’t found a partner are often told to stay “optimistic” or “just be yourself.” These men find this exhausting and don’t want to be part of the growing trend that many call “toxic positivity,” where talking about any real issues is looked down upon.

People are allowed to experience negative emotions and express them without being told to “just be positive.” Everyone should have the freedom to talk about their feelings, regardless of gender. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows.

On the other hand, focusing on oneself is equally important. It’s not always about external factors or societal expectations but rather personal growth and self-discovery. Finding fulfillment in oneself can lead to a healthier mindset and outlook than waiting for a partner.

7. Downplaying Real Issues Men Face

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Many men express frustration over feeling invalidated anytime they try to discuss any man-related issues. They felt that the women in their lives were always trying to “one-up” them or explain that they have it easier than women.

Men should be allowed to express their own problems without being compared to women’s issues or feeling like they are being dismissed.

It’s important to recognize that both men and women face unique challenges, and we should create a safe space for open discussions about these issues. Downplaying one gender’s problems only perpetuates the cycle of misunderstanding and division between genders.

8. Accused of Mansplaining

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One man complains that every time he tries to explain something, he gets accused of “Mansplaining.” Mansplaining is technically defined as explaining something to a woman in a condescending tone- but most men get frustrated when they try to offer helpful info and get this designation.

Should they offer help or not? It’s a dilemma some people love.

9. Do You Need Praise for Every Little Thing?

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Many men report this type of phrase coming from their wife’s or girlfriends’ mouths. They just want some recognition for their effort, as we all do. But some women seem to hold back on saying thank you because they think it’s expected or they still aren’t doing enough.

Men want to be appreciated and feel valued, just like anyone else. This communication breakdown can create resentment and misunderstanding in relationships. Mutual respect and appreciation go a long way in a happy relationship. Having gratitude for both parties, even the little things, can make for a happy life!

10. All the Good Men Are Taken

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For the single guys out there, either never married or divorced, they’re sick of hearing “there are no good guys around.” Some say it feels like a slap in the face when they’re standing right there, single and ready to date. And when they bring this up to the lady complaining and ask for a date, they often get ghosted.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own journey in finding love, and no one should be judged or dismissed based on their relationship status.

11. Men Are So Terrible

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Generalizations about any group of people are harmful and perpetuate stereotypes. Men should not be judged based on the actions of other men, just as women should not be judged based on the actions of other women. We are all individuals with our own unique qualities and characteristics.

Thus, men get frustrated when they hear how terrible “all” men are, as it dismisses the good qualities and actions of many men. It’s important to treat each person as an individual rather than lumping them into a group based on their gender.

12. Your Life is SO Easy

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Some men note they always hear how easy life is for males (compaerd to females), which they find confusing. Men also face their own set of challenges and struggles and shouldn’t be dismissed or belittled by the assumption that their life is “easy.”

Perhaps certain men in the spotlight make it look like they have it all figure out, thanks to their accomplishments, riches, etc. Yet, there are plenty of people “unseen” men that are struggling with their own personal battles, just like anyone else. Instead of dismissing someone’s struggles based on their gender, we should strive for empathy and understanding.

13. I Don’t Want to Hear It

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When a man has something to say about a difficult experience or situation they have faced, or they want to express an opinion in a heated debate- they often hear the phrase “I don’t want to hear it.” This can leave them feeling unheard and dismissed.

Men say the icing on top is when a partner or family member leaves the room or walk away straight afterwards. This kind of response only creates distance and further communication issues.

14. There’s Nothing to Eat

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Dads everywhere have a least favorite phrase from their kids: there is nothing to eat at home while staring at a fridge or pantry full of food. It fits right in with kids complaining about being starving right after refusing to eat their home-cooked meals that mom or dad labored over.

This is more of a comic struggle, yet it’s a common complaint many dads (and moms) experience.

15. Why Doesn’t He Come Talk to Me?

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Single men are frustrated with women that always expect men to make the first move. This is especially true when the woman hasn’t made a single effort to express their interest.

Are they supposed to read a woman’s mind? They agree, it’s a two-way street!

16. My Way or the Highway

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Some men note that they have partners that think there is only one way to do something- dubbing their way as “wrong.” For example, one man is exasperated every time his wife tells him that the way he gets the kids ready for bed isn’t right- yet they end up asleep either way!

Men want to be able to parent and contribute in a way that works for them without being constantly criticized. Every person has their own unique style, and it’s important to respect and appreciate different approaches. Communication and compromise are key in any relationship.

17. Constant Questioning

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Men are sick of hearing “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” The added stress of a partner, friend, or family member questioning their abilities can be frustrating and confidence-shattering. Men want to feel like they are competent in their skills and decision-making without always having to prove themselves. Trust and encouragement go a long way in boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Whether it’s related to driving, fixing, parenting, etc…. have some faith in their abilities, especially if they were asked to help!

18. Expecting to Pay for It All

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The common thought, “You’re the man, you should pay,” is outdated and bogus. Men are no longer expected to foot all the bills when dating and beyond. In fact, many men appreciate when women offer to split the bill or take turns paying.

It’s important to have open and honest conversations about finances in a relationship and come to a mutual understanding of how expenses will be handled. Expecting one person to carry all the financial burden in a partnership is unfair.

19. Making Excuses for Bad Men

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For all the good guys in the world, they are sick of the bad ones getting a free pass simply for being men. “Boys will be boys” doesn’t cut it anymore. Men are responsible for their actions and should be held accountable, just like anyone else.

Excusing bad behavior only perpetuates a toxic culture and allows these men to continue hurting others. It’s time to hold everyone, regardless of gender, to the same standards of respect and decency.


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