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Trashy Confessions: 16 Guilty Pleasures We Can’t Help but Love

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Within each of us, there lie those delightful indulgences that offer a rejuvenating escape from the demands of life, allowing us to unwind and alleviate stress. While some of these guilty pleasures are quite innocent, others might be trickier to confess, creating a spectrum of personal enjoyment that we might hesitate to share openly.

On an online community forum, a user asks, “What’s your trashy guilty pleasure?” And people spill all the hilarious beans about their secret. Here are the top answers.

1. Reality Show Commentary and Opinions

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A 36-year-old male offers his trashiest pleasure, “Watching 90-day fiance and making my own commentary on who is fishing for a green card and who is a train wreck destined for failure.”

2. Browsing Reddit

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Sometimes it’s hard not to get sucked into a good drama-filled Reddit thread.

One user says, “Don’t take it personally, but browsing Reddit. About ⅔ of AITA is just outrage bait. Either “I found out my cousin is a serial killer and turned him in, and now my family is calling me an a**hole.” Or, “I am a serial killer, and my family is calling me an a**hole.” And this sub is a great trashy pastime, as long as it’s not flared “Serious.”” Others agree they have their favorite subreddit channels they visit for good entertainment.

3. Dumpster Diving for Treasures

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One man shares, “I garbage pick. There is so much I have and have profited from just because I was willing to pick it up. First Apartment with my now wife was paid for through sh** I got out of the garbage and sold. Urban living goldmine!”

4. Nostalgic Childhood Meals

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We all have our favorite childhood meals that bring back nostalgia and still taste delicious when in the right mood. One user says, “Mac and cheese with hot dogs cut up in it.” And many agreed.

5. Spoonfuls of Sweets

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We’ve all been guilty of multiple spoons of our favorite scoopable sweet- Nutella, ice cream, frosting, cookie dough, etc.

One user shares, “Dark chocolate fudge frosting, out of the can with a spoon. Probably why I had to go on a diet…lol.

And watching My 600 Pound Life. To remind myself WHY I shouldn’t be eating dark chocolate fudge frosting out of the can with a spoon. No, I’m nowhere near 600 pounds. Thankfully, I’ve managed to not do that.”

6. Old-School TV

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There’s something about a good game show that makes it easy to get sucked into binge-watching. One user says, “80s game shows” is their guilty trashy pleasure.

7. Fully Embracing a Stereotype

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This answer might be the most ironic of all. He says, “I live in a trailer park I sit on my deck with out a shirt on and just get absolutely f***ed up.” Talk about embracing a lifestyle!

8. Wearing Crocs

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“Wearing crocs everywhere now. They are so convenient and comfortable, I do not apologize.” Says one user. Anyone that’s worn them can’t deny how comfy they are, even if they are hard on the eyes.

9. Subpar Mall Food

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Mall food is blah at best. Yet, there’s just something about it for some folks. One user admits, “Mall food court Chinese food.”

10. Being a Total Creep and Owning It

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This response might be the strangest of all, but at least he totally owns it. He says, “Watching my neighborlady work in her yard in her booty shorts and bikini top. I actually bought her some planters and plants. (yes, she knows that I’m watching and even teases me about it.)”

I guess if she’s okay with it then it’s harmless?

11. Eating Without Utensils

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“Eating with my hands. There’s something so pleasurable about eating a messy meal alone–spaghetti for example–with my hands.” Shares one user.

12. Crappy Movies

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Some movies are terrible, yet we like them anyways. “Watching the first Twilight movie for the 10th time. I don’t even know why I enjoy it so much.” This is a great example.

13. Enjoying Cheap Beer Near the Slopes

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A user shares, “Grabbing a cheap case of beer from the dep and drinking in the back corner of a ski hill parking lot instead of going into the chalet for $10 pints.” Many ski bums or skiers on a budget can also admit to this for lunch!

14. Political Craziness

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A user simply shares, “Observing people go nuts over politics.” The drama can get quite heated and amusing as long as you don’t get too caught up in it.

15. Dating Apps

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Some people are on dating apps for entertainment more than for actual dates. Someone writes, “Going on Tinder to see if anyone actually matched with me.”

16. Other Trashy TV

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Many users admittedly indulge in trashy TV on channels like TLC. One woman writes, “Say Yes to the Dress. It’s just so alien to me and so weird to hear people going absolutely nuts over something they will wear for 1 day at most. But it’s entertaining and pretty…”


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