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14 Things That Seem so Stupid- But Actually Work Great in Real Life

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Some life hacks are so straightforward that their effectiveness is almost surprising. Every now and then, you’ll find yourself facing situations that call for a bit of unconventional problem-solving. The crucial insight is that this “box” of solutions doesn’t have to be complex; often, the answers to life’s everyday challenges are right at your fingertips.

An online community shared the seemingly stupid solutions that actually work.

1. Hand Sanitizer for Bug Bites

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The only good thing that may have come from the pandemic we witnessed a few years ago is that people started taking hand sanitizer seriously. Besides giving your hands the instant cleanse you need, did you know that hand sanitizer is also great for relief from insect bites?

A conversation contributor says, “Putting hand sanitizer on bug bites. It’s the most glorious feeling, and it works better than any itch spray!”

2. Hair Dryer for Itchy Bug Bites

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Another easy way to make itchy bug bites go away quickly is by blowing on them with a hair dryer. An online conversation commenter says you need to “Set it to hot, blow it at the bug bite from 6” away until it just starts to hurt (you’re not looking to scald yourself here!), then turn it away. Repeat two more times.”

3. An Easier Way To Give Stuff Away

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People seem to doubt free stuff even when you’re giving it away with all best interests at heart. One user found a way to get her free stuff to new owners—pretend you’re selling them.

They narrate, “My family has put out older but still working appliances or furniture on the curb with a sign saying “free” and no one touches it but put a sign that says “$50, inquire within” and leave it overnight, sure enough, it will be gone by morning.”

Do people really prefer being thieves to having free stuff?

4. Reverse Psychology

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It’s tough when you know the right thing to do, but the person responsible for making it happen isn’t on the same page as you. Well, the easiest way to make things happen is to make them think it was their idea in the first place.

Smart people have discovered this, and it’s working miracles, especially at work and with littles.

5. Getting Rid of Creases Faster

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Ironing is not a favorite activity for many. The good news is you can have a creaseless outfit without fighting with cords and sockets.

“Putting a few ice cubes in the dryer with a garment that needs ironing. 15 minutes later, you have a wrinkle-free item of clothing with extra time free to spend on other things.” An online user shares.

Half of humanity is grateful for this tip.

6. Anti-Static Device

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Having your clothes cling to you due to static is very annoying. Having metals in the dryer gives you static-free clothes.

An online commenter says, “Make an old cloth (mine is a cloth napkin) and pin 7-10 big safety pins to it. Just toss it in the dryer with your clothes. The safety pins hit the sides of the dryer, continually grounding your laundry.”

Someone adds, “I don’t think I ever do laundry without clothes [that] have some metal on them – zippers and rivets, metal buttons.”

7. Jewelry Storage Hack

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A user who was tired of having people nip her jewelry found a smart way to keep sticky hands off her jewelry.

Her niece shares, “My aunt puts her expensive jewelry in a zip lock bag and her cheap jewelry in the jewelry boxes. She apparently had a lot of her jewelry stolen in the past by her family. She now only has the cheap stuff stolen.”

Someone adds, “Yup, you get really creative when you’ve had your stuff stolen.”

8. Positive Self-talk

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In this world, you must be your biggest cheerleader; there are enough people and reasons to make you hate yourself unrealistically.

To have a better day, someone suggests, “Telling yourself you look good in the mirror will make you think that you look better.”

9. Drink Water

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If there was ever a simple hack to many of life’s problems, drinking more water must be the rule. Water solves a lot of problems.

An online commenter says, “Feeling tired, headache, muscle cramps? Drink water. It is amazing how many people walk around in a state of dehydration. Water is an amazing fluid that solves a lot of problems.”

Water is really the universal solvent, isn’t it?

10. Brain Freeze Relief

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If you overdid the ice cream and are now dealing with the mother of all headaches, you’ll be happy to know that the remedy for a brain freeze is pretty easy.

An online conversation contributor says that sucking your thumb on the roof of your mouth eases brain freeze.

Someone adds, “You can just press the pad of your thumb there. I guess sucking kinda locks it in place there, but then your thumb is covered in saliva.”

11. Double Socks

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Wearing double socks keeps blisters and smelly feet away. The trick is to have a thin pair under a thick pair for the trick to work.

A user says, “Wearing two pairs of socks, one thin pair under a thick pair. Sounds stupid. It helps wick the sweat away from your feet, reducing stinky feet and crusty socks.”

Someone agrees, “The socks the Army gives us are like this. A thin black nylon “inner” then a wool blend outer. Besides the sweat thing, it helps with blisters if you are walking a long distance.”

If the army does it, it’s legit.

12. Hiccup Solution

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Hiccups may not be fatal or dangerous, but they sure are annoying. How do we get rid of them?

“Eat a spoon of peanut butter to stop hiccups. Works every time for some reason.” A user says.

If you’re allergic to peanut butter, try a spoonful of sugar instead. A conversation contributor says to put some sugar “on the back of the tongue and let it dissolve slowly. My pediatrician taught me that one.”

Pediatricians can be trusted.

13. Put Duct Tape on Your Bike

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Duct tape on the seat or frame implies the bike is broken and will make it less likely to be stolen. Makes sense, actually!

14. Placebos

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Believing in something or someone’s ability, regardless of whether it’s based in science or not, is pretty darn cool. It shows how powerful our minds are for healing. Someone writes, “Not just the placebo effect, but knowing it’s a placebo and it still works.”


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