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12 Adult Jokes Subtly Inserted in Kids’ Movie Favorites

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When watching children’s movies, the expected standard is avoiding disturbing scenes and adult language. Yet, movie creators love finding creative ways to entertain their adult audiences as well in ways the most kids won’t notice. Movie scriptwriters and producers have discreetly incorporated more adult jokes into kids’ films that leave parents silently giggling to themselves.

Adding subtle humor to a kid’s movie can help keep the adults engaged and enjoying the film alongside their little ones. And if the kids don’t catch it, what is the harm?

Here are a few movies where the language and humor went beyond the confines of a G-rating.

1. Foot Size: Frozen

frozen disney anna and hans
Photo Credit: Photo by Disney/Disney 2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

When adults compare foot size, they’re rarely talking about the feet. Frozen, a favorite cartoon for many kids, snuck in a joke in a conversation between Kristoff and Anna.

In response to Kristoff’s questions about Han’s foot size, Anna says, “Foot size doesn’t matter.”

2. Multiplying Bunnies: Zootopia

zootopia movie
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Productions.

The con artist in Zootopia is a witty bunny. She says, “I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying.”

The adult world has its own comparison to bunnies, and it’s not child-friendly.

3. Secret Cussing: Madagascar

Photo Credit: 2008 DreamWorks Animation LLC.

It’s inappropriate to overtly add cuss words in a kids’ movie, but Madagascar had a sneaky way around it.

Marty the zebra says, “Sugar honey iced tea!”

4. Cheeky Rhymes: Shrek

shrek movie
Photo Credit: Dreamworks.

Getting into Duloc, you’re welcomed by a rather catchy rhyme, except they edit it a little.

“Please keep off the grass,

Shine your shoes,

Wipe your…face!” 

How would you end this rhyme for adults?

5. Compensating for Something: Shrek

shrek lord farquart mirror
Photo Credit: 2011 – Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures.

Lord Farquaad has a huge castle, and Shrek asks him if he’s “Compensating for something.”

It doesn’t take a degree in literature to understand what he’d be compensating for with a huge alternative.

6. Mary Jane Jokes: Scooby Doo

scooby doo movie
Photo Credit: 2002 Warner Bros. Ent.

In the adult world, marij**na’s alias is Mary Jane.

Shaggy declares that Mary Jane is his favorite name when he meets a woman with the same name on a flight. If you ever wonder if Shaggy puff-puff passes, this may be the confirmation you need.

7. There are Children Present: Coco

coco movie
Photo Credit: Pixar Disney.

The best way to hide an inappropriate line in a children’s movie is in plain sight. In Coco, Héctor sings a song, and when the lyrics become a little grown-up, he changes them.

Chicharrón notes the changed lyrics, and Héctor says, “There are children present.”

8. On Top: Big

tom hanks big movie
Photo Credit: 1988 Twentieth Century Fox.

Susan invites Josh (Tom Hanks- who is a young boy trapped in a man’s body) for a sleepover, and Josh has one condition—that he gets to be on top.

Children understand the concept of sleepovers, and this joke was probably easy for them to understand that Josh meant the top bunk. Adults would raise their eyebrows, though.

9. Up Here Joke: Minions

Photo Credit: Illumination Enter 2020 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS..

The common response when someone is ogling the wrong parts of someone else’s body is to be reminded to look them in the eye instead.

Minions had a “my eyes are up here” moment only adults would get.

10. The Earth Moving: Aladdin and the King of Thieves

aladdin disney movie genie
Photo Credit: 1992 – Walt Disney Productions.

When Sa’Luk punches an elephant in the behind, the elephant shakes the pavilion ground, and the genie expresses shock that he thought the ground only shook after the honeymoon.

Quite a traditional genie.

11. My Tiny Little Friend: Ratatouille

ratatouille movie
Photo Credits: Pixar Disney.

Novice chef Linguini attempts to explain to his co-worker Colette that Remy the Rat is his secret helper. Unfortunately, he makes it very awkward by telling her in an alleyway that he has a “tiny little…” Of course, Colette can’t help but glance down and wonder what he is actually talking about.

12. A Cartoon Flashing: Cars

lightning mcqueen cars movie
Photo Credit: Dr. Zombikus at Deposit Photos.

After lightning McQueen wins a race, he is met by two fangirls that “flash” their headlights at him simultaneously while yelling “Kachow.” Adults know that these naughty cars are being promiscuous groupies.


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