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16 Fun Ways for Kids to Earn Cash and Learn About Money

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Although spending money can be enjoyable and fun for kids, the process of learning about finances may seem dull and intricate, especially for little minds. Despite its complexity, instilling financial knowledge from a very early age is crucial.

Since this isn’t a basic lesson learned in most school systems, parents are left to get creative in helping kids learn about the realities of earning and spending money. The goal is to ensure children develop sound money habits and mature into responsible adults.

Are you looking for fun ways to give your kids essential practical financial knowledge? Teach them to recognize opportunities to make some extra cash. Here’s how to help them think outside the box and make money (and learn to save and spend it wisely) at their age.

1. Birthday Entertainer

Little girl and boy at the birthday party
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Kids get invited to birthday parties to eat cake, play, and maybe get their faces painted. If your child is creative and aspiring to be an entertainer, they can start making money by providing their entertainment services to birthday parties.

Almost every child in the neighborhood is going to have a birthday party at least once a year. Buy them the costumes and equipment they need to start their entertainment business.

2. Teaching Music Lessons

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If your older kid has learned a musical instrument and is good at it, they can train other kids how to play for a small fee. This will not only help them hone their skills but also help other children who may not be able to afford music schools.

Mentoring others in a hobby they are passionate about is a great way to teach them that it’s possible to get paid doing something they love if they get resourceful.

3. Making Pet Toys and Accessories

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Many pet owners would love to have unique and affordable accessories for their pets. If your child is a gifted seamstress or baker, let them make and sell hand-crafted pieces for the local pet owners.

Plus, this will improve their sewing skills as they make money. By the time they graduate high school, they just might have thriving shop (online or in-person).

4. Making Hair Accessories For Girls

Portrait of happy pretty child girl smiling outdoors enjoying warm sunny summer day with red headband
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Girls will always need another hair accessory, and if your child is good at making hairbands, headbands, and scrunchies, then this is a wonderful business opportunity.

There are plenty of YouTube videos to get inspiration for new trends and styles. They can create beautiful hair pieces and sell them at garage sales, online, or wherever they might meet their target audience.

5. Selling Art

Little girl painting on paper
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Some kids are very artistic and have drawings and paintings gathering dust in the garage and the basement.

If your kid is an art genius, try getting him to sell some of his pieces to family, friends, or online. You can even help them put together a fun book or get their artwork printed on items like mugs, t-shirts, and other accessories.

6. Make Printed T-shirts

Little boy painting the tshirt clothes to be printed
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Printing T-shirts at home is easier now with the help of technology, print-on-demand shops, and Cricut machines. People will wear T-shirts as long as they wear jeans, and we know jeans are eternal.

Help your child create a fun t-shirt design, either hand-drawn or digital that they think others would like to wear. Perhaps they will be commissioned to help design shirts for someone’s next family reunion, sports team, or other group event.

7. Selling Knitted Items

Kid is knitting at home. Cute little girl sitting near the wooden table is learning some new stuff
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When the temperatures lower, get your little knitters to knit some warm scarves, mittens, and gloves. Knitting is a great pastime activity that can be turned into a business.

If you have passed down this special skill to your child, let them make some money from selling some of them. As their skills improve, they might be able to also create sweaters, blankets, and popular knit toys.

8. Designing Jewelry

Cute little girl making beaded jewelry at table in room
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Bracelets and earrings are pretty simple to make and a great skill to learn. Learn how to make jewelry with your children and make some money selling it online or to neighbors.

Kids and adults alike love jewelry, and your child’s unique designs could be the next hottest thing.

9. Making Lipbalm

Little girl with lipstick looking at mirror
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Lip balm is one of the easiest body and face products to make. You can make lip balm for sale with just a little petroleum jelly or coconut oil.

If they find success, they can expand into other homemade products as well, such as lotions, deoderants, candles, and soaps.

10. Selling Keychains

Mother and daughter having fun being creative to art
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Everybody has a set of keys, and marketing key chains to them would be easy. Teach your child how to make some classy, unique keychains with all possible designs and shapes. Add some function to them with clips (for women who can never find their keys at the bottom of their purse) and you might have the next best-selling item in town.

11. Washing Dogs

Happy kids having a shower together with their cute golden retriever in the garden
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Some pet owners do not have the time to wash their dogs, and they’d be thrilled to have someone help keep their loved pets clean. Let your child look for a job cleaning dogs or ask around the neighborhood, and they’ll also learn how to be responsible.

12. Pet Sitting

Little boy and corgi puppies dogs
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Is your child good with animals and loves to spend time with them? They can use this passion for animals by offering to pet sit for people who need it.

This can include daily feedings, snuggles, walks, or whatever a pet needs while owners are at work our out of town.

13. Selling Baked Goods

Cute happy girl with cookies on kitchen
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Baked goods are yummy and a personal favorite for many people. If your child has learned to bake, sell some of their goodies to the neighborhood and make money for their piggy banks.

You can’t go wrong with favorites like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or rice krispies treats!

14. Make Jams and Jellies

Little girl eating jam
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Who doesn’t love homemade goodies? They can be made with a focus on using less sugar and preservatives to attract people looking for healthier alternatives to store-bought items.

Making jellies or jams during harvest season is a great option. Kids can also try their hands at canning other items like salsas and pickles (with your help, of course).

15. Raising Animals For Sale

Farm animal. Cute little boy feeding goat on pasture
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If you have a farm that allows you to raise animals, get the child involved in raising some animals, like chickens, and sell the eggs. They can also sell baby chicks or other extras (kittens, puppies, etc.) that could use a good home.

This is an excellent way to nurture kind, little humans and make money in the process.

16. Selling Their Tech Skills

Happy curly boy using laptop on sofa at home
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Kids today are tech-savvy and can code programs, design websites, and fix computers with their eyes closed.

If this is your child, they can teach these skills to other kids and people who may need them. Many parents are willing to pay for their children to learn to code as the world is getting more computerized.


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