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12 Common Grandparent Habits That Kids Love

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Grandparents have perfected the art of putting the “grand” in their names. In our fast-paced world driven by technology and activities, they offer a unique, beautiful mix of wisdom, patience, and a dash of old-fashioned fun that children cherish.

Did you know that children who spend more time with grandparents are generally happier? Studies show that they also feel secure and are less likely to be depressed in the future. Grandparents bring a distinct charm and a different rhythm of life that provides a refreshing change for kids.

Let’s delve into the cherished habits of grandparents that kids adore. Whether you are a grandparent eager to strengthen your bond with your grandchildren or a parent aiming to create special moments, these habits will surely resonate.

1. Storytelling

Grandparents And Granddaughter Reading Book
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Grandparents are synonymous with stories, both real and imagined. The magic of their storytelling lies in the details—colorful characters, dramatic pauses, and the wisdom subtly embedded within each story. Kids love gathering around their grandparents, whether it’s bedtime or a lazy afternoon, to listen to these fascinating tales.

Not only does storytelling entertain, but it also serves as an educational experience. These stories can teach Children about their family history, cultural heritage, and important life lessons.

2. They’re Awesome Listeners

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One remarkable habit of grandparents is their ability to listen intently. Sometimes, parents are busy running from one thing to the next, but grandparents often have the patience to truly hear what their grandchildren have to say. After all, they’re likely retired and have enough time (in theory). This active listening makes kids feel valued and understood, boosting their confidence and emotional well-being.

This attentive habit creates a safe space for kids to share their thoughts, fears, and dreams. Grandparents’ listening often becomes a comforting and stabilizing presence in their grandchildren’s lives.

3. Offering Great Advice

Elderly grandfather and little grandson having heart to heart talk
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If you’re in doubt, go to Grandma. Grandparents are fountains of wisdom, offering advice that comes from years of experience. Most kids appreciate their grandparents’ straightforward, no-nonsense advice, sometimes finding it more relatable and less judgmental.

This habit of sharing wisdom helps children navigate life’s challenges and instills values and principles that guide them throughout their lives. Meet a child who grew up with advice from grandparents, and you’ll most likely hear, “My grandpa taught me …” in many instances.

4. Hilariously Learning New Things

Grandmother and daughter playing video games
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Have you seen a grandparent learning to play the latest video game or operate Siri? It’s adorably hilarious, and most kids love to see it. One of the most endearing habits of grandparents is their willingness to learn new things. Kids love watching their grandparents step out of their comfort zones and join in their world with enthusiasm and humor.

This habit provides comic relief and shows children that it’s never too late to learn and grow. It fosters a mindset of lifelong learning and adaptability in children. It emphasizes that mistakes and laughter are integral to the learning journey.

5. Always Saying Yes

Grandmother And Granddaughter Sitting In Park
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“No” doesn’t often exist in Grandma’s vocabulary, and kids know it. Grandparents are often known for their indulgent nature, frequently saying “yes” to their grandchildren’s requests. Whether it’s an extra scoop of ice cream or staying up past bedtime, this habit of always saying “yes” creates the spontaneity that kids love.

Most parents often view this with a wary eye. However, it’s important to remember that these little acts of indulgence contribute to the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

6. Baking (and Eating) Treats

Smiling little girl holding cookie cutter near grandmother with baking
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Few places are as fun as Grandma’s kitchen! There’s something magical about baking with grandparents. The kitchen becomes a place of laughter, mess, and delicious aromas as kids and grandparents create sweet treats together. Whether it’s baking cookies, cakes, or pies, this habit is a delightful way to spend quality time together.

The best part is eating those homemade treats. It’s beyond curing hunger; it’s a shared activity that satisfies sweet cravings and teaches kids valuable cooking skills and the importance of following recipes. What’s a better way to strengthen the bond between generations than laughing over culinary creations?

7. Playing Cards

Happy Caucasian grandmother and grandchild on their turn playing cards. They win, victory. Family playing board game indoors, in a home, old-fashioned setting
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Card games are a classic pastime that grandparents often introduce to their grandchildren. From Go Fish to Rummy, these games are fun and educational. They help kids develop strategic thinking, patience, and social skills.

Playing cards with grandparents is a simple yet enjoyable way to spend time together. These games often turn into friendly competitions and a lesson in being a good loser.

8. Being Silly with the Kids

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A grandparent making animal sounds with kids is one of the sweetest scenes ever. They have a unique ability to shed adult persons and be silly with their grandchildren. From making funny faces to playing dress-up, this habit brings pure joy to kids.

This silliness is more than just fun; it shows kids that being lively is okay. It strengthens the emotional bond and creates a safe space for children to express themselves freely. These moments of shared laughter are some of the most treasured memories for grandparents and grandchildren.

9. Looking at Baby Pictures of Parents

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Grandparents love embarrassing their kids, and grandchildren love hearing stories about their parents’ childhoods. Looking at baby pictures of their parents, kids get to hear amusing anecdotes and see a different side of their parents.

This habit entertains and helps kids connect with their family history. It reinforces the idea that their parents were once kids, too, fostering a sense of continuity and belonging.

10. Openly Showing Love and Affection

Little girl and her grandparents looking at the camera while sitting together
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Above all, grandparents’ most cherished habit is unconditional love. Grandparents have a way of making their grandchildren feel truly special, showering them with affection, hugs, and kind words. This unwavering love creates a deep sense of security and self-worth in children.

This habit of showering love and affection makes the bond between grandparents and grandchildren unique and enduring. It shows kids that they are valued and loved, no matter what.

11. Teaching Traditional Games and Crafts

Grandmother and daughter knitting
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From knitting and crocheting to woodworking and gardening, grandparents often pass down traditional skills and crafts to their grandchildren. This hands-on learning allows kids to tap into their creativity and gain a sense of accomplishment from making something with their own hands.

These activities create opportunities for bonding as kids and grandparents work side-by-side, sharing knowledge. The skills learned often stay with the children into adulthood, preserving important family traditions.

12. Exploring Nature Together

Family gardening in park
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Whether it’s going for a walk in the park, gardening, or birdwatching, grandparents often share their love of nature with their grandchildren. These outdoor activities provide a break from screens and encourage kids to appreciate the natural world.

Exploring nature teaches children about ecosystems, seasons, and environmental protection. It also offers fresh air and physical activity. Enjoy the outdoors together!


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