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Liberate Yourself: 10 Reasons You Don’t Have to Be a “Good” Person Anymore

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Being a decent and good individual is deeply ingrained in our social and personal values. But is it actually worth striving to be good? Maybe not! There are many compelling reasons to question whether we must maintain a saintly demeanor at all times and put everyone else first.

Here are some of the top reasons you shouldn’t try so hard to be a “good” person anymore.

1. You Are More Likely To Give Up On Your Dreams

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Trying to fit into society’s definition of “goodness” often means you must behave according to specific social rules and comply with other people’s expectations. Because of this, chances are that you’ll ignore your own dreams and true desires.

If you don’t want these social norms to hold you back, stop seeking other people’s approval and allow yourself to pursue your own true happiness.

2. Striving To Be Good Can Cause Unnecessary Conflict Avoidance

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You might think you shouldn’t get into conflicts or start a fuss if you want to be a good person. But the truth is that sometimes conflicts can even benefit your personal growth. Thus, don’t be afraid of confrontation; speak up for yourself if you need to.

3. Others Can Take Advantage of You

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Consistently being generous, friendly, and considerate of others can inadvertently expose you to vulnerabilities. For example, certain individuals may start to expect you to always be benevolent with them whenever you meet.

The problem with this is that if there comes a time when they can’t take advantage of your goodwill, they might use some manipulative tactics to ensure that your generosity continues.

4. Being Good Can Lead to Burnout

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Striving to be a good individual and putting other people’s needs first can be both emotionally and physically exhausting.

To prevent burnout, acknowledge your limits and establish healthy boundaries with others. You’ll see that these actions will be beneficial for your well-being.

5. You Can Lose Your Authenticity

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Unfortunately, it’s too common for individuals to lose their true selves when trying to conform to conventional notions of goodness. Try to hold onto your authentic self and core values to have a rich and fulfilling life without sacrificing who you are- despite what others might think or feel.

6. You May Feel Unappreciated

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When you help others, you naturally expect that they acknowledge your efforts and maybe even give you something in return. However, sometimes, despite all your expectations, it’s just not happening.

Giving without receiving recognition can drain you emotionally, leaving you feeling unappreciated and taken for granted.

7. Being “Good” Can Result In Boundary Issues

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Being always kind and generous with everyone can cause difficulties in setting boundaries. For instance, certain individuals may not respect your limits and invade your personal space without regret.

8. You Might Miss Out on Many Opportunities

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Helping your family members, friends, and colleagues towards success can be rewarding. However, if you focus solely on their needs and desires instead of yours, you might miss plenty of great opportunities and experiences.

9. Being a Good Person Can Cause Resentment

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It’s a common mistake to give all your energy and time to others just because you think that this is the right thing to do.

If you keep your main focus on satisfying others’ needs and maintaining a good image, it can cause various negative emotions to bottle up in you, including resentment.

10. It’s Subjective What “Good” Means

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The definition of “good” varies from culture to culture and individual to individual. Therefore, it’s hard to say what makes someone a good person.

Once you accept that there isn’t a commonly accepted definition of good and start to live by your own values, your life will be less stressful.


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