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12 Crazy Exes That Revealed Their True Colors Post Breakup

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The end of a relationship often leaves behind a trail of shattered hearts, tears, and lingering regrets. In the aftermath, it’s common to reflect on what might have been done differently to salvage the situation. At times, we glance back and find ourselves grateful for having moved on, even questioning why we didn’t do so sooner.

An online forum discussion revealed the moments people realized their ex was batsh** crazy.

1. Surveillance Camera Ex

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No one wants to have all their movements watched, particularly by someone they’re no longer in a relationship with.

An online forum contributor shares, “She put a tracking device on me and kept it on for months after we had initially broken up.”

Maybe she wanted to grow a career as a PI.

2. The Crazy, Incessant Caller

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The general rule of a break-up is to reduce or stop communication altogether. One ex didn’t get this memo.

A commenter says, “[The] dude would call me constantly all night, call my mother all night if I didn’t talk to him (to get her to make me talk to him), and would show up to the house ranting and raving through the letterbox if neither of us talked to him.”

Sounds like she was dating a crazy one that can’t take a hint.

3. The Lazy Book Hater

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Dating a lazy person is a lot of work, especially when they won’t contribute to the house chores or bills. One user says after working a 13-hour shift, she propped her feet with a book and was told, “When you read, nothing gets done around here!”

This was coming from a person who stayed home all day. Hm.

4. The Insecure Tire Ripper

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Another contributor says his tires were slashed by an ex who thought he was cheating while working late (and NOT cheating).

“Long term, I’m almost happy she did it, as it snapped me out of that relationship real f****g quick and saved me a lot of wasted time.” He concludes.

5. Near-Murder Ex

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A contributor escaped death narrowly when an ex tried pushing them down a flight of stairs.

She was mad about an untrue rumor, yet she was his alibi on the contentious date. Thank goodness she got out.

6. Relationship Swindler

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There should be a rule against loaning each other money in a relationship; some debtors just can’t be trusted.

One online contributor narrates how an ex started screaming about why she can’t have any savings when she was asked to pay up what she owed.

“She owed me nearly two grand. I got a couple hundred back before we broke up.” He adds.

7. The Character Assassinator

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A jilted lover decided to lie to everyone that her boyfriend was a woman beater. Almost no one believed her.

He adds, “Messed up as it sounds, but I think my ex leaving me was actually a blessing in disguise, even if our relationship went well.”

8. The Amnesic, Gaslighting Food Thief

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A user shared how their ex ate all their edible(s) after asking them not to, and they feigned not remembering eating any of it or being asked not to.

“Told ME I was “being evil” because I was really mad. That’s when I realized his problem was totally out of control, and I needed to bounce for good.” They add.

9. Sinister Secret Admirer

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An online user says they knew their ex was bonkers, “When I woke up in the middle of the night to her stroking my neck, saying ‘Nice Neck… Nice Neck’. Safe to say, I locked up all the knives for a week!”

Intense neck admiration should end at dusk. Anything after that is borderline creepy.

10. Possessive First Date

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A first date almost went sideways when one girl threatened to break a waitress’s arm for touching her man’s shoulder.

“We dated about a year, man alive, that [woman] was a lot of fun! It ended tragically as I knew it would.”

Tell us more, please!

11. The Creepy Apology Seeker

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A girlfriend didn’t take it very kindly when asked to help do a few dishes. When the contributor returned from the shops, a creepy scene awaited them in the house.

He says, “Sat herself on the [kitchen floor] with her hood up, staring at nothing because she wanted me to come inside and apologize for asking her to help me do basic housework.”

Dishes are no fun, honestly.

12. Seeking Vengeance

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We’ve all heard of the exes that hold a big grudge and are out to make their previous partner’s life a living hell. Done by spreading rumors, sharing personal information, or trying to harm their ex emotionally or socially.


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