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11 Fun American Things People Are Planning for the 4th

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The 4th of July is almost here. If you live in the U.S., you know it’s getting closer due to the rough fireworks you hear people lighting off each night. In a community forum, people discuss what they’ll be doing for the 4th this year- many plans are pretty standard good old American fun.

1. Enjoying a Paid Day Off

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Most people weren’t too concerned about the details of their day off as long as they took time to enjoy the fact that they can do what they want while getting paid.

One user shares, “Crack open a cold beer and sit on my a** watching movies because I get paid to not be at work.”

2. Working Time and a Half

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For people that are working, they are raking in a little extra dough this holiday. “This is the real American answer,” wrote one user.

3. The Usual

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Someone shares, “What we always do. Drink a lot and blow stuff up.” For a lot of people, fireworks and beer are the two primary components of their day.

Someone else shares, “Got a fully stocked bar and about 200 lbs of explosives sitting in my garage. Gonna be a good time I think.”

4. Hide

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Some people don’t like the noise and craziness that often comes with the 4th of July, so they hunker down at home for some peace and quiet.

5. Keeping the Dog Company

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The 4th of July can be a nightmare for dog owners. One user writes, “Sleeping on the couch and watching Netflix with my very spooked dog.”

6. Fire Works without the Noise

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“I’m either going with friends to someone’s personal firework show (and wearing noise-canceling headphones (because I hate firework noises),” writes someone. That’s one way to enjoy the show without the headache.

7. Toes in the Sand

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Spending the day near a body of water in the middle of summer is always a great way to spend the 4th of July. Add fireworks to the end of the day and you’ve got yourself a good day. Someone writes, “Going to a lake, to stick my feet in the sand and watch fireworks.”

8. Showing a British Man Hows It’s Done

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A woman shares she’s bringing home her British boyfriend for the 4th. Her full response is quite hilarious:

“In January he said he wanted to experience American culture and I was like lol u should come for Independence Day. He’s flying in tomorrow.

I can’t wait to put an American flag tank on him with some jorts and boots, put explosive colors in his care, have a beer chugging contest, go fishing, cook a grill out, and watch him probably out drink my family because European people are built different omg he can drink.”

9. Picking Up Some Ladies

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For single folks, the 4th of July is the perfect time to mingle while out and about. One man writes, “I’m heading out with my friend the eagle. He’s got his eye on this one bird and needs a wingman.”

10. Family Shenanigans

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Family time is always a great option. Someone shares a fun tradition, “Big clam bake, invite family over, hang out by the pool and scream patriotic songs at the top of our lungs.”

11. Block Party

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Getting the neighbors involved can be a blast for those who love a good party. For everyone else, this is another great excuse to hide.

Someone writes, “Block party. Maybe I’ll set my shirt on fire again, or maybe a friend’s shirt.”


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