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15 Questions People Have Asked That Show Their True Obliviousness for Real Life

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Posing questions is not a sign of ignorance; instead, it reflects a pursuit of knowledge. However, the nature of certain inquiries may lean towards being less informed, depending on the context.

Here are a few examples of the dumbest questions people have ever been asked?

1. Jesus and The Lions

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The stories in The Good Book can be very confusing, and the characters jumble up sometimes. A tourist in Rome overhead another tourist asking, “Is this where Jesus fought the lions?”

It wasn’t a child. Well, at least they knew there were lions in there somewhere.

2. A Little Computer Booting Problem

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We make fun of IT gurus asking us to restart our computers whenever something is amiss. Sometimes, we just really need to restart the annoying gadget.

One IT guru shared their experience with someone who needed help. They said, “There’s an error on the screen that says I need to restart to complete the update; what should I do?”

Once in a while, we need help with some basic computer issues. Basic doesn’t have to be stupid, though.

3. A Wooden Dilemma

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A 19-year-old had a mind-boggling question, “Where does wood come from?”

We’d hate to say that this is lame, but if it quacks like a duck ..?

4. How Do Skateboards Move?

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Skating is a fun activity that takes a lot of practice and leg movement. A skater had an awkward moment with a non-skater.

She asked, “This girl took my skateboard, just stood on it, and asked me, “Why isn’t it going?”

5. Is Chicken Parmesan Vegetarian?

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That was the question.

The only way to explain this is like you would a 3-year-old.

6. Can You Survive Without Lungs?

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An online conversation contributor shared an incident where his Mom had a part of her lung removed due to cancer, and he loudly asked why they didn’t remove all of her lungs.

7. Can Wet Fur Hurt A Dog?

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A woman showed up at a vet’s worried sick that her dog’s fur got darker when it got wet.

Has she ever looked at her wet hair?

8. A Twin Problem

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Someone shares, “I heard a girl ask a set of twins in high school how long they had been twins.”

Maybe we can start by defining what “twins” actually means. We could be dealing with a semantics problem.

9. Vanilla Soup, Anyone?

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An ice cream shop essentially sells ice cream. Soup is not ice cream.

A conversation contributor says, “I worked at an ice cream store, and someone came in, looked at the ice cream cone I was handing to someone, then looked at me and asked, “What kind of soups do you have?”

10. Do Supermarkets Need Farms?

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It’s baffling to imagine that some people don’t know where groceries actually come from.

A contributor says, “Why do we need farmers when we have supermarkets. Heard this in real life, and blew my mind.”

11. New Year’s Eve Scheduling

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It’d be great if all holidays fell on Mondays, but unfortunately, calendars don’t care.

One woman wasn’t so impressed, she asked, “Why don’t they schedule New Year’s Eve so that it’ll always be on a Monday?”

That wouldn’t be bad at all.

12. How Bad Is Internal Bleeding?

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A chemist received a customer needing “something for internal bleeding.”

Someone else says they got a patient who casually said, “It’s fine. Doc said I just have internal bleeding. That’s where the blood is supposed to be.”

Someone, please call 911.

13. Hot Iced Latte

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A customer asked an employee how hot their iced latte was.

They narrate, “I thought they were joking, and I laughed. They complained about me to my manager.”

14. Why Are You Spying on Me?

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A man working for Dish Network as accused of spying on a customer because he could see himself in the TV. He writes, “I sat there and pondered that statement, trying to figure out what was happening. I asked, “sir, is your TV off right now?” In the background I hear the clear sound of a TV being turned on. I then said, “sir, that is called a reflection. Is there anything else I can help you with?” He hung up.” Woah.

15. Did You Visit the Chinatown?

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What one person’s friend asked them after they said they went to China. Ummm… they’re all China Towns there.


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