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15 Things Selfish People Do Often to Take the Pressure Off Them

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Balancing self-love and self-confidence is essential for personal well-being. Finding the delicate equilibrium between nurturing oneself and steering clear of entitled behavior is the cornerstone of this equilibrium.

Certainly, you can identify entitled individuals by their actions and words. Here are some examples of what entitlement may look like:

1. This Is Beneath Me, Someone Else Should Do It

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Entitled people believe some tasks should be performed by others, especially if the tasks are deemed dirty or lowly.

Sometimes, this becomes a problem, especially in the workplace where these tasks are their responsibility.

2. I Don’t Like This Feedback

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Whether positive or negative, feedback is a valuable tool for personal and professional growth. Those who aspire to develop graciously accept feedback, but when it comes to entitled individuals, you can often expect a different response.

3. I Shouldn’t Have To Wait In Line

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Standing in line can be frustrating, and many of us prefer to avoid it whenever possible. However, it’s a necessary system to maintain order and fairness.

Have you encountered individuals who believe they should be exempt from waiting in line as if they’re above the rules that apply to other mere mortals? This sense of entitlement can be quite exasperating.

4. I Deserve Special Treatment

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You often hear such statements from the “Do you know who I am?” brigade. Many entitled individuals struggle with the concept of being treated on par with others, insisting they merit special privileges.

5. Rules Don’t Apply To Me

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Rules are established to maintain order and ensure a livable society, but there are individuals who view rules as something that applies to others, not themselves. These people may disregard rules and express surprise or defiance when called upon to adhere to them.

6. My Needs Come First

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Entitled individuals often struggle to understand how anyone else’s needs can precede their own. In their view, everyone else is relegated to a second-class status.

They may do this by words or actions, but it’ll be clear they don’t imagine they deserve to come second to anyone.

7. I Don’t Care About The Consequences; It’s Not My Problem

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Choices and actions have consequences, and this is what should make us care about what happens if things go wrong. This rule doesn’t apply to entitled folks, though.

They tend to be indifferent to the consequences and who may be harmed as long as they are not burdened with resolving the problem themselves.

8. Your Success Is At My Expense

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Self-centered individuals experience less success than those who redirect their self-focused inclinations toward assisting others.

When they don’t see why they should help others, they erroneously view others’ accomplishments as undeserved benefits stemming from preferential treatment.

9. You Have To Agree With Me

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Entitled individuals anticipate wanting to be acknowledged for their own experiences and viewpoints, but they display limited interest in gaining insights from others.

They tend to view alternative perspectives not as an opportunity for learning but rather as an indication of ignorance.

10. My Ideas Are The Best

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Selfish individuals, regardless of their actual capabilities, often presume that they consistently provide exceptional value to others.

In doing so, they neglect the reality that most of our ideas, opinions, and suggestions can have flaws, regardless of the effort we invest in them.

11. Do This And That For Me

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Entitled people frequently make demands without considering others’ needs or preferences.

12. My Way or No Way

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A selfish person won’t even take the time to hear out other viewpoints or opinions. If you can’t follow what they want to do or their beliefs, then get out.

13. Stop Controlling Me

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When selfish people are put back in their place to sulk, they’ll often try to twist it around and accuse others for “being controlling.”

14. Taking Everything Personally

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Entitled people often feel constantly frustrated with the world because nothing goes their way, which is a personal attack to them. How exhausting.

15. Why Can’t You Listen?

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Entitled people feel unheard, even when their demands are unreasonable or lack foresight.


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