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16 Lame Reasons People Said No to a Second Date

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Dating can be likened to a cup of coffee, as both are profoundly individualized encounters. Just as we each have unique preferences when it comes to our favorite brew, we also harbor specific criteria when it comes to choosing potential partners.

On an online platform discussion, people revealed their dating pettiness when answering the question, “What’s the pettiest reason you’ve rejected someone?”

1.  It’s all in the name

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Rhyming your name with your date is the most romantic thing ever, right? Well, for one online platform user, this was the deal breaker. She says, “His name was Phil. My name is Lil.” Guess she really isn’t into rhymes.

2.  They (almost) shared a name with my Mom 

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It looks like having a date share a name with your Mom is a turnoff for many. A user says, “Her name was one letter off from my mom’s.”

In the same breath, another user says, “She had the same name as my Mom. I just couldn’t.”

3.  An annoying travel buddy

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One online user gave their travel experience with a potential date. “Every time we were in a car, he would say, ‘Are we there yet?”

4.  When she doesn’t have her zoology facts straight

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Do you believe reptile facts can break a potential relationship? One user said, “No matter what evidence I presented, even if I went and bought a snake skeleton, she would never believe that snakes had bones.”

5.  Rejection Guinea Pig 

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One user was on the receiving end of the pettiness, and she said, “I was the one rejected, but the reason I was given was, “I’ve been rejected a lot; I want to know what it feels like to reject someone.” 

6.  When you just can’t place the smell

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We all want a date that smells nice, but what if they smell weird? A different user said, “She smelled funny. Not bad. It clearly wasn’t a case of not washing or anything like that.

She just smelled weird. Couldn’t get over it.”

A different user says, “He smelled like cooking oil or something weird, and his whole house did. It was overpowering. I couldn’t do it.”

7.  When the punctuation is too much

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Proper punctuation is a deal breaker for some. One online user said, “I once stopped talking to a girl because she kept putting “…” everywhere in texts.”

Another user couldn’t get over the sheer number of exclamation marks their date used. They say, “He used too many exclamation points.” 

One writer agrees and adds, “One (exclamation mark) has some range to its functionality. 2 can be for additional emphasis where 1 is not enough. Beyond this, writers have agreed the maximum number to use without going overboard is 3 (!!!).”  

Now we know! 

8.  They needed to pull up their socks

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A sense of fashion increases your date-worthy points in some circles, but for some, that also includes your socks game. One online platform user shares a friend’s experience. She says, “Not me, but a girl I hung out with in high school once dumped a boyfriend because she didn’t like his socks.”  

Maybe they were not happy socks.  

9.  When he looks like your dad’s before photo

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For one user, when his date showed up looking like her dad in his heydays, she couldn’t handle it. She says, “Really nice guy, looked just like my dad’s old high school photos. Couldn’t get past it.”  

10. The Android vs. iPhone war

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Sharing his rejection story, one user says, “I was once rejected by the color of my text bubble. I have an Android; she has an iPhone. It was not meant to be.” 

Cell phone compatibility is a thing now. 

11. When they watch a movie without you  

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A user shared her movie experience with a date, “We had promised to see the same movie together, and when I showed up to go see the film, they had already seen it.”  

There was general consensus from several other online platform users that watching an agreed movie alone is a betrayal. One adds their contribution, “My Mom and Dad had the same experience. My dad promised my Mom that they would see a movie together, but he ended up seeing it without her. She said years later that it was the first red flag. They were married, had 2 kids, and divorced, but my Mom never forgets that promise he broke.”  

It doesn’t seem very petty now, does it?  

12. Wrong emoji usage  

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How well do you know your emojis? One online user gave her experience with a date who didn’t get his smiley faces in a row. She says, “I blocked someone once because he used emojis in weird ways.”

13. She didn’t keep her pedicure appointments 

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Keeping good hygiene is vital for any relationship. As another online user shows, forgetting (or refusing) to cut your nails can cost you a date. He says, “Her toenails were so long whenever she was nearby you could hear clicking from the ground as if she was a dog.”

14. Dehydration

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It’s good to drink water and mind your business—especially your relationship business. One user revealed that his relationship didn’t work out because “She doesn’t drink water.”

15. Intolerable spelling mistakes

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For some people, a few grammatical errors are all they need to decide a date is not worth the effort. An online platform user says, “He didn’t know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.”  

Some don’t think this is a red flag and one user replied in jest, “Sounds like you dodged a bullet their.” 

16. Intolerable Phrases

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Someone shares a friend that dumped a guy for this: “He dropped something and said “whoopsie”.” Apparently she couldn’t handle such a word out of a man’s mouth.


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