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Ironic Happenings: 14 Things That’ll Instantly Frustrate People

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Anger and defensiveness are inherent survival mechanisms that can impact every individual at some point in their lives. Even those who are typically composed and self-disciplined are likely to face situations or encounters that ignite their tempers, prompting intense reactions.

Some things irk people instantly, and these examples are high on that list.

1. People Hurting Animals

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Animals have feelings, too, and a hurting animal is enough to make several people very angry. You’d have to be inhuman to hurt an animal that can’t defend itself.

Someone says online, “Anyone who hurts animals and children will have a special place set out for them in the bowels of Hell … and if they don’t … I’ll drag them there screaming myself!”

2. Child Abuse

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Hurting a child is not only wrong and hurtful, it’s also illegal. Why do we need to hurt a little human who’s less than half our weight and height? And even if they’re taller or heavier than you, they still need protecting, not abuse.

No sane person can withstand seeing a child being hurt. “Discipline” is not an excuse to hurt a child.

Someone shares online, “[I] lived through this when I was pretty young, and it sticks. If it’s going to permanently traumatize your child, it’s not “discipline.””

3. Being Rude to People Serving You

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Your true character is shown by how you treat people you think are beneath you. Good-hearted people do not talk rudely to service people and can’t stand others being rude to them.

Also, it’s not smart to harass people handling your food. Go figure.

4. “Please Hold”

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Anyone who has been on a call, especially to a corporate, and asked to hold knows that’s the closest you can get to actually having your brain burst in frustration.

This is worse if it’s a robot asking you to hold and then handing you over to another robot, and finally, a human worse than the robots, who expresses regret that they can’t help you.

5. The Alarm Clock

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We need them, can’t get anywhere on time without them, and we still love to hate them [and hit them angrily at times.]

It’s even worse when you wake up before they wake you up, and then they wake you up immediately after you drift off to sleep again.

6. People Who Don’t Use Car Signals

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Road rage is wrong and unjustified, but one feels like anyone ahead of them who doesn’t use car signals requires a little kick somewhere.

Most people are at their angriest while in traffic.

7. Time Flouters

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It’s annoying to work with people who never keep time. Keeping time shows you value people and take them seriously.

If you arrange to meet with someone at a particular time, try as much as you can to not keep them waiting.

8. Loud Eaters

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Having a meal with people who don’t follow dining etiquette can be annoying, and loud chewers are the worst of them all.

It’s disgusting to share a table with someone who eats with their mouth open, and it’s even worse if they talk while chewing loudly.

9. Wet Sleeves and Wet Socks

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Having your toes wet in their socks is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, and the same goes when your sleeves are wet, especially if it’s a heavy fabric.

This is one of life’s inconveniences that makes you angry for no reason.

10. Having Your Idea Stolen

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It hurts when you share a light-bulb moment with someone, and before you know it, they have stolen it and are now sharing and passing it as theirs.

This is a common phenomenon in workspaces, and it has produced more work enemies than lunch stealing.

An online user says, “I had this done to me so many times that in the end, I stopped being the in[v]entive one.”

11. False Accusations

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Many people are serving time for things they didn’t do because someone lied that they did. Even if we don’t end up in jail, being accused falsely is hurtful and enraging.

12. Liars

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Nobody likes to be lied to; lies have killed many friendships and marriages.

Lying shows you have little respect for the person and the relationship and don’t trust them enough to be honest. Although many people lie to try and salvage the relationship, you should give the other party a chance to decide what to do with the truth.

13. Pavement Hoarders

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If you’re going to walk in the middle of the pavement, please hurry up. It’s annoying to have someone walking ahead of you with seemingly no sense of time or space.

The only worse thing is those who stop abruptly in the middle of the pavement, causing you to [almost] crash into them.

Have a less infuriating day.

14. Untimely Sleepiness

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Someone writes, “Feeling sleepy when i should be awake, and not being able to fall asleep when I should.”


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