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Life’s Unexpected Timing: 11 Stories That Prove Babies Don’t Need a Schedule to Be Born

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Is there ever an ideal moment to embark on the journey of parenthood? The truth is, having a baby is a life-altering experience that can shake your world, whether it’s a carefully orchestrated plan or a delightful surprise. Mothers from all walks of life are engaging in candid conversations about what constitutes the most inconvenient timing for labor and childbirth, taking into account various factors such as the time of year, holiday season, personal preferences, and relationship status. So, which do you believe takes the cake as the most challenging timing for this life-changing event?

1. During a Test

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There are stories about moms going into labor during school tests or occupational exams. One user shared, “During the BAR exam. There was a lady that did though, and then she passed it! Legend.”

2. After Christmas

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A few moms chime in that after-holiday birthdays can be tough, making having a baby after December 25th unideal.

One mom shares, “December 25th. Not kidding with this one. My oldest wasn’t born until January 4th but the burnout after holidays makes it really hard to not be a crappy mom and convince him that xmas trees are totally awesome birthday decorations. It is a minor thing but something I wish I would have considered. Also, he gets a low turnout on birthday parties because all the kids have been out of school for weeks and the party is either forgotten or the other parents are burnt out on holiday stuff too.”

3. Lack of Bandwidth

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The circumstances may differ for individuals, but many agree that any situation that makes it difficult to raise a baby makes it bad timing. “Whenever you can’t take care of a child.” This might include age (like teen pregnancy), addiction, mental health issues, or financial status.

4. During a Power Outage

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A mom shares a scary experience with her baby’s birth. “From my experience, between 4:30-6:30 am on an operating table for an emergency c-section because part of your placenta ruptured (and you started bleeding out) while the power proceeds to go out….. TWICE.”

5. When the Body is Still Healing

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A dad shares, “Still recovering from the previous baby. I can’t imagine how [the] mother[s] of Irish twins do it. My SO 9significant other) had a c-section, and her body needs two years recovering to get back where she was.” Others agreed, not understanding how some women’s bodies can handle pregnancies so close together.

6. On Leap Year

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“My daughter is a leap baby. Anytime she tells someone her birthday their instant reaction is to think she’s wrong and doesn’t know. SHES RIGHT GERALD, FEBRUARY 29th.” Some people agreed, while others were jealous and thought it’d be cool.

7. Hot Summertime Babies

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“Throughout our whole relationship, my wife said the one thing she doesn’t want is a summer baby. She hates hot weather to begin with and being super pregnant on top of that would just be miserable. Well anyways, guess whose due date is in the middle of August, in Virginia?” Shares one man. Summers can definitely be miserable for pregnant moms.

8. Sundays

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One mom, whose own mother was a midwife, had an interesting perspective. “Mum used to say Sunday as consultants [are] off playing golf and grumpy if called in or at 6-7Pm [and] nurses [are] missing their soaps. She was a midwife.”

9. At the Peak of a Career

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In the U.S., with no paid maternity leave or job security, having a baby can have serious repercussions for a career (particularly for a mom). While some moms are happy to stay home, others are sad to see their hard work turn to dust.

One user says, “Anytime in your career as a female. It’s so incredibly hard to find work that fits a young family lifestyle, afford daycare, get your sense of self back, get up to speed with everything, loose your network…. It keeps going.”

10. Before Arriving at the Hospital

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Women across the globe accidentally have their babies in their homes, cars, parking lots, etc., when their baby comes unexpectedly fast. One mom shares, “Been there, done that. I would not recommend. Not even for the tee shirt.”

11. During a Hurricane

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Having a baby tends to go smoother when there is low stress; having a hurricane is not helpful for sure. One woman shares, “When there’s a massive hurricane coming and the rest of your family is at home, trying to find supplies and coming up with an evacuation plan while you’re at the hospital hoping they don’t lose power.”


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