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15 Foods That Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

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Since you found out you were pregnant, you’ve been doing your best to get high-quality nutrients. However, morning sickness can put your dietary routine on standby. Try these foods that fight nausea during pregnancy to reduce your discomfort, and talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns before switching to new foods.

1. Pretzels

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Sometimes you just have to focus on eating what you can keep down. Pretzels are great to keep in your pantry for just that. Nausea can happen when your stomach has been empty for a while, and continued gastric acid production lowers its pH level.

Lower pH levels mean higher acidity, triggering your nausea. Eat a few pretzels to give that acid something to work on besides your stomach lining. You might start feeling well enough to eat a regular meal. Try soft or dried pretzels to see which works best when your stomach is upset.

2. Eggs

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Research shows that protein-rich foods help regulate your gut’s microbiota for good digestion and othe health benefits. If you don’t consume enough daily protein, it can leave your gut out of balance and trigger nausea. Consider eating more eggs to avoid feeling sick (if you can stomach them in the first place). They’ll give you extra protein, energy, and other nutrients great for a growing baby.

There are numerous ways to enjoy eggs if you don’t like them boiled. You can also make creamy scrambled eggs by adding a pad of butter while they’re still liquid in your pan. Transform them into breakfast muffins or eat them over toast. However you enjoy them, eggs can help you fight nausea during any trimester.

3. Applesauce

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You might not picture applesauce when imagining foods that fight pregnancy nausea, but many women find it helpful. It doesn’t have a strong flavor, and there’s nothing to chew. You’ll gain calories and fiber from eating applesauce from the container or blending it into smoothies.

4. Lemon Water

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Eating highly acidic food to fight stomach acids might sound strange, but it works for many women. Lemons are beneficial if you want to try this option. The acids in citrus fruits can help to neutralize low pH levels in the stomach, so squeeze them into your teas or make fresh lemonade for daily use.

Plus, it can help you drink fluids, a great way to combat morning sickness and general fatigue during pregnancy.

5. Leafy Greens

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Enzymes help your body break down acids and nutrients in your stomach. Nausea can happen more frequently when you don’t have enough. Try eating more leafy greens like kale and spinach. Dark greens are higher in vitamin b6, which assists in breaking down certain amino acids (proteins) and foods apart in your digestive system that could otherwise cause nausea.

6. Chamomile Tea

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Your friends or loved ones might mention drinking chamomile tea when they’re anxious or can’t fall asleep. It soothes an irritated nervous system, which also affects your stomach. Start drinking chamomile tea if you get nauseous during the evenings or at night (only one cup per day is recommended(. You won’t disrupt your sleep schedule and may find some much-needed relief. 

7. Broth

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Nausea and vomiting can occur when your body has an electrolyte imbalance (and can cause too, unfortunately). You might have this issue if diarrhea or profuse sweating is one of your daily pregnancy symptoms. Fight an upset stomach with extra broth in your diet. Sipping the broth from your soups will restore your balance, nourish your body, and help prevent nausea.

8. Ginger Tea

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People recommend taking ginger supplements to reduce motion sickness and flu symptoms, but they can also work during pregnancy. You can minimize nausea with early-morning ginger tea or by sipping it before bed. It depends on what time of the day you tend to feel nauseous. Add your preferred sweetener before drinking it hot, or leave it to cool for later in your fridge.

If you’re not a fan of tea or prefer something cold and carbonated (which can sometimes help with morning sickness by itself), you can also try ginger ale. 

9. Peppermint

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Nausea can occur when your stomach lining becomes irritated. If you think that causes your morning sickness, try drinking peppermint tea before breakfast. It naturally soothes inflammation, so doctors often recommend it to their pregnant patients.

You can also try inhaling peppermint oil with a diffuser. A recent study found that pregnant participants who inhaled diffused peppermint essential oil found mild to moderate relief in their nausea and vomiting. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns about peppermint tea or oil, as it’s always best to get personalized health advice when making any changes during pregnancy.

10. Ginger Chews

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If you don’t enjoy the strong flavor of ginger tea, consider trying chews formulated for pregnant women. They’ll provide the same natural relief without the aroma. Enjoy them in gummy form each morning if your doctor recommends these chews.

You can also try standard ginger foods like ginger candies, or even ginger snaps from the grocery store. Remember, these can make you feel sick due to a sugar spike and can also be too flavorful for some women. 

11. Toast

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Sometimes nausea makes people turn away from foods with intense aromas or textures. Toast can help if you can’t imagine eating anything else solid. Lightly toast a slice of bread and top it with something easy to digest, like a small amount of cream cheese or butter sprinkled with cinnamon.

You can also switch up your bread to keep your toast interesting if you need it to fight long-term nausea. Whole-grain loaves will have more nutrients than processed white bread, but you can swap them occasionally to vary your diet.

Sourdough and rye are other healthier options. However, try to avoid too much poppy seed bread. Poppy seeds can create morphine when combined in high amounts (it would require quite a lot though). To be on the safe side, doctors recommend pregnant women avoid or eat them in small quantities to prevent opiate-like symptoms.

12. Bananas

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Anyone with an upset stomach due to low pH might have nausea because the higher acidic matter is eating away at their lining. Bananas trigger mucus production in the digestive system, and eating one when you’re nauseous could reduce your symptoms. They also don’t have a strong smell and can blend into smoothies if you can’t eat solid foods.

Milk has a similar mucus trigger, which is why some women find themselves cravings milk when they’re dealing with nausea.

13. Salmon

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Leafy greens aren’t the only source of vitamin b6. You can also find them in naturally fatty foods like salmon. Salmon is one of the best foods that fight nausea during pregnancy because it’s high in fatty acids and nutrients. It’s also soft and easy to eat. Just ensure it’s fully cooked, as some recipes like sushi or poke bowls call for raw fish.

14. Cold Foods

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Imagine taking leftovers out of your fridge. You may smell them after opening the Tupperware container, but they have more of an aroma after warming up. The smell of certain foods can be too overwhelming for the olfactory systems in pregnant women, so consider eating more of your diet cold.

Cold foods have less intense smells and tastes, so you may experience nausea and morning sickness less frequently during your pregnancy by avoiding warm meals. Consider eating foods like salads, cold wraps, ice cream, and popsicles to continue your nutrient intake without triggering any nausea. You can also opt for cucumbers or watermelons to increase your hydration while sticking with cold food.

15. Salty Crackers

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If you think you’ve tried everything and still can’t get a handle on your morning sickness symptoms, don’t forget the power of a salty cracker. Saltines, oyster crackers, and Ritz are just a few you can try. They’ll stop nausea from an empty stomach and provide some sodium that functions as electrolytes. You can even try leaving some on your nightstand to munch on before you get up in the morning if that’s when you tend to feel most sick.

You can top crackers with anything you like when you feel up for it. Peanut butter and spreadable cheese add flavor and extra protein to your daily snacks. They also pair well with sliced fruit like apples, pears, and bananas.

Relieve Morning Sickness With Food

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Take notes on these foods that fight morning sickness and nausea. You can talk with your doctor about any that interest you to ensure they’re safe with your health history. 

Sickness doesn’t have to be a daily experience. Plus, if you also figure out what foods make your nausea worse, like fatty and spicy foods usually do, you can start feeling in control of your morning sickness. Bland foods like the ones listed above can tackle numerous triggers and can provide morning sickness relief, which can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy.

What foods helped you most with nausea? Will you try any of these?

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