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30 Things People Do Daily That Make Them Look Silly- No Matter Who They Are

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Regardless of our diverse backgrounds, financial situations, social statuses, or physical appearances, we find unity in the common thread of humanity. Within this shared human experience, certain behaviors wield an extraordinary power—capable of evoking amusement and perhaps even a touch of embarrassment from anyone, irrespective of their unique attributes.

On an online forum, someone asks, “What’s something that everyone looks stupid doing?” Here are the top funny and all-too-true results that make anyone pretty embarrassed.

1. The Accidental Spit Choke

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We’ve probably all done this one. One user explains, “When you go to speak and choke on your own spit and sit there for 30 minutes coughing to try and collect yourself.”

2. Forgetting What You Were Talking About After Choking

confused not sorry woman
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The community agreed on the spit choke embarrassment; one user take it some step further, saying: “and by the time you collect yourself your witty reply has been lost in the dust and the conversation has gone on to another topic.”

3. Picking Up a Credit Card

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It’s annoying to drop anything on the floor, but there’s one indigence that makes the person look silly. “Trying to pick a credit card up from a perfectly smooth floor.” Says one user. Has this ever happened to you?

4. Resorting to Desperate Measures for Pickup

woman paying the credit card on her phone smiling
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Another user offers friendly advice to add to looking ridiculous when picking up a credit card, “The key is to suck it up with your mouth like a vacuum.”

5. Tip Toeing Across a Freshly Mopped Floor

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“That tip toe walk we perform for the mopper, when we cross the wet floor they just cleaned, to let them know we care.” Many of us do it even though it doesn’t make a difference and looks silly.

6. Chasing a Ball

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“Running after a ping pong ball that’s rolling on the floor.” Says one user. Especially if you don’t catch it in time or fall over in the process of hustling.

7. The Fake Wave

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This is another one that happens to everyone. A writer describes “The moment when you think someone is waving at you or saying “hi” in a public place, but it’s not aimed at you. So you try and play it cool, but it’s never cool.”

8. Faking Ignorance

boy covering his ears surprised
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People share another awkward wave when you’re the recipient of it. “Someone waving at you, but you don’t immediately recognize them and are afraid to be the guy who waves back, so you pretend you never saw them and just laser vision towards where you’re going to avoid the aftermath.”

9. Spider Web Freak Out

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No matter who you are, walking through a spider web tends to elicit a freakout, whether it’s flailing, screaming, jumping, shuddering, or all four at once. Too bad no one else can see the web that attacked you.

10. Melting Down Over a Lost Spider

surprised woman not sorry shocked
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Plus, now you have to figure out if there was a spider attached to it that is now on you. If it is, many people will continue flailing, screaming, and going into full meltdown mode. What an embarrassing nightmare, gross!

11. Awkward Lunge Steps

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“Walking down stone steps that are uncomfortably spaced so you have to lunge and reach for each one.” Writes one user. Whoever had legs that long anyways?

12. Awkward Shuffle Steps

confused woman not sorry shocked
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Another user shares that the same goes for too-small steps leading to a light-footed shuffle and the possibility of tripping at any moment.

13. A Bee Attack

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“Avoiding a bee that took you by surprise.” Says one user. This tiny bug can also elicit flails and jumping.

14. A Bug Near the Ear

not sorry confused man
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Bees (and any other bug with wings) always seem to fly right in your face or ear when it’s least expected, once again causing a minor panic and flailing of the arms.

15. Recording TikTok Videos in Public

woman taking a selfie duck face yellow
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TikTok videos are awkward anyways, but people look extra ridiculous in certain environments when they’re trying to get a shot for views.

16. Recording Public Dance Videos

confused man smirk
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“Tik Tok dance videos in public” takes the cake, and the online community definitely agreed. All that awkwardness just for some likes.

17. Preparing for a Sneeze

disgusted woman so gross
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When you need to sneeze, the body involuntarily prepared with a deep breath and scrunching of the face.

18. Preparing for a Phantom Sneeze

disgusted woman frustrated grossed out
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One user says, “Bonus points if the sneeze vanishes before happening and just leaves their face all screwed up for nothing.”

19. Running to the Bus

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“Running to get to the bus before it takes off.” Says one user. Every person’s nightmare as panic sets in that they’ll miss it and have to wait.

20. Catching Your Breathe After a Sudden Sprint

disgusted man
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Then, once you’re on the bus, you’re out of breath and feel like you might puke. Another embarrassing moment for some.

21. Bowling Return

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“Walking back after you’ve thrown a ball while bowling.” Says one user. There’s no cool way to do it, many agreed.

22. Backpack Running

disgusted confused woman
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Running with a loaded backpack gets awkward fast. So much bouncing. As the weight of the bag gets out of sync, it turns into a bucking bronco that makes any person look ridiculous.

23. Crossing the Road Quickly

woman not sorry asking why hands up green
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“That pathetic fast run when a car lets you pass.” Says one user. To run or not to run?

24. Catching an Open Door

woman sorry not sorry confused so what shocked
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Or the half-run/trot when someone is holding the door for you, but you’re a little too far away.

25. A Tickle in the Throat

frustrated woman with hands up mad
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“Coughing while tears run down your face, and you even start making these barfing noises because that’s making everything better.” Says someone.

26. Dry Throat

embarrassed woman hiding hand over face regret
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Someone writes, “I had my voice say “malm” when I meant to say thank you to the carwash-towel hander because I had dry throat because I didn’t speak to anyone all day before that moment.” 

27. Using a Cart with a Stuck Wheel

seriously woman grimace confused
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“…yes! or a cart with a bent frame that leaves one wheel only slightly touching the ground, rattling around.

Everyone can hear exactly when the guy in the next aisle is stopping to check the apples: “Pattttattat-pattttatat-pattattat PAUSE pattattat-pattttatat-pattttattat.” So relatable.

28. Trying to Catch Something Falling

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When an item is dropped and someone tries to catch it in a hurried or awkward manner, their movements can appear comical.

29. Pulling a Door

man shocked surprised hands over mouth
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Pulling a push door (or the opposite) can be frustrating for the puller and entertaining for any onlookers.

30. Eating Messy Food

girl eating noodles
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Foods like sloppy joes, spaghetti, etc. can be impossible to eat without getting it on the face, hands, and maybe even clothes. Come prepared with a napkin or maybe a bin?


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