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12 Women Share Their No Drama Births That Prove We Don’t All Have Babies Like in the Movies

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The hair-raising childbirth tales exchanged among women could easily rival the plot of a thriller script, but that scarcely encapsulates the entirety of the baby delivery journey. While certain women have found themselves on the brink of tearing their hair out in the delivery room, others have encountered remarkably uneventful, drama-free, and somewhat “routine” birth experiences.

A pregnant online forum user wanted to hear normal, boring, positive birth stories, and women were more than happy to demystify childbirth.

1. No Complications

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One online user narrated how her water broke at 7 AM, dilated at 9 AM, and had her baby at 1 PM with only 3 pushes during one contraction.

Her hungry husband almost missed the miracle when he went to get food. Luckily, he was in time to catch the baby. It was either he caught his lunch or the birth of his baby; he chose the baby. Wise man.

“No tearing, no complications. Sometimes it really is fine.” She adds.

2. Easy-Peasy

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One woman shares her friend’s two-hour labor experience, which baffled even the nurses.

“My bestie started feeling contractions at 9pm. At about 10, she went to the hospital. She kept saying, “I gotta push,” and the nurses were like, “No, no, you’re fine.” At 11, she gave birth.”

You wouldn’t have finished a Fast and Furious movie by the time she had her baby.

3. 33 Minutes

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Women have narrated how you go into labor for 87 hours and push for an eternity and a half before being split into two for the baby to be removed.

One online contributor says she pushed for only 33 minutes and had her son. She was even able to sleep through the first hours of her contractions.

“My recovery was relatively easy and we only spent one night in the hospital!”

4. In Time for Dinner

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One woman says her water broke after church, and she labored for two hours at home, where she had access to a birthing pool.

“I pushed for 20 [minutes], and my baby was born in my bed just in time for dinner!”

Sometimes babies don’t want to inconvenience anyone, and they keep time.

5. Push for M… Never Mind

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One doctor was dismissive when a patient’s husband told him not to leave the room; the show was about to end as soon as it began.

He left, only to be called back, and the baby was out before he could say, “Push.”

“Dr laughed and apologized for not believing us. The baby was born at 7:23 am. Simple, straightforward, and quick.”

6. Every Experience is Different

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No two birth experiences are the same; a mother can have one good experience and another less-than-ideal birth experience.

“I  had two “normal” (fast/easy/unmedicated/vaginal) births and two complicated. My first and third were each relatively easy and very healthy babies.” One mother narrated.

7. A Good Induction

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Many first-time moms have been told that induction is torture, only beaten by waterboarding. An online discussion contributor shared how they were induced at 38 weeks due to hypertension.

She had a slow-progressing but overall good labor experience. She adds, “It was a 30-hour induction labor, but it was very smooth, and things went well overall. Healing afterward was simple, too (just keep steady with your meds.)”

8. Sleeping Through Contractions

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Epidurals have saved a lot of women a lot of pain if they decide to have them as part of their birth plan. One even had the time to take the much-needed nap during her contractions.

She says, “I had an epidural, woke up from a nap to see contractions very, very close and heartbeat dip a little with each one (normal).”

The Dr. helped deliver the baby, and all went well.

9. Didn’t Even Push

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Sometimes, a woman gets the dream delivery.

“My cousin didn’t even push much with her second. The baby just “fell out of her,” as she puts it. Didn’t need an epidural or anything.” A user shares.

All envy sensed is hereby forgiven.

10. The Movies Lied: There Doesn’t Have to Be Any Yelling

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One terrified mother discovered that she had nothing to be scared of after all, after all the frightening stories she had had about labor turned out to be myths.

“I only had visions of what pushing is portrayed as on tv: constant yelling, exhaustion, pain. I was literally joking with the nurses and doctors in between contractions.” She says.

11. Chill Delivery Room

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The scenes from Grey’s Anatomy may have portrayed a chaotic delivery room with nurses pushing anxious husbands out of the way. One woman had a totally different experience.

“[My] husband still says it was nothing like in the movies- the delivery room was way more chill and calm than in the movies. I have such fond memories of that day!! Such a positive experience.”

She only pushed for 40 easy minutes, and the baby was born.

12. I Want to Do it Again

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The common rhyme of women in labor is how they’ll never get back there again. One mother, however, had such a wonderful labor that she described it as a “dream birth.”

“I had nearly my dream birth on Sunday. Like I’m sitting here with my perfect baby and wishing I could go back and do it again.” She says.

“Positive stories are so important too!” She adds.


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