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14 Best Non-Candy Trick or Treats That Won’t Get Your House Egged

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Many will participate in traditional trick-or-treating as Halloween approaches, but why not consider a creative alternative to the usual candy overload? Give kids something longer-lasting and meaningful by exploring these non-food trick-or-treat options for a change.

1. Mini-Puzzles

Little girl solving sudoku puzzle at table indoors
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Puzzles are an excellent way to grow a kid’s imagination and cognitive power.

Get them a variety of puzzles instead of candy to help grow their problem-solving skills and concentration.

2. Crayons

Small Laughing kids
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You will never go wrong with crayons when it comes to kids.

Anything that will enable time to color whatever they like is always an eye-widening pleasant surprise.

3. Stretchy Toys

Cheerful father and child in toy crowns laughing at camera
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Kids love limitless toys that can withstand abuse and overuse and still bounce back.

Stretchy toys are fun and will induce the sweetest giggles as kids try to break their limits.

4. Slime

Very surprised baby girl making big eyes
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The love relationship between slime and babies is something grown-ups will never understand.

Throw some slime in the baskets and help the children have fun making wobbly shapes of all kinds.

5. Glow Sticks

Little boy laughs
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Anything that glows is an instant win with kids. Get them [or make them] glow ornaments such as bracelets.

This will be sweeter to them than chocolate.

6. Magnets

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Children are fascinated by magnets. It’s the closest thing to magic that they have ever experienced.

Getting them little magnetic toys that can be attached to their fridges or gadgets is an excellent substitute for sweets.


kids reading books
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If the kids are already at a reading level, an awesome bookmark may be all they need to make them love books even more.

8. Stickers

shocked little girl hands on head
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Stickers must be to kids what cool gadgets are to grown-ups.

Kids love stickers, and you can never go wrong with a bunch of them as a trick-or-teat gift.

9. Bubbles

kids playing with bubbles happy outside nature
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Bubbles elicit more happiness in kids than a candy bar might.

The best part is you can get Halloween-themed bubbles, and the kids can always refill them. The fun never ends.

10. Vampire Teeth

Happy Cute little girl with blank board
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Vampires are a big part of the Halloween costume, how about getting the kids some vampire teeth as a gift?

You can even make it more fun by giving them glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth.

11. Play Dough

smiling groups of kids
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The versatility and permeability of play dough make it a favorite of many kids. This will make a better treat if you’re avoiding sugary treats for the kids this Halloween.

12. Temporary tattoos

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Since they have several years before they can get actual tattoos— give some temporary tattoos to make for fun things to show off to their friends.

They also come off easily, so you will not be in trouble with their parents.

13. Coloring Books

girl at school earning colored pencils globe
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Kids love to color, and miniature coloring books for their trick-or-treat will be a wonderful option.

You can pair each coloring boo with a crayon to make a set.

14. Poppit or Fidget Toys

Kids playing in the room
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These are a fantastic choice to give younger kids as they will help them enhance their sensory play.

Poppit toys also come in all types of toys, shapes, and sizes; you [and they] will be spoilt for choice.


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