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Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Cozy Sweaters -10 Reasons People Lose Their Minds Over Fall

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As the sun bids farewell to summer and ushers in the arrival of autumn, it’s a sight to behold as the leaves start their graceful transition into shades of brown and begin their descent. Beyond the impending tasks of raking and leaf-blowing, fall is a splendid season for a multitude of wonderful reasons.

Here are all the reasons you should be falling in love with Fall.

1. The Cooler Weather

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If Summer roasted you to medium rare, now is the time to enjoy cooler temperatures and let your skin rejuvenate. All your pretty light jackets and sweaters can now get out of the suffocating closet and into the open.

2. It’s Raining Pumpkins

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If it hasn’t happened already, the ground is soon going to be dotted with the orange lovelies- and the stores too!

Have fun picking, carving, or making some yummy soup or baked goods from all the pumpkins Fall will bless you with.

3. Celebrations

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The weather in Fall is perfect for festivals and celebrations at any time of day. There’s bound to be lots of live music and concerts happening; book a ticket and go have some fun.

Halloween is coming soon too!

4. Perfect Weather For Hiking

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The Summer’s unforgiving heat wasn’t making it easy for anyone to hike, not even the mountain lovers. Autumn is the perfect season to get revenge on all that hiking that you didn’t do. With the perfect temperatures and even some bit of rain to settle the dust on the trails, hikers are a happy lot.

5. Camping Time

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Fall is perfect for outdoor activities. If you have been putting off camping until now, it’s time to get your sleeping bag (perhaps an extra warm one if temps are dropping quite low at night!) from storage and set camp.

Camping is a great way to bond as a family, the kids will love it too!

6. The Changing Flora

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There’s no debate: the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns of Autumn are breathtaking. After the whiteness of winter and the scorching heat of summer, the changing flora is a welcome sight.

7. Leaf Piles for Diving

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Fall brings with it a new play activity for you and your dog or children—diving into leaf piles. Having a pile to jump into is the reward you get for all the time and energy you spend blowing or raking leaves.

8. Thanksgiving

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There’s so much to be grateful for in Fall, that the season of Thanksgiving falls in Autumn.

Have fun counting your blessings with a tummy full of turkey and some pumpkin pie!

9. Travel Time

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Most summer holiday-ers will have checked out of hotels by the beginning of Fall.

Tourism will most likely be winding up, and prices will be lower. This is a great time to travel if you can swing it.

10. Holiday Decorating

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Summer is over, and there’s no more striving to survive the heat, and now the decorations can come up. With the anticipated Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, Fall is a great time to go crazy with decorating.


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