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Intense Satisfaction: 25 Daily Occurrences That Feel Oh-So-Good

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Within each person resides a unique assortment of activities capable of delivering profound contentment, entirely detached from romantic relationships. These everyday encounters hold a remarkable power to elicit unadulterated happiness, leaving us brimming with joy. In the digital realm of online forums, individuals eagerly share their personal favorites, ranging from the highly relatable to the intriguingly unexpected, often laced with a touch of humor.

1. Scratching That Hard-to-Reach Spot

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The top answer related to having someone itch a spot on your back that you can’t quite reach. When they finally hit that spot that has been driving you crazy, it is such a great and relieving feeling. A few married people even joke that their partner would happily accept a back scratch over sex sometimes.

2. Itching The Right Spot

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If you can reach the spot on your own and hit it just right- this can also elicit some great feelings. Especially if it’s caused by a rash of some sort.

Some shares, “Poison ivy. I had it 3 times one summer that scratching seriously made my eyes roll back.”

3. Hot Water on Poison Ivy

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If itching poison ivy isn’t enough, many people mention how hot water feels on itchy skin from poison ivy or other itchy skin issues eczema.

Someone writes, “Try running really really hot water over it. Not quite scalding but as hot as you can get. If it works, you are in for a treat.”

4. Finally Going Pee

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Someone writes, “Finally peeing when you really really really really really really really REALLY need to go.” Many others talk about the literal shiver they get when finally getting relief.

5. Sweet Relaxation

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Someone shares, “When you finally lay down after a long day and all the muscles in your back relax at once.” Ahhh, the best feeling.

6. Clean Sheets

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Someone shares how to take your relaxation to the next level. “This is amplified x100000 if the bedding is freshly changed and you just took a shower. Nothing beats being clean and lying down in a clean bed and having the world just melt away as you relax.”

7. An Unblocked Nose

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For anyone dealing with a cold or allergies, this one resonates. “After finding the right combo of meds and positioning, having a moment where a nostril is unclogged and air rushes can feel like heaven on earth- even if it’s just a fleeting moment.”

8. Unclogged Ears

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People note a similar sensation of pleasure when their ears finally clear up after a cold or changes in pressure. Finally, no more sensations of cotton in the ear!

9. Getting a Booger Out

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There’s nothing worse than that feeling that you have a booger you can’t reach or blow out. Someone writes, “When you go to pull a booger out and it’s that one long tickler where you feel the back of your brain as you drag it out.” Gross yet relatable.

10. Blowing Your Nose with a Sinus Infection

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When congested, it can feel impossible to empty the sinuses. “When you have a sinus infection, most attempts to blow stuff out are fruitless. But occasionally things are loosened up just right and you clear out a whole sinus cavity. It’s nasty, gag-inducing if you check the tissue, but that precious minute or less of breathing clarity is amazing,” shares a user.

11. Forgetting It’s a Day Off

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life, “Waking up thinking you gotta go to work, but then realize you have the day off, and then going back to sleep.” What a great feeling, indeed.

12. Popping Your Back

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“Popping your back just right so that it feels like your soul leaves your body,” shares a user. Others agreed and talked about their favorite back-cracking moments when they suddenly felt they could run a marathon and conquer the world.

13. Gassy Stomach Pain Relief

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When the stomach is bloated and gassy, sometimes passing some of that gas does the trick- and feels great. “Farting out your stomach ache,” shares someone. Many parents with babies and toddlers concur that farts make people happier.

14. Drinking Water When Parched

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Whether it’s in the middle of the night, after a nap, or just a hot day- a big glass of water to satiate that thirst and alleviate a dry throat is other-worldly.

15. A Really Good Song

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“When you’re listening to a fantastic new song or an old song just hits just right and it sends involuntary tingles through your whole body,” shares a user. Another writer says this is a true phenomenon called “frisson”- complete with seeing stars and feeling goosebumps.

16. Getting Food Unstuck from Your Teeth

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Getting food stuck in the gum is a big annoyance; getting it out feels amazing. People share their experiences with popcorn kernels, apple skin, and strings of jerky- all with satisfying outcomes once they finally got it out.

17. Returning Home After Vacation

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It’s nice to be home after a while. Getting back to your own bed and routine can feel amazing. One overlooked thing to look forward to, shared by a forum user, is, “Pooping in your own toilet after a long vacation.” Makes sense.

18. Head Massages

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There’s something ethereal about a good head scratch; no wonder dogs love a good scratch so much. Many people share their love for a good head massage, whether from a barber, partner, friend, or family member. People even talk about the metal head-scratcher that looks like a spider, a must-have tool if you love a good head scratch.

19. A Good Full Body Stretch

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Stretching a stiff, tired body and testing its limits is a lovely feeling- especially when getting to a shaking point. Someone writes, “Ohh yeah like you know just a tiny bit more and you’ll cramp up but you still risk it and it pays off.”

20. A Pressure-Relieving Bowel Movement

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“Yeah, I was going to say a bowel-emptying poop. Like, the kind where you can feel your insides empty out and the pressure is just gone,” shares a user. Others discuss that’s even better when that poo is firm yet soft.

21. That First Sip of Coffee

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For coffee lovers, that first hit of caffeine in the morning can make the world stop for a moment.

22. Letting the Girls Breath

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“Taking your bra off after having it in all day,” share someone.

Another adds, “And then my husband scratching my back where my bra strap was.” All undoubtedly amazing sensations.

23. Getting Off Work

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“Clocking out from work. I audibly moan when it says “OFF” after punching out,” shares a user.

Another adds, “Same. When I clock out on the last day of the week and the robot voice goes THANK YOU i swear my eyes water and i smile all the way down till I’m in my car.”

24. An Ice Bath

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Ice baths can feel amazing in the right situation, whether it’s hot out or there are sore muscles to be soothed. One man writes, “I live in Georgia, USA that has the worst type of summer weather. 100 degree plus 100% humidity hot. I work out then dunk myself in an ice bath and the pain is so so so worth it just so it’s not hot anymore.”

25. Getting a Kink Out

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When the neck or shoulder feels stuck, it can make anyone miserable. When it is finally massaged away or suddenly disappears with just the right head turn or stretch- it is an other-worldly sensation.


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