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18 “College Kids” Jobs That Are Actually Fun at Any Age

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For many, employment is commonly regarded as a necessary yet often unexciting facet of life—a responsibility to be tolerated rather than relished. It is a lamentable paradox that the concept of enjoyment rarely intertwines with the realm of work, despite dedicating a significant portion of our lives to it. While countless individuals persist in navigating through roles that lack inspiration, there exist a fortunate few who have discovered the invigorating intersection of their passions and financial reward.

An online forum contributor asked people about the most fun job they’ve ever worked, and it might make you send that resignation that has been sitting in “drafts” for years.

1. Globe Trotting Airline Personel

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Most of us wish we’d get a job that gives us the chance (and the means) to just get on a plane and go somewhere. Well, one lucky guy has that.

He says, “I take bags on and off planes. I get to fly around the world for free, so that’s pretty nice.”

2. Mermaid

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Many like to believe that these beautiful mythical creatures exist, but for one online forum contributor, she was the mythical creature.

She says, “I used to be a mermaid at an aquarium, and I loved it there. I didn’t swim–I mostly posed for pictures with visitors and occasionally read to the children.”

She loved animals, too, and saw them daily at her workplace.

3. Haunted House Halloween Job

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Imagine getting paid to work at a haunted house and scare people? One young man had the time of his life acting out pranks at a job he absolutely loved, and it was only open during Halloween.

He narrates, “When I was in high school my junior and senior years I got a job working in a big haunted house. It was only open for a few weeks around Halloween, so it only lasted about a month, but was a blast.”

This is perfect for anyone looking to pursue a career in acting.

4. Self-Defense Instructor

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There are bad people in this big, bad world, and self-defense training is paramount. Imagine being the guy who helps people get ready to fight for themselves!

One user says, “Currently [a] self-defense instructor. I get paid pretty well to watch people learn, work out, fight, play with weapons, and joke around.”

Doesn’t sound stressful at all!

5. Camp Counselor

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A job that helps mold kids into responsible citizens sounds like a real treat.

A contributor says, “Getting paid to lead hikes, play games and basically f*** around is fantastic. Plus, every now and again, you have a chance to help a kid out with something they are struggling with, which feels good.”

6. Internal Auditor

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I’m sure you didn’t think being an auditor was fun, but hear it from the horse’s mouth.

“For two years flew around the world first class. Stayed in great hotels. Went to very cool countries and stayed for 3 weeks – 1 month. Weekends off to explore, etc. The work was easy and not as boring as you might imagine.”

7. Dam Controller In France

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Some jobs do sound too good to be true. One French resident explains a job in his hometown that’s just a dream.

“In France, near my town, you can work in a small water dam in a river. You are in a cabin with Wifi, and just have to press a button when a boat approaches (once daily or so). I don’t get why this isn’t automated, but you can get 800€ a week.”

You can start and finish a whole PhD with all that time.

8. Shoveling Horse Manure

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Anything to do with horses should be higher up the list of fun jobs. One user whose job was to shovel horse waste had the best time of her life.

She shares, “I shoveled horse sh** in high school and loved it. If it paid well enough, I’d do it for life. Blast the music, have the place to yourself, see majestic creatures every day, smell the fresh pine bedding. It was amazing.”

9. Background Actor

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As it turns out, being an ‘extra’ in a movie is a great way to get paid to have fun.

One user says, “I work as a background actor in Hollywood. I’ve gotten paid to do a bunch of cool stuff. Skateboard around Venice Beach, roller skating, going on carnival rides, bowling. Just a couple of days ago, I got paid to play foosball.”

10. Relief Pitcher for a Baseball Team

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Working in sports is the hat trick of the career world; you get to be paid, stay fit, and have fun all at once. One commenter shares their experience, and it’s for envy.

He says, “My current job. I get lots of downtime where I just walk around waiting for something to do (management doesn’t mind.) I get to practice throwing stuff all day.” He adds.

11. Tour Guide

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If you love adventure, get into a career as a tour guide and will never work a day in your life.

One user says, “Worked as a guide and on shore for a kayak rental company out on the coast. It was a blast, we would work the day paddle across the bay to camp for the night and paddle to work the next morning.”

12. Life Guard and Swim Instructor

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Swimming and water play are fun activities you do on holiday, but every day is a holiday when you are a swimming instructor.

13. Ski Patrol

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Imagine a job that involves saving lives, blasting stuff, and skiing.

This was the life of one online forum contributor. He says, “Call me crazy, but it’s pretty fun being able to work efficiently as a team to get an injured person off the ski hill and into an ambulance. Also, you get to throw explosives to set off avalanches. And, of course, you get to ski for a living.”

14. Working at the Zoo

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Whatever your job, if you can do it from the zoo, you hit a job jackpot.

One contributor shares, ” I started in the Education Department working camps and after working a few years in public education ended up back at the Zoo writing curriculum, scheduling tours, and selling birthday packages.”

15. Dog Day-Care

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What could be bad about spending days with a man’s best friend? Absolutely nothing.

A user says, “Alone all day in a big room with dozens of dogs getting paid to be each one’s best friend. It was hard and didn’t pay much, but it never felt like work to me.”

16. Morgue Attendant

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Customers can be rude, and for one online conversation contributor, working with people who don’t talk back to them is the ideal job.

We all have different definitions of “fun.” Each to their own.

17. Bar Tending

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One woman shares that she found the perfect bartending job as a college kid. Her regulars were 40 to 60 year old men with careers and families. She writes, “Got paid well to hang out, drink a little, talk to people, and watch baseball/football/basketball. D*mn I miss that job.”

18. Beer Helper 

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“My boyfriend works for a company doing demos at different beer tasting events. I get to go with him and “help,” which really means I walk around and drink all the beer.” Sweet!


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