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Like Father, Like Son: 15 Boomer Habits We Picked Up from Our Parents

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In an online forum, a question surfaced: “What’s the most boomer characteristic about yourself?”

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” If you were raised by Baby Boomers, it’s likely that you’ve picked up some of their habits and now find yourself unconsciously [or deliberately] emulating their behavior.

Here are a few Boomer habits that transcended time.

1. Peering Through The Blinds

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The ultimate Boomer ninja peace-keeping move is peering stealthily through the blinds, watching the world.

An online user has found himself acting like his parents. He says, “I’ve come to enjoy peering out through the blinds, muttering to myself as I scan the neighborhood for any scallywags.”

Someone adds, “This!! I swear when you get my boomer dad and I together with anything interesting happening outside, we will watch. It pisses my older Gen X brother off too. If there’s some interesting tea to be had, we will be there sipping away.”

2. Lawn Obsession

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Many people still struggle to understand baby Boomers’ obsession with lawns.

Some of their children have now taken over the obsession and confess to being careful about their lawns just as their parents were.

One user says, “One time, some kids were walking across my lawn, and I said “Get off my lawn.” I did not realize the window was open.”

3. All Lights Off

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Boomers have a penchant for saving electricity, and we all know how they did it by checking that all lights were off. Have you walked from room to room, turning the lights off to save electricity? Congratulations, the Boomer bug bit you.

Someone contributes, “Every single light. Every single time. Bathroom, two bedrooms, another bedroom, a bathroom, and a closet. FFS, can no one in this house hit the switch on the way by?!? Oh, and the laundry closet. Maybe the dryer door.”

Someone adds, “Flashbacks of my dad asking if I’m leaving the lights on for the flies.”

4. Hoarding Plastic Bags and Boxes

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The practice of hoarding plastic bags and boxes would drive most people insane, but once you start, there’s no going back.

One user admits this is the habit they picked from their Baby Boomer parents and are stuck with it.

5. Not Caring About Celebrities

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Not many Boomers kept up with what was going on in the world, unlike today, when everyone is an Instagram influencer known by everyone online.

Some people have grown up with that indifference to pop culture. One says, “I’m 33, and I have no f****g idea who most famous people are.”

6. Having A Favorite Burner On The Stove

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Favorites are not just limited to kids; almost every child remembers a Boomer parent who had a favorite burner on the cooker.

These kids grew up to be the parents with favorite burners on the cooker.

7. Making Lists

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There may be apps to make your lists online and on our phones, but many people still refer to walk with written lists.

One online user said, “I prefer to write grocery lists on paper, bring a pen to the store, and cross off items as I shop.”

8. Not Trusting Cloud Storage

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One of the surest ways to back up your files and documents is on the cloud. That is unless you are a Boomer.

Many young people are now admitting to distrusting cloud storage as well.

A user adds, “To be fair, it really shouldn’t be the only place you keep things that are important. If it’s something that you don’t want to lose, it’s an extra place to keep things. If you’re worried about it getting out, then you’re playing the odds when you’re letting someone else store it.”

That’s comforting.

9. Hatred For Loud Cars And Motorcycles

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Young people today have a knack for making their cars and motorcycles as noisy as possible, and it’s supposedly the in-thing.

Not all young people love the noise, and those brought up by Baby Boomers particularly dislike it, just like their parents.

10. The Boomer Drawer

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Most Boomers had drawers full of all odds and ends, some life-saving and some utterly useless.

One online user inherited the habit of storing all these things, too.

They say, “I have a bedside drawer full of “boomer” supplies such as earplugs, melatonin, an eye mask, eyedrops, extra reading glasses, lotion, lip balm, and a few other unmentionables.”

11. Phone Sign

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Ask any Gen-Z today how to sign “I’m on the phone,” and you’re bound to see all facial expressions and hand signals.

A Boomer, however, knows a phone has a mouthpiece and an earpiece, and you held in-between. This signal has been passed down to some.

One user says their most Boomer thing is “Signing to someone that I’m on the phone by using my thumb and pinky finger.”

12. Old-School Social Skills

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Today’s social skills are wanting; people are so hooked to their phones that they barely notice each other, let alone have a conversation.

One online conversation contributor says, “I unironically like pointless small talk with random people. Nice weather we’re having, that’s a cool shirt, how are those chips you’re buying, I’ve thought about trying them dumb s**t like that.”

13. Staying Off Camera

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Boomers knew how to enjoy a good view; young people take cameras everywhere today, even to gorgeous sites and music concerts. It doesn’t help much that these cameras are hooked to phones, which are never put down.

An online conversation commenter says, “If you have your camera out at a concert, you may as well have stayed at home and watched YouTube.”

Sounds a lot like a Boomer’s advice, and we like it!

14. No Socials, Still

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Social media sites are mushrooming every morning; it’s hard for baby Boomers, who didn’t grow up with any of them, to keep up.

Well, it’s not just the Boomers. Many people brought up by Boomers are also not boarding the social media bus.

One online user says, “Not a boomer, but I don’t [care] about your social media and how many followers you have. GT*O your phone and live your life.”

15. Loving The Suits

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Smart casual has become the rule for office wear nowadays, there are more jeans and yoga pants in the office than in the stores.

One online contributor, though, is still a Boomer at heart. He says, “I like to wear a tie at work. I’m formal a f. It’s just my schooling. Dress well. It’s not the norm, tbh. But I like it. It seems some others like it. So I’m just gonna keep cruising with my work uniform.”


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