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21 Thoughtful Gestures from Our Loved Ones That Make Us Feel Appreciated and Valued

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The pursuit of happiness extends beyond the narrow bounds of financial prosperity. In our quest for contentment, we often wander through lavish shopping centers, hoping to find something extraordinary in the aisles of department stores, only to realize that wealth cannot acquire what we truly seek. It is not the grandiose, one-time gestures that unlock genuine happiness; instead, it is the small, heartfelt moments that persist as ever-present reminders of love. Love, in stark contrast to material riches, bears no price tag, yet, at times, we inadvertently attempt to exchange it with the wrong currency.

People in an online forum discussed the little gestures that made them all fuzzy inside.

1. A Birthday Card For Dad

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Dads often get forgotten under the growing pile of pending bills, and things like birthdays pass by like another regular Tuesday. One man shares in an online discussion what happened when he remembered his dad’s birthday.

They say, “I’ll never forget my dad’s face when I gave him his 50th birthday card, tears in his eyes as he said to me ‘one would have done’.”

2. Post-it Notes in Unlikely Places

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A bad day quickly turns around when you find an unexpected post-it note that a loved one left for you.

To remind someone you’re thinking about them, stick a note on their laptop, lunch box, or even in their shoes.

One user found a note on his laptop after having a rough day, and he said, “I saved it and later used packing tape to seal it there on my work laptop, always as a reminder.”

3. Having Someone In Your Corner

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In life, you need a “you jump, I jump” kind of someone who will jump into the deep, rough waters with you, even when it’s stupid.

One online conversation contributor remembers her dying Mom telling her to stand up for herself to her horrible boss.

“It was horrible advice, but just that bit of proof that someone was on my side and believed in me no matter what still makes me cry with love and longing for her.” She says.

4. Being Accepted Publicly

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There’s an innate need to be claimed by someone, especially when you’re a child with a step-parent you love. The warmest moment for one online conversation contributor was when his stepdad introduced him as “my son.”

He narrates, “I was like 13, and I won’t ever forget that moment.” It was his proudest moment being referred to as “son” in front of his stepdad’s fishing buddies.

5. Being Loved by Your Loved One’s Loved Ones

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Stories of horrible in-laws are strewn all over the internet and in real life. Getting loved by your special person’s people is one of the greatest feelings ever.

One user says, “It’s wonderful having your SO’s (Significant other’s) family welcome you into the fold. My boyfriend’s mom always picks out “daughter” cards for me and it makes me feel so loved.”

6. No-Special-Occasion Gifts

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For one user, receiving a gift for no particular reason gives them the warmest fuzzies. They say one of the best gestures is getting, “Oh, I just saw this and thought of you” gifts.”

Someone adds, “My SO (significant other) just did this with this fantastic necklace that’s really really me. Best feeling, like, just knowing they were thinking of you while going about their day is amazing.”

7. The Good Old Backrub

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Whether planned, spontaneous or absent-minded, a backrub always feels great; especially if you didn’t ask or pay for it.

One contributor says, “I thought I would miss regular s** after being single for the first time in so long, but it’s definitely the back rubs I miss the most.”

8. How Was Your Day?

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A lot happens from when you step out of the house to the minute you slump back on the couch, zonked out to the bones. Having someone care enough to know how your day was lifts the mood significantly.

One user says their warm fuzzies come from “[Someone] Asking about my day and seemingly genuinely interested.”

9. When Someone Stands in For a Departed Loved One

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Losing someone close to our hearts is devastating, and one is filled with anxiety at the possibility of being and feeling alone. Sometimes, the universe sends someone who cares and reminds us that we’re loved, and our departed special someone was also loved.

One online user shares, “My mom died a few years ago when I was 23, and her best friend (no kids) makes it a point to check on me on holidays and just randomly. Her texts are always emoji filled and wonderful. She told my mom she would look after me, and she has always always made sure she does.”

10. A Child Snuggling With a Parent

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A child may choose to withhold their affection for one reason or the other. For many parents, a child being affectionate with them is the only high they need.

One dad says, “I love that my son, after 16 years, still will snuggle with his dad, laugh with his dad, and tell me he loves me. I love that kid to the ends of the earth and would do anything for him. I wish everyone had that kind of relationship. Don’t forget that moment.”

11. Say My Name

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There’s a great difference between “Hey!” and “Hey Susan!”

Saying someone’s name when addressing them makes some people feel warm and acknowledged.

One online chat contributor says, “For some reason, I really like it when people actually say my name when they’re talking to me.”

12. When They Remember Something About You

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We all want to imagine we’re remarkable and that we leave a mark in the world along with our carbon footprints.

One user says she gets fuzzy “When someone remembers something about me.”

13. Forehead Kisses

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Coming from the right person, a kiss on the forehead is the absolute endorphins inducer.

An online forum contributor narrates that her significant other says, “”I love kissing your forehead to wake you up. You always get this huge, sleepy, goofy grin on your face.”

“And that… is one of the reasons I know he’s the one.” She adds.

There’s a thin line between adorable and creepy, make sure you’re on the same page.

14. Chocolate

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Happiness is often spelled as “Chocolate”.

One user says, “Whenever my husband sees a new type of chocolate bar or sweets at the shop, he always picks one up so I can try it. It’s a tiny thing but it reminds me he’s always thinking of small ways to make me smile.”

If in doubt, get chocolate.

15. Smiling at the Cashier

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Smiling at anyone is a great way to make them feel better.

One self-appointed cashier advocate says, “I don’t think it makes me loved, but smile at your cashier. Everyone who hears 5000 beeps a day deserves at least a smile.”

16. Sharing Funny Memes and Links

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We live in a social media era, where mindless forwards are the order of the day. Someone sending you relevant links because they know they will interest you or extract a chuckle from you is the height of care.

They share, “… Living 1,000 miles away from my friend. We have this thing where we share a song of the day, and funny videos we find. Always makes me happy. It’s a nice feeling to know people think of you.”

17. Snail Mail

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Instant messaging and calls killed the snail mail, but it turns out this art is not entirely lost.

Someone says their fuzzy-feelings moment is when they receive “Hand written, snail mailed love letters from my boyfriend who lives 500 miles away.”

18. Compliments

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A compliment is a beautiful way to make someone feel good about themselves and costs nothing. Want to break the ice? Make a new friend? Dissolve awkwardness? As a bribe for a favor? Give a compliment. And mean it.

19. Unsolicited Hugs

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Whether you’re having a good or bad day, there’s nothing like a hug from a loved one or friend “just because.

20. Proud Moments

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It’s easy to assume that those around us, particularly our kids, know how much we’re proud of them. Make sure to tell them so with a random “I’m proud of you” statement as needed- even for the most simple of accomplishments- like existing!

21. Being Genuinely Kinds

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When someone is having a rough day, don’t make it worse. Especially with strangers at restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Being patient and kinds can help them feel better.


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