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11 Times in Our Childhood When We Knew the Wrath of Mom Was Inevitable

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From the instant we enter this world, we are endowed with two inherent features – the ability to cry and an instinctive awareness of our mother’s potential disapproval. Those attuned to their mother’s expectations can discern when they’ve fallen short. Many of us have encountered that heart-pounding moment when we are acutely aware that a maternal reprimand is looming, and, truth be told, we likely acknowledge that it’s deserved.

On an online forum, someone asked, “”What’s your “mom is going to kill us” story?”

1. A Broken Table And A Shattered Soul

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If your Mom says not to put your feet up on a table, she knows why. One user found out Mom’s reasons rather too late.

They narrate, “I put my feet up on said table while watching TV, accidentally kicked the table over, and sent it right through the glass coffee table; shattering it like my soul. I seriously contemplated running before she got home.”

2. A Ride Through The Fence

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Do not drive if you do not have a licence, that’s the rule. A 15-year-old decided to show off to their friend by driving his mom’s car.

His friend [and passenger] narrates, “He insists nothing will go wrong and I should come along. I do, and I am nervous the whole time despite how well he is driving. We get done driving all around town, and he pulls the truck back into its spot when he says, “See nothing bad hap-“. Boom right through the fence.”

The devil is busiest when we’re defying Mom.

3. Cement Castle

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Sand is coarse, and cement is fine; that information is vital if you ever want to make a ‘sand’ castle. One online user found out the hard way.

They explain, “Found a bag of sand in the shed. Like any normal child, [I] decided to make sandcastles on the brand-new patio. Sandcastles didn’t wash away. That s*** was cement yo.”

4. An Obliterated Microwave 

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Sometimes, hunger can’t wait. A user and his cousin decided to make some baked potatoes, and one of them had a vague recollection of Mom’s recipe.

They were supposed to use the oven, not the microwave.

“When we returned [from the shops] we had an obliterated microwave waiting for us on the counter. Thank God we had a fire extinguisher and towels around. We were both reprimanded by our parents and we were 16. And we didn’t even get to eat.”

5. Rewind The Clock

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One of the qualifications of being a babysitter is not falling asleep on the job. One sitter fell asleep and missed the baby’s bedtime by 2 hours.

They share, “My mom was due to be home soon, and my sister and I both had school, so I freaked out, told my sister the clock was wrong, and it was 8:30, and then hurriedly put her to bed. My mom showed up 10 minutes later, none the wiser.”

Quick thinking.

6. A Burned, Raw Sausage

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If you need to cook a sausage, please thaw it first.

One online user almost burned their house down when they left a frozen sausage on a pan on high heat. After salvaging the situation and doing their best to clean up, they sat to enjoy the overly burnt sausage.

They say, “[I] sit down to try and eat the super burnt sausage, and mother f***r, it’s still raw inside.”

That punishment came soon enough.

7. When You’re in Trouble With Two Moms

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Smashing a window on accident is every kid’s nightmare, but smashing your neighbor’s window is even worse—you get in trouble with two Moms.

An online user narrates, “[I] launched the [tennis ball], and it goes over my brother’s head and straight into my neighbour’s window. Shattered the s**t out of it. So, I called my mom and made her aware of the situation. She let my neighbour’s mom know.”

8. Tar On The Tub

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One of the best parts of being siblings is helping each other clean messes up before Mom arrives. Things got tricky for one pair of siblings when the thing to be cleaned up was tar from their bath tubs.

An online user states, “Have you ever tried to scrub tarry roof water off a white bathtub? That sh** is not easy. Luckily, we managed to get it clean, and the momsicle [sic] never found out, but frantically scrubbing that tub was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life.”

9. A Ripped Floaty

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Getting st*ned is the recipe for many disasters.

“I tore apart my mom’s mesh pool floaty while I was wicked st*ned because I didn’t realize that I could remove the Japanese beetle carcasses that were stuck in it by simply flipping the da*n thing over.”

10. Shattered Antique Mirror

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Imagine breaking a mirror that has been in the family for generations!

One online conversation contributor says, “I was two. This antique mirror that has been passed down 6 generations on my mom’s side of the family. Dad had recently bought me drumsticks; mom left the mirror on the coffee table with the glass facing down. I hit the sticks on the back of the mirror. Mom was not happy that day.”

11. Shattered Toilet

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How strong is a bottle rocket? Two siblings discovered that it’s stronger than a ceramic toilet bowl.

One narrates, “Turns out the water that is pushed out by a bottle rocket explosion is enough to shatter the base of a ceramic toilet. Happy Christmas Eve, Mom!”


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