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12 Signs Your Tween or Teenager is Now Embarrassed of Your Goofy Ways

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Navigating life with a teenager often feels like cohabiting with a younger version of yourself who currently dislikes you, considers you ancient, and believes you lack understanding. Whether this teenager is your own offspring or not, you’ll oscillate between moments feeling like you’re on a honeymoon and, at times, feeling like you’re engaged in a battle.

If you are living with a teenager, you will definitely be nodding to these tell-tale signs.

1. You Never Get It

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You may have imagined yourself as a genius and well-informed in life, but a teenager will always remind you that whatever is happening to them and the world, you don’t understand.

2. They Are Messy

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Teenagers have the superpower to turn from sweet, adorable, neat kids to young people who hate showers and live under the rubble of dirty laundry.

Good luck getting them to clean their rooms.

3. You’re Now Embarrassing

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The kid who used to think the world of you and wanted to go everywhere with you now thinks you’re embarrassing and doesn’t want to be seen within a mile radius of you.

You’re now forbidden from dancing in public and from walking alongside them. If you dare hug them in public, you’ll end up in parent jail.

4. Car Keys, No Please

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The little kids who used to love taking trips with you, screaming in delight from the backseat, now don’t want you to drive them anywhere.

Instead, they ask for the keys matter-of-factly, and your driving advice is neither needed nor appreciated [even if you probably taught them everything they know about driving.]

5. Sleepless Nights Afresh

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Just when you thought the sleepless nights you spent when they were newborns were over, teenagers bring them again afresh, now garnished with worry about their safety.

Anytime they’re outside the house, you count the seconds until the front door opens.

6. You Can Never Buy Enough Food

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Teenagers have a black hole where their stomachs used to be. Regardless of how much food you buy, the fridge always runs out faster than snow on a hot day.

7. Their Compliments Are Golden

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There was a time when the cute little baby would shower you with praises and a million “I love yous.”

Now, even getting a single nod about your outfit feels like the gods smiled upon you.

8. They’re Always High On Sleep

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Sometime after they blow their 13th birthday candle, teenagers get hit with a wind of sleep and start sleeping way past midday.

Where was this sleep when we actually needed it?

9. When I was Your Age…

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Because they don’t think parents were ever young, we make it our life ambition to remind them that we were once young and we [supposedly] knew better and did things differently.

Your teenager will have you repeating the phrase, “When I was your age…” more times than you’ll care to admit.

10. No Longer Cool

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You may have been the heartbreaker and the fashion icon of your day, but having a teenager is like an alarm clock that reminds you how uncool you now are.

In spite of this, your make-up and some clothes always magically disappear and appear in the teenager’s closets.

11. You Get Feedback In Eyerolls

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Because of how uncool you are these days, most of your words and requests are replied to in eye-rolls.

While it’s known that eye-rolling is illegal in your house, they still roll their eyes at you.

12. You Don’t Want Them To Leave

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They may get on your nerves occasionally [or more times, to be honest], but you still don’t want them to leave.

The thought of them going away to college or anywhere away from you for a long time fills you with dread. Despite the teenage habits, you still love them in ways they’ll only understand when they are parents.


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